Who is Fritz Springmeier?

Fritz Springmeier

“Fritz Artz Springmeier is regarded as one of the foremost authorities on the Illuminati and mind control. He has been on numerous radio shows and spoken at several conferences. A prolific writer, Springmeier has published several books, most notably, Be Wise As Serpents, The Watchtower and the Masons, The Top 13 Illuminati Bloodlines, The Illuminati … Continue reading


Fushishima Nuclear Power Plant Disaster and the Media: Distortions, hype and pure lies!


I still hear a lot of fear mongering about the Fukushima nuclear accident. Some call it “worse than Chernobyl”. I find no logic in that statement at all. Two and a half years later and yet not a single Fukushima power plant worker has died or is even sick! Examples of scare mongering media manipulation … Continue reading


Was 911 partly a staged illusion?


Some people question whether an airplane hit the Pentagon on September 11, 2001 as reported by the press. There was no airplane wreckage on the ground or anywhere! But this video questions whether any planes actually crashed into the World Trade Center buildings! No one saw the first plane. And in my opinion according to … Continue reading


Former CNN Journalist reports CNN controlled by the government

CNN controlled by the government

A friend posted this on Facebook today. Rather than share it only with my Facebook friends, I thought to share it with the world. Of course it’s also posted on numerous other blogs and articles. It’s so refreshing to see a person stand up for moral convictions even though it means personal loss!   … Continue reading


Testimonial from a Syrian woman about what’s really happening in Syria


Transcribed excerpts of the video clip: Interviewer: So Shoruk, what’s the roll of the western media in all this? Shoruk: The western media has played a really significant roll in intensifying the events in Syria, if you will. From the very beginning you’ve had BBC, CNN fabricating and exaggerating events that have been taking place … Continue reading


Jeff Rense Fukushima disinfo exposed

Jeff Rense

I live in Niigata Prefecture which is the neighbor of Fukushima just to the west. Since the March 11, 2011 Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster, I’ve been to Fukushima several times. Once I came as close as 20 kilometers to the damaged nuclear reactors. Nobody I know or even heard of has become sick with … Continue reading


Some White Nationalists’ / neo-Nazis’ belief: Jesus was white and Shem the father of the white race


I just concluded an email exchange with a lady in Canada named Linda, apparently a white nationalist. I was shocked to learn of her beliefs! Below are some of them in her own words: Shem was the father of the white race.And Abraham was his decendent (sic). The families of Jacob were all white races. … Continue reading


Disinformation agents of the New World Order – David Icke, Alex Jones, Zeitgeist, etc.


This video clip sums up what I’ve been trying to share with all my friends in the past year or so: Any person who claims to be a “truth-teller” but who receives little or no opposition to his message may in fact be a disinformation agent of the New World Order, the very group they … Continue reading