Fixing LDXE Shutdown Menu after Upgrading from Fedora 17 to 18

Fedora 18

Following instructions from I used yum to update from Fedora 17 to 18 su -c ‘yum update yum’ su -c ‘yum clean all’ su -c ‘yum –releasever=18 –disableplugin=presto distro-sync’ su -c ‘rpm –rebuilddb’ But afterward my LDXE Desktop was slower to start and displayed an error message: Error initializing authority: Error calling StartServiceByName for … Continue reading


Moved from Fedora 14 to Linux Mint Debian

The other day I discovered that Linux Mint recently came out with a Debian edition with features that are still lacking in Ubuntu. One of the main features that caught my interest is the ability to install Linux Mint Debian on a PC with multiple hard disk drives. It has been my practice for a … Continue reading


Another look at Ubuntu 10.4


I upgraded to Fedora 13 beta from the middle of April. Except for a couple of issues that I considered to be yet bugs in the beta version, I consider Fedora 13 to be the best Fedora Linux yet. Nevertheless, I thought to give Ubuntu 10.4 another chance before Fedora 13 goes gold on May … Continue reading


A look at Ubuntu 10.4

Fedora Firewall GUI

I downloaded the latest version of Ubuntu Linux, version 10.4, and installed it as a virtual machine with VMWare on my Fedora 12 pc. I also ran it as a live CD from boot. I’m still not convinced that Ubuntu is better than Fedora for me. Ubuntu is missing two GUIs (software with a graphic … Continue reading


Using Gnome Shell

I installed a beta version of the new Gnome Shell desktop environment on my Fedora Linux PC, and it seems to be very cool indeed! And it’s free, not only free in in the meaning of “freedom” but even free as in “free lunch.” Gnome is the standard desktop graphical environment for many Linux distributions, … Continue reading


Upgrade to Fedora 12 beta

November 2: Fedora Linux version 12 is due to come out on November 18, but I couldn’t wait to try it out and installed the yet beta version. Improvements from Fedora 11 that I’ve noticed: The default video driver recognized my dual monitor setup and automatically gave me the correct screen resolution and spanning monitors. … Continue reading