WordPress webmaster woes


On February 20th for some reason or another after using a utility to clean up this website from junk code, each and every page and post was deleted! Whether it was a bug in the utility, or perhaps a malicious attack by a hacker, I cannot say. I was able to restore most of the pages and posts from a backup file, but I lost several days work, 4 posts including 3 whole books, many editions on other pages and … Continue reading →

WordPress Security: Checking for backdoors

Backdoor in Wordpress installation

This website and 8 other websites on the server were going off line from time to time. Upon investigation I found all the PHP files of the WordPress installation were deleted! At first I thought a hacker deleted the files. I re-installed the WordPress installation, the theme and all the plugins (a whole day’s work for 9 websites!) but a few weeks later the sites went down again. All the PHP files were again deleted. I wrote the server company … Continue reading →

WordPress tricks: Creating a menu on a page using images from a category


My goal was to use WordPress to create a page of images from a category so that I could continue to add more posts to the category and have the page update itself automatically. In order words, I hoped to imitate this HTML page http://www.deeptruths.com/posters/posters.html using a WordPress plugin to avoid all manuel HTML coding hassel. I did it using two plugins: Widgets on Pages and Ultimate Posts Widget I had to edit the Ultimate Posts Widget php file to … Continue reading →

Restoring a large WordPress Database


This article applies not only to people who use WordPress technology for their websites or blogs, but to anybody who uses any kind of CMS, for example, Joomla and Drupal, which uses a MySql database . However it may not apply to bloggers who use blogging software on third party servers such as wordpress.com or Blogger. If you have a blog or website on your own server that uses a MySql database as WordPress does, and you update your blog … Continue reading →

WordPress Power

On Monday, March 5th I received an assignment to build a new website, SongwriterMarie.com The next day it was live on the Internet. By Thursday all the material was posted and all the tweaks applied. My client was pleased I did it so quickly. This is all due to the ease of working with WordPress CMS, the power of Gimp (a free alternative to Photoshop), and a bit of knowledge gained from previous experience. … Continue reading →

WordPress – How to assign categories and tags to pages

December 11, 2011 update: Before you read this article, you should know I now consider it unnecessary. Because of new feature of custom menus from WordPress version 3, a post can be assigned to a menu item among page menu items. Therefore there is no reason to do what I outlined before. :-) From quite a while ago I’ve been wondering if there was a way to assign a category and tags to WordPress pages. There is no apparent option … Continue reading →

Creating mutilingual WordPress sites

I made a three language web site for my friend in Vietnam (http://activeandlovingit.com/)using a WordPress plugin called WPML. The site uses English as the basic language with Vietnamese and Japanese as the translated languages. Previously I used a plugin called qTranslate but I found WPML to be superior to it in that it makes a separate URL for each language. This means better SEO with search engines, for they will index that URL. qTranslate only makes one URL for all … Continue reading →

Speeding up WordPress blogs

The more plugins you use, the slower your WordPress blog will load. The key is to use only the plugins that give you the most benefit while not taking a considerable amount of resources or load on your server. To find out which plugins are taking the most load, install Google’s P3 Plugin Performance Profiler. It is also good to use a Content Delivery Service (CDN). I used one called Max CDNCloudflaire which is a free service. I also found … Continue reading →

WordPress power

I realized today it’s been a little more than a year since I started to use WordPress blogging software. My first post was on January 7, 2009. I’ve grown used to it and think it’s probably better overall and easier for me than the HTML / CSS hand coding coding method I used to use. Not that it’s not good to learn HTML and CSS. Because I know these technologies, I can do things with WordPress that others cannot who … Continue reading →

WordPress global search and replace

I moved this site from blog.jamesjpn.com to jamesjpn.net. A problem I faced was there were 678 lines of code that pointed to photos on the blog.jamesjpn.com server and I needed to edit the posts to point the links to the new server on jamesjpn.net. Thanks to http://www.barrywise.com/2009/02/global-find-and-replace-in-wordpress-using-mysql/ I learned how to do a global search and replace in the Sql section of phpMyAdmin! UPDATE wp_posts SET post_content = REPLACE(post_content, ‘blog.jamesjpn.com’, ‘jamesjpn.net’) It would have taken me a long time to … Continue reading →