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Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton

My good friend Dr. John Gideon Hartnett sent me a document written by Sir Isaac Newton titled: “Observations upon the Prophecies of Daniel, and the Apocalypse of St John” You can download the PDF file by right clicking the link and clicking on Save As.

A PDF file is hard on my eyes to read from a PC monitor or tablet. I want to make Isaac Newton’s commentary more accessible by converting it to HTML web page format.

Most people remember Isaac Newton for his laws of motion and gravity, but how many know he was a serious student of God’s Word in the Bible? Why don’t they? Because it is suppressed information! The rulers of darkness of this world do not want you to know what Isaac Newton had to say about the Books of Daniel and Revelation! If you do know, popular teachings of comtempory Endtime eschatology will be exposed as false! Among these false teachings are:

  • The 70th Week of Daniel separated from the first 69 weeks (sevens) and tossed into the future as the 7 years of the rule of the Antichrist which includes 3.5 years (or 7 years depending on interpretation) of great tribulation until the return of Christ.
  • A secret rapture of the saints just before the beginning of the Great Tribulation.
  • Rebuilding of the Temple of Solomon in order for the Antichrist to set up the Abomination of Desolation.

Why is is important for a Christian who seriously wants to know the truth of God’s Word to know this? Because it exposes who the enemy of our souls is! Who is the enemy? The Antichrist. Who is the Antichrist? Is he somebody to come in the future? Was he somebody from the past? ALL of the Protestant reformers of the 16th century considered the Antichrist as not someone who would come in the future, but someone who has been continual with them — the Roman Catholic Pope! –the papacy.

This post is Part I of a PDF file, Isaac Newton’s commentary about the book of Daniel. Soon (tomorrow?) I will post Part II, his commentary about the book of Revelation.

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