WordPress tricks: Creating a menu on a page using images from a category


My goal was to use WordPress to create a page of images from a category so that I could continue to add more posts to the category and have the page update itself automatically. In order words, I hoped to imitate this HTML page http://www.deeptruths.com/posters/posters.html using a WordPress plugin to avoid all manuel HTML coding … Continue reading


WordPress Power

On Monday, March 5th I received an assignment to build a new website, SongwriterMarie.com The next day it was live on the Internet. By Thursday all the material was posted and all the tweaks applied. My client was pleased I did it so quickly. This is all due to the ease of working with WordPress … Continue reading


WordPress – How to assign categories and tags to pages

December 11, 2011 update: Before you read this article, you should know I now consider it unnecessary. Because of new feature of custom menus from WordPress version 3, a post can be assigned to a menu item among page menu items. Therefore there is no reason to do what I outlined before. :-) From quite … Continue reading


WordPress global search and replace

I moved this site from blog.jamesjpn.com to jamesjpn.net. A problem I faced was there were 678 lines of code that pointed to photos on the blog.jamesjpn.com server and I needed to edit the posts to point the links to the new server on jamesjpn.net. Thanks to http://www.barrywise.com/2009/02/global-find-and-replace-in-wordpress-using-mysql/ I learned how to do a global search … Continue reading