The 70th Week of Daniel Delusion

It was on December 13th, 2014, after 40 some years of study of eschatology, that I finally realized the 70th Week of Daniel is not part of the Endtime scenario! I am talking about Daniel 9:24-27 and especially the interpretation of verse 27. Daniel 9:24 Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, … Continue reading →

The Antichrist Is Hidden In Plain Sight

Pope John Paul II

This article is an exact copy from Nothing of the content has been edited. The appearance differs slightly because of the format code (CSS) on this site. I received permission to post it from the webmaster, David Nikao. Thanks David! I wanted to share it because I consider it one of the best exposes of the Antichrist I have ever read. This end times deception study will reveal how the Antichrist beast has hidden its presence from today’s Christians. … Continue reading →

The true meaning of the word "antichrist"

Pope Francis, the Vicar of Christ.

The word “antichrist” is found only in the letters of John in the Bible, specifially first and second John. 1 John 2:18  ¶Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time. 1 John 2:22  Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son. 1 … Continue reading →

A Call for Help!

Dear Visitor, The evening of January 6th, 2017, while visiting a friend in Osaka, I developed a sudden condition which prevented me from passing urine. It was an enlargement of my prostrate gland. I had to go to a hospital in an ambulance to have a tube put inside me to pass urine. Now I am using a tube and under medical care. Thank God my Japanese health insurance covers 70% of the cost and so far I have been … Continue reading →

The Bible and the Priest of Rome

Charles Chiniquy

This is all of chapter 1 of Fifty Years in the Church of Rome by Charles Chiniquy My father, Charles Chiniquy [pronounced, “Chi-ni-quay”], born in Quebec, had studied in the Theological Seminary of that city, to prepare himself for the priesthood. But a few days before making his vows, having been the witness of a great iniquity in the high quarters of the church, he changed his mind, studied law, and became a notary. Married to Reine Perrault, daughter of … Continue reading →

Young Lawyer Abraham Lincoln Refuses Payment for his Services from Charles Chiniquy

Charles Chiniquy

The excepts below are from chapter 58 of Charles Chiniquy’s book, “Fifty Years in the Church of Rome.” Abraham Lincoln had not only defended me with the zeal and talent of the ablest lawyer I have ever known, but as the most devoted and noblest friend I ever had. After giving more than a year of his precious time to my defense, when he had pleaded, during two long sessions of the Court of Urbana, without receiving a cent form … Continue reading →

The Priest, Purgatory, and the Poor Widow’s Cow

Charles Chiniquy

This was taken from the first part of chapter 5 of Fifty Years in the Church of Rome By Charles Chiniquy. The day following that of the meeting at which Mr. Tache had given his reasons for boasting that he had whipped the priest, I wrote to my mother: “For God’s sake, come for me; I can stay here no longer. If you knew what my eyes have seen and my ears have heard for some time past, you would … Continue reading →

William Cooper’s Reasons Why He Believes the Moon Walk Was Faked

William Cooper

Forward from the Webmaster: I am sure you have heard of the “conspiracy theory” that the moon walk never happened. If you are of a different opinion, would you please bear with me and read what Bill Cooper had to say about it? Milton William “Bill” Cooper was a former U.S. military officer in two branches of the military, the Air Force and the Navy. He worked in Navy Intelligence. In my opinion, he was one of the greatest American … Continue reading →

The Attractions of the Roman Catholic Church

Robert Lewis Dabney

Today I read the biography of Dorothy Day, (November 8, 1897 – November 29, 1980) an American journalist, social activist, and Catholic convert. (Source: I wondered, “Why would anybody who was raised a Protestant be attracted to the Roman Catholic Church to the point of embracing it and its doctrines?” I myself went the opposite direction, from Catholicism to Protestantism. But there have been other famous public figures throughout history who have converted to Catholicism. Examples are former British … Continue reading →

An Excellent Resource that Debunks Evolution

An appeal to reason

My good friend Jim Gibson sent me his book, An Appeal to Reason. It’s a great read about examining the evidence of origins in the evolution versus creation debate. Some of the topics: The complexity of living systems The testimony embedded within the fossil record The historical and cultural proofs of man and dinosaurs as being contemporaries The fallacies inherent in the interpretation of radiometric dating The complete shambles of supposed human evolution The faith-science required by the big bang. … Continue reading →

A Honest Evaluation of President Elect Trump

Donald Trump

By Susan Weeks Yes, I am glad that Hillary was not elected. And yes, I will pray for Trump. But if you think He was put in the presidency because He has God’s FAVOR, then I think you don’t know much about him. Trump was not an unknown or a nobody. He was not ‘Joe Plumber’ before he ran for president. He was a very wealthy, connected man. He was not wealthy by virtue of being a godly man that … Continue reading →

Witnessing to Two Young Female Mormon Missionaries

Mormon Missionaries

n November 5th I boarded a train in Aomori City on my way to Misawa. There were two Caucasian looking young ladies sitting in the train car. I sat down next to them and asked where they are from. If I was in a metropolitan area like Tokyo, I probably wouldn’t have talked to them because foreigners abound and I’m naturally shy. But now I was deep in the Japanese countryside. They were 19 and 20 years old, one from … Continue reading →

Halloween and the Occult

Halloween and the Occult

By David J. Meyer (A True Story) This is a testimonial from a Christian pastor who was raised by a family that practiced witchcraft. Witchcraft is very real but greatly misunderstood. I know because witchcraft goes back on the paternal side of my family for over five generations to Chesterfield, Massachusetts in 1770. My great grandmother became a well-known witch in Wisconsin in the early days of this century. Caroline was a blind witch and used her fingers to read … Continue reading →

Predestination Reconsidered

Paul rebuking the Jews for judging the Christian gentiles.

This study is a “Readers Digest” version of a longer paper that addresses the topic in a fuller context. Hopefully, nothing of critical importance will be lost as a result of this reduction. I ask the reader to carefully read the preceding chapters (chapters 1-7) before considering the text in question. The controversy over predestination versus free-will has continued since the early centuries of Christianity. John Wesley and his followers were responsible in a large degree for reviving and developing … Continue reading →

What is “The Covenant” of the Book of Daniel?

God's covenant with Abraham

The phrase “the covenant” occurs 106 times in 102 verses in 63 chapters and 25 books of the King James Version of the Bible. The word “the” is a definite article which is used to denote a proper noun. Therefore in every case “the covenant” is used in Scripture, it is referring to something specific. Did you know that of all of the occurrences of “the covenant”, there is only one single verse of Scripture where “the covenant” is clearly … Continue reading →

Hitchhike Adventure to Aomori City and Kanto

The bus that took me from Tochigi to Saitama.

On September 17th, 2016, I hitchhiked from the crossroads of Route 345 and Route 7 near Gatsugi Station in Murakami City in Niigata Prefecture all the way to Aomori City in a single car! This is a distance of about 400 kilometers or 250 miles. I am 66 years old at the time of this post. The driver’s name is Hiroshi who lives and works in France as a chef of French cuisine. He once was the chef of the … Continue reading →

Japan Rescued Polish Orphans from Siberia at the end of World War One

Polish Orphans

This is the story of when Japan rescued Polish orphans from Siberia at the end of World War One. I translated it from Japanese to English from the YouTube with the help of my Japanese friend Yoko Ishikawa: The untold story of why Poland is friends with Japan! Praise to the non-discriminatory Japanese nurse for her help and support. This is a heart moving true story. In 1989, Poland changed significantly due to democratization from the former communist bloc which … Continue reading →

The Unveiling

The Transfiguration of Christ

“And was transfigured before them: and his face did shine as the sun, and his raiment was white as the light.” (Matthew 17:2) “…and he was transfigured before them. And his raiment became shining, exceeding white as snow; so as no fuller on earth can white them.” (Mark 9:2, 3) “And as he prayed, the fashion of his countenance was altered, and his raiment was white and glistering. But Peter and they that were with him were heavy with sleep: … Continue reading →

The Seven Seals of Revelation Chapter 6 Shown to be Fulfilled Historically

The following section is from my good friend David Nikao’s website. 1st Seal – The white horse represents the conquering Roman Empire, from 96 – 180 A.D., as it was a time of its greatest expansion and their military conquests were celebrated by riding white horses in their victory parades. Cretan Roman Emperors Trajan, Hadrian, Antoninus Pius and Marcus Aurelius, each had a bow as their symbol. The crown represents the laurel wreathes of victory that were worn by the … Continue reading →

Kent Hovid Profoundly Answers the Age Old Question, “Where Did God Come From?”

Kent Hovind

Kent Hovid’s answer is so good, I transcribed it. You’re welcome to print it out. All right, your question, “Where did God come from?” assumes that you’re thinking of the wrong, obviously displays that you’re thinking of the wrong God. Because the God of the Bible is not affected by time, space or matter. If He’s affected by time, space or matter, He’s not God. Time, space and matter is what we call a continuum. All of them have to … Continue reading →

The Seven Essentials of Prayer

The prophet Daniel praying

As one begins his search for Truth buried within the pages of Holy Writ, his humanity and finiteness abruptly comes into focus when confronted with the unfathomable depths of God’s wisdom. God revealed this truth to the prophet Isaiah when he said: “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.” (Isa.55:9) With this attitude and perspective ever reminding us that “we see through a glass, … Continue reading →

God’s North

Polaris, the North Star

Those who may be football enthusiasts will probably recall a famous Minnesota Viking whose name was Jim Marshall. While famous for many feats, his most memorable feat was accomplished in 1964 when he ran for a 66 yard safety, the wrong way! In life, we need to make sure that we are running in the right direction. Fortunately, God has given us His Word to enable us to have the right judgment and guidance in which to follow Him. In … Continue reading →

Problems with this Website and a Solution – Better Web Hosting

Dear reader, For years I have used inexpensive web hosting for my websites. It’s called “shared hosting”. I am paying about $70.00 US per year for this website. But unfortunately, this site crashes often. People often come to the site and they see the framework but no content! The home page will say, “Page not found.” I can fix it within minutes, but only when I am aware of the problem. Either somebody tells me which is often the case, … Continue reading →