Fushishima Nuclear Power Plant Disaster and the Media: Distortions, hype and pure lies!


I still hear a lot of fear mongering about the Fukushima nuclear accident. Some call it “worse than Chernobyl”. I find no logic in that statement at all. Two and a half years later and yet not a single Fukushima power plant worker has died or is even sick! Examples of scare mongering media manipulation … Continue reading


Message from an acquaintance of the people who are fighting the radiation leak in the crippled nuclear power plant in Fukushima

I received the following email from a friend about the situation of the nuclear power-plant in Fukushima. Dear everyone, I have an urgent request for prayer. Right now there are people who are giving their all to save our country, its people, and you and your family at the risk of their lives at Fukushima … Continue reading