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n November 5th I boarded a train in Aomori City on my way to Misawa. There were two Caucasian looking young ladies sitting in the train car. I sat down next to them and asked where they are from. If I was in a metropolitan area like Tokyo, I probably wouldn’t have talked to them because foreigners abound and I’m naturally shy. But now I was deep in the Japanese countryside.

They were 19 and 20 years old, one from Carmel California and one close to Lancaster Pennsylvania. I told the girl from Carmel I’ve been to her town several times. I lived next to it in Monterey. Then they introduced themselves as Mormon missionaries. When I heard that, I knew they were probably just as interested to talk to me as I to them.

“I hear your god has a human body with flesh and blood living on the planet Kolob making babies and sending them to earth.”

“Who told you that?” asked the girl from Carmel, “a Mormon?” She may have pretended to not know what I was talking about, but the girl from Pennsylvania seemed to know. And they both acknowledged I was correct that Mormonism teaches that God the Father has a physical body.

“My God is infinitely greater than your god” I told them. “He is a Spirit Who not only wrote the extremely complex four base code of DNA, but also created the four forces of nature in just the right proportion of force to each other. How can a body of flesh and bones do that? God not only is everywhere in the universe, some say He had to be outside the universe in order to create it.”

To that they had no good answer, only Mormon theology to back up their views.

I asked them Who Jesus is. I shared John 1:1-3,14 with them and said Jesus is the Creator Who became flesh. But it seemed to me Mormonism doesn’t teach that from their responses.

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