Testimonial of a man who rose above afflications and heartbreak

I was profoundly touched by this testimony of how a young man rose above Job like afflictions to become a wonderful witness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. At 23 years old he was afflicted with a flesh eating disease which led to his right arm being amputated, was blinded in one eye with low … Continue reading


The Cure for Loneliness

Lonely lady

Everything was perfect for Adam in the Garden of Eden! Everything except…what it was he couldn’t quite find words to describe. He certainly had no complaints. God had lovingly provided everything for him in this heavenly paradise. Everything was beautiful, wonderful, except…there was this strange empty aching feeling deep inside. The Lord understood that deep … Continue reading


John Lennox Vs. Richard Dawkins Debate

John Lennox Richard dawkins

John Lennox is an Irish mathematician and philosopher of science who is Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford. He’s also a Bible believing Christian. I really enjoyed and appreciated his debate with famous atheist Richard Dawkins, author of The God Delusion. In that book Dawkins questions whether Jesus actually existed as an historical … Continue reading


Making time

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. — Genesis 1:1 What a profound statement the Holy Bible makes in the authorized version of the Holy Bible (King James Version of 1611) in its very first verse! The Creator not only made matter (atoms and molecules), He not only made space between them … Continue reading


Adventure hitchhiking to Saitama city

Today is the first day of another extended road trip. I hope to use this Christmas season to tell the Japanese people about Christ, and the best way I know how to do that is by hitchhiking when traveling and talking to the drivers individually. I hitchhiked nearly 300 kilometers in three cars to the … Continue reading


Email exchange with a man who follows Darwinian evolution


I get numerous emails about articles on my websites, especially the Deep Truths site, the one I worked the hardest on since year 2004. Rather than type up the same reply each time for this particular subject of Evolution verses Creation, I thought to document a typical email and my reply to it on this … Continue reading


Let it pass

This morning I was inspired by the following poem. Just think what a happier world it would be if we all lived this! Truly great folks never stoop To answer petty things; The unkind word, the bitter cut That rankles deep and stings. They are too big to notice them, They simply pass them by, … Continue reading