WordPress Security: Checking for backdoors

Backdoor in Wordpress installation

This website and 8 other websites on the server were going off line from time to time. Upon investigation I found all the PHP files of the WordPress installation were deleted! At first I thought a hacker deleted the files. I re-installed the WordPress installation, the theme and all the plugins (a whole day’s work for 9 websites!) but a few weeks later the sites went down again. All the PHP files were again deleted. I wrote the server company … Continue reading →

How the NSA has hacked YOUR PC

In spite of the fact there are a lot of tips on the Internet about how to protect your PC privacy and security, after you watch this terrific presentation from tech researcher and journalist Jacob Appelbaum, you might want to change your policy to either not care who knows anything about what you do, or not touching a PC, cell phone, or ANY kind of electronic means of communication again! Don’t even use the postal system. Just stick to passing … Continue reading →

How to secure Grub 2 in Fedora Linux

Fedira 21

This is an technical article that only Linux users would understand and appreciate. I like to secure the Grub boot loader to make it harder for anybody but me to get root access to my PC by either a cold startup, or rebooting the system. Grub version 1 had a password option. It was easily implemented by editing the grub.conf configuration file and adding the password option data. But in Fedora 16, Grub version 2 has replaced Grub 1, and … Continue reading →

PC security issues

I noticed the performance of a certain Windows XP PC was down again, even though I cleaned it from malware only a few months ago. I installed and ran Super Anti Spyware and it found over 1500 security issues!! The browser was hijacked and a fake anti-virus program called Antivirus 2008 was installed. SuperAntiSpyware cleaned it up and its running fine again. … Continue reading →

Beware of false virus scans from Internet pages

I clicked on a link to access a certain article when all of a sudden a window popped up saying that my hard disk was undergoing an on line scan for viruses and trojans. It reported that my private data is under attack and my PC is infected with security threats. I was advised to download and install “Total Security” to remove the threats. Enlarge image Notice the interface of the PC screen in the image is that of Microsoft … Continue reading →