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Written by William Dean A. Garner. I found this article on http://projectcamelotportal.com/blog/80-william-dean-garner/1923-1850s-switzerland-was-the-jesuits-proving-ground-for-the-establishment-of-today-s-america and wanted to re-post it for the readers of this website.

Before the Jesuits invaded any one country and destroyed it from within, they rehearsed their machinations, often practicing on smaller countries and her population of We The People, adjusting their tactics as necessary, then refining them over the years. Often, the Jesuits would take 10 or more years, sometimes 50, to produce their desired outcome.

The Jesuits had planned for total control of America soon after they had sent Jesuits to American shores in the 1490s and early 1500s, more than a hundred years after Chinese explorers first discovered the Americas (Mexico first, then America), in the 1400s, as documented by Chinese Buddhist explorers. Interestingly, the Jesuits had not yet invaded China when its explorers discovered America. If they had, America may have been a quite different landscape from the very beginning.

Those intrepid Jesuit explorers to America reported back to Rome about the newly discovered rich lands, mineral resources, controllable population of ignorant and malleable people, the promise of untold riches on all levels. Rome then began planning the invasion, the slow takeover, and the final control of the New World.

Before the Jesuits would invade America and carry out their multi-decades plan, they needed a proving ground on which to practice the various stages of the plan. All other countries in the world had already been beaten down, the rights of each country’s We The People subjugated to the point of near starvation. In short, each country’s population was worthless and thus would be ineffective to experiment with, let alone try to shape into willing subjects under the Jesuits’ leaky umbrella of false freedom and liberty.

The Jesuits needed a fresh population of willing subjects who would bend at the idea of unlimited freedom and liberty being handed out like candy, with the promise of safety and security in the near background.

Who could ask for anything more?

In the early 1800s, the Jesuits formulated a plan to create civil war in Switzerland, to divide the population, then bring each side together cohesively. It took decades of planning, infiltrating, overtaking, and finally controlling the ruling powers of Switzerland, but it was done to completion.

The Jesuits’ plan was to create a ruse that would corral We The People of Switzerland and make them easier to control and manipulate: a new republic; new freedoms and liberties; with a free press; liberal schools, colleges, universities and secret places of higher learning; large, stable economic system that encouraged free trade within her borders and among neighboring countries; and the establishment of individual provinces or states that would further divide We The People.

Please consider the following list of similarities between Switzerland in the 1850s and the United States of America today. The Jesuits morphed Switzerland into a near-perfect model of what future America would become.

The results are striking and heartbreaking, and very difficult for any reasonable member of We The People to ignore or dismiss:

Switzerland was molded into a Republic; so was the United States.

In the 1850s, Switzerland was a Federal Republic; so is the United States (actually, today we are in the throes of a quickly evolving fascist regime).

Switzerland was divided into 22 Cantons independent of each other; the Republic of the United States consists of 50 states independent of each other.

The Cantons of Switzerland were united for “national security” and governed by a general Diet; the states of America are united for general security and governed by a general Diet of sorts: a Congress, composed of representatives of each state.

Switzerland enjoyed liberal institutions; the United States has them in abundance.

In Switzerland, all religions were free; in the United States, even more so.

In Switzerland, the Protestants were the majority; in the United States, the same.

In Switzerland, the Protestants were not suspicious of the Jesuits. They were even friendly with all Romish societies; in the United States, this is true today.

In Switzerland, these Jesuit societies were many, and held public schools, colleges and universities; in the United States, they are even more numerous and they hold a greater number of public and private schools, colleges, universities and secret societies and groups that further spread their word and control We The People on many levels.

In Switzerland, the Jesuits subjected the Catholics to the abject ignorance, superstition, fanaticism, and blind obedience. They taught these not from the pulpit but in catechism and mostly at the confessional, where they gathered valuable intel on each citizen, regardless of their professional or social position. They were taught to obey the Jesuits under the cloak of the word of God. In America, all the above are even more true, with the Jesuits controlling all aspects of government, economy and society.

Is the information presented here mere coincidence, as the Jesuits would have us all believe?

Or has it been a planned coordinated attack against the liberties against We The People of the United States of America, something that began in earnest nearly 200 years ago, if not longer?

There are no coincidences in life. . . .

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1850s Switzerland Was The Jesuits’ Proving Ground For The Establishment Of Today’s America — 8 Comments

  1. Switzerland was founded after the fall of Akon (May 1291), the last stronghold of the Knights Templar in the neighbourhood of Jerusalem. They settled in Switzerland. These Knights Templar can be linked to the order of Malta where Prince Bernhard and Princess Beatrix are members of. The Templars were, as it were, the mercenary army. And via the order of Malta with their red shield (where the family name ‘Rothschild’ comes from) we ended up back at the Nazis, because somewhere in the base of the money creating process (also at the time of the second world war) we always find the name of the Rothschild family

  2. There are intentional misleading strands and obfuscation written into these narratives about the Jesuits. Any re^searcher worth his salt who has been down this path knows perfectly well that once the top of the pyramid is reach he or she will find there were many Jews who were Jesuits.

    Also, a lot of this Jesuit history was originally British intelligence deliberately written to mask this history. And although Britain and Israel may throw stones in public at each other, both these countries are tied at the hip and powerful Jews have moved into political and financial/banking positions in Britain who hide this fact.

    The Vatican bank brought the Rothschild’s into the Vatican to manage the Catholic Church’s assets after the Rothschilds demolished the Bank of England and then bought the breeding rights to with Queen Elizabeth I.

    • You have to give me solid documentation to prove your points, not just statements or opinions. The Bible tells me that Rome is ruling the world today, not the Jews.

      The “woman” of Revelation chapter 17 is Rome.

      Revelation 17:18  And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.

      What was the empire ruling the world in the Apostle John’s day? Rome! Daniel chapter 2 indicates that the 4th kingdom is Rome, and that kingdom continues till Jesus returns! From a Biblical perspective, I believe that Rome, now called the Vatican, is at the top of the pile of evil today. Rome inherited the false religions of Babylon that started with Nimrod who was in rebellion against God. Bottom line: I would sooner trust what the Bible teaches me than what so called researchers say today. Many are disinfo agents.

  3. So if I was to do a video about the illuminati and was doing the pyramid the ”Jesuits” and Pope would be before the Rothschild? correct? Cause the roman empire has been around a lot longer than the Rothschild dynasty. Is that true?

  4. I submit to you that as long as the Protestants are married to the state, by default they are in agreement with the Catholics even though they say they differ in doctrine. Protestantism + Catholicism = False Christianity

    • I agree except I would include Catholicism by itself as false Christianity. I know because I was raised a Roman Catholic and believed the Pope was infallible in doctrines and teachings. But as an adult I began to realize that the Pope’s definition of “the Church” and the biblical definition are radically different. The Pope says the Church is organization centered in Rome of which he is the head. The Bible says a Church is a body of believers in Jesus Christ regardless where they assemble. Example: Romans 16:1  ¶I commend unto you Phebe our sister, which is a servant of the church which is at Cenchrea:

    • Son,
      I am with you on this one. Protestantism is a whore, begotten of the Whore. Only self-governing, Spirit-led, autonomous home fellowships, such as Jesus put forth to His apostles and disciples even after His crucifixion and resurrection, are worth the effort of true believers.
      As for Protestant denominationalism, which is nothing more than strong delusion: “Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you, and will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be My sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.” (2 Corinthians 6:17)