The six meanings of “Evolution”

Kent Hovind

Dr. Kent Hovind is one of my heroes. He is now suffering what the Apostle Paul suffered for boldly proclaiming the Truth of the Creator and the message of Jesus Christ: Persecution resulting in imprisonment. Dr. Hovind urges creationists to define the word evolution before entering into a debate about Evolution verses Creation. He teaches us the 6 meanings of evolution: Cosmic evolution: the origin of time/space/matter from nothing in the supposed “Big Bang” Chemical evolution: all the elements “evolved” … Continue reading →

Quotable Quote about Evolution

“We are now about 120 years after Darwin and the knowledge of the fossil record has been greatly expanded. We now have a quarter of a million fossil species, but the situation hasn’t changed much. The record of evolution is still surprisingly jerky and, ironically, we have even fewer examples of evolutionary transition than we had in Darwin’s time.” David M. Raup, University of Chicago paleontologist.” I got this quote from: Read the truth exposing the pseudo-science of evolution: … Continue reading →

Nietzsche’s views on Darwinism

To all my friends who hold both humanism and evolution as truth: Check out what one of your mentors has to say! “What surprises me most when I survey the broad destinies of man is that I always see before me the opposite of that which Darwin and his school see or want to see today: selection in favor of the stronger, better-constituted, and the progress of the species. Precisely the opposite is palpable: the elimination of the lucky strokes, … Continue reading →

Mass Media Mind Manipulation

I found some great quotes exposing how the media is covertly molding the opinions of those who have not yet been enlightened to the tactics of the ruling Elite of this world. This is taken from an article by Randy Lavello, June 2 2003 on Mass Media Mind Manipulation and the World of Illusion The main concept of mind control, in the book 1984, was to cause a person to ‘doublethink.’ Orwell explains ‘doublethink’ as a willingness “to forget any … Continue reading →

Email exchange with a man who follows Darwinian evolution

I get numerous emails about articles on my websites, especially the Deep Truths site, the one I worked the hardest on since year 2004. Rather than type up the same reply each time for this particular subject of Evolution verses Creation, I thought to document a typical email and my reply to it on this site. Hopefully it’ll save me time in the future.:-) Hello I read you website article ‘The Big Lie! – Exposed’ with some interest. I just … Continue reading →

Second hitchhike adventure 2010

Princess the little Shih Tsu dog I am temporally taking care of was taken to be shampooed, and this set me free from caring for her to do other things. It’s a beautiful sunny day in normally cloudy Niigata and so I just had to grab the opportunity to get out again, hitchhike and meet people. The first driver was a man who appeared to be in his upper 60s, maybe lower 70s. He drove at least 10 kilometers out … Continue reading →

Discussion with a nuclear physicist on the way to Kanazawa

Oct. 3, 2009: It rained hard during the evening and early morning, but by 9AM the rain subsided. I needed to go to Kanazawa city in Ishikawa Prefecture for business the next day and opted to hitchhike rather than take the bus in spite of the possibility of more rain later. I’m sure glad I did because the weather cleared up completely by noon and I met 6 interesting people whom I would not have met otherwise. Perhaps the most … Continue reading →