Repairing a Notebook PC

A local company gave me the laptop PC you see in the photo. They often give me older PCs because I’m actually doing them a favor to take away their junk! It costs money in Japan to dispose of materials. I was interested in this particular laptop PC because the keyboard looked so clean. It was as if it had hardly ever been used! And the specs were not bad. It had 256 megabytes of RAM and a 40 gigabyte … Continue reading →

How to reinstall Windows on a Notebook PC with no CD / DVD drive

My friend’s daughter has a lightweight Sotec notebook PC with Windows XP. As often with the case of browsing the Internet with Windows XP logged in with Administrator privileges, in spite of the antivirus program in use, some virus crept in and was causing poor performance. Moreover, it corrupted some Window system file so that no hardware devices displayed in the device manager! And, the Network device went missing so that the Notebook could not connect to the Internet any … Continue reading →

Dramatically restoring the performance of an exceedingly slow Windows XP machine

Last night a young lady asked me to look at her Windows XP laptop. It was running much slower than it did when she first got it. Usually I first consider that the system is probably infected with malware or spyware, and I installed and ran SuperAntiSpyware to scan the C drive of her PC. But later I realized that she being the type of girl she is, would not be going to dangerous web sites from where she would … Continue reading →