WordPress webmaster woes


On February 20th for some reason or another after using a utility to clean up this website from junk code, each and every page and post was deleted! Whether it was a bug in the utility, or perhaps a malicious attack by a hacker, I cannot say. I was able to restore most of the pages and posts from a backup file, but I lost several days work, 4 posts including 3 whole books, many editions on other pages and … Continue reading →

Using mencoder to convert a .VOB file to a .flv file

I’ve been working for a Japanese NPO, Leap High 28. Today I was asked by the NPO Chairperson, Yoko Ishikawa to upload a DVD file to Help Japan 2011, a website we made together to raise support for the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsumami victims. This is the code I used to convert the file to .flv on a laptop with the Ubuntu 11.10 Linux. Note the you need to have mencoder installed. mencoder VTS_03_1.VOB -of lavf -ovc lavc … Continue reading →

WordPress – How to assign categories and tags to pages

December 11, 2011 update: Before you read this article, you should know I now consider it unnecessary. Because of new feature of custom menus from WordPress version 3, a post can be assigned to a menu item among page menu items. Therefore there is no reason to do what I outlined before. :-) From quite a while ago I’ve been wondering if there was a way to assign a category and tags to WordPress pages. There is no apparent option … Continue reading →

Removing the WWW sub-domain for search engine optimization

One of my websites, Deep Truths would show in a browser using either the WWW subdomain prefix, www.deeptruths.com or without the WWW, e.g. deeptruths.com. From search engines’ point of view, this meant that there were two websites of the exact same content and one of the sites would be penalized and not listed in search results. Deep Truths was hosted on a Microsoft IIS server. Because of this the WWW subdomain name could not be removed without the help of … Continue reading →