What is “Fukushima”?

Japan divided into Prefectures.

It’s been my observation that most people who have never been to Japan seem to think of Fukushima as an uninhabitable nuclear wasteland. My Facebook friends are surprised when on some of my posts I wrote that I traveled through Fukushima on my way back home to Niigata. “Why did you go there?” they ask. … Continue reading


The real reason for the Japanese seclusion policy: Fear of colonization by Rome

I’ve been studying the very interesting history of Japan by a historian from Britain, Sir George Sansom, (1883-1965). He goes into quite a bit of detail about Japan’s relationship with foreign countries, specifically with the Russians, Chinese, Koreans, British, Dutch, and Portuguese. The Tokugawa Shogunate (ruling military government) of Japan largely closed its seaports to … Continue reading