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The Vatican Jesuit Global Conspiracy

This post is a compilation of quotes from Ronald C. Cooke’s book, “The Jesuit Vatican Global Conspiracy”. You can download the PDF file from here. I appreciate Dr. Cooke’s work because he approaches the conspiracy from a biblical point of view, the same view that the leaders of the Protestant Reformation had, i.e. the papacy being the fulfillment of the prophecies of Revelation 17 and 18. If you do not hold this view, you will forever be looking at all only the sub groups of the conspiracy and not the core itself.

The emphasis in bold font is mine.

In our travels and teaching we find that there is almost a total blackout concerning the sinister aspirations of the Vatican and the Jesuits. Men who purport to write on the great conspiracy that is out to control the world not only never mention the Vatican, but if they do, they make the Vatican out to be the target of the conspiracy rather than the originator of the conspiracy.

The Vatican and the Jesuits have the same goal in mind. They are both working to bring the world to the feet of the Roman Pontiff.

What most people do not realize is that the Jesuits are the C.I.A. of the Vatican. That is, just as Washington often seems to conflict with, and disavow some of the covert activities of the C.I.A especially when they are going to prove embarrassing, so the Vatican from time to time will appear to disavow the activities of the Jesuits.

It is obvious that it is very easy to postulate a Bilderberger, Insider, or Trilateralist type of conspiracy without generating any animosity among the general public. Everyone and anyone can identify against a few rich evil men lurking in the shadows and working to take over the world. But to identify religious men as conspirators causes millions of people to bridle in anger and disbelief.

Error is only defeated by the proclamation of the truth. It is never defeated by compromise, half-truths, or a failure to recognize its existence.

Latin America sits on a veritable power keg because Romanism, which has been entrenched there for four hundred years, has not brought a scintilla of freedom or justice to the oppressed millions who live below the border of the United States and well below the abject poverty line. Romanism has managed to keep the multiplied millions in such a state of miserable existence that we have no hesitation in saying that if Americans rebelled against George III for his repression, they would have rebelled long ago against almost every government in Latin America.

Protestantism has become so weak and has been betrayed by so many lily-livered compromisers that there is no viable choice left to many of the peoples of the world. Yet when the world is examined, Protestant countries with but few exceptions are the only ones where even a semblance of freedom remains.

The Vatican has kept the people in Central America in ignorance and misery for four centuries. It is in the interest of the Vatican to keep its stranglehold on these nations. They are doing so either by the death squads in El Salvador or the Jesuit Marxists in Nicaragua, but they are maintaining their hold over the people. The U.S. as a Protestant country could bring some pressure to bear, which could really liberate the people from both warring factions, but alas, no such pressure is ever brought to bear on the Vatican. Instead the U.S. seems to become more and more the lackey of the Vatican, and the power that keeps the rotten status quo in place in Latin America.

Bible Protestantism is the only faith that can never capitulate to Romanism. Romanism with its ability to absorb false religions into its fold will become the cage of every unclean bird. But it can never absorb Bible Protestantism because the difference between the two is of such a nature that union is spiritually and ecclesiastically impossible. This is the reason biblically ignorant newsmen speak of the bigotry of the bible-believing fundamentalists of our times; they do not realize the eternal difference that exists between vital biblical Christianty on the one hand and all false religions on the other. So Bible Protestantism must ultimately be the target of every conspiracy, and the target of the final apostate conglomerate.

The Vatican is the center of a never ending web of conspiracy. It is working day and night to bring the world to the feet of the Roman pontiff. The Vatican octopus has tentacles reaching into almost every government circle on earth. When the Red Chinese needed the off-shore oil drilling expertise of the United States (no other country possesses it) a bargain was struck so that the Jesuits were once again allowed into China. Surely such a move is almost incredible when viewed in the light of the fact that America is still an overwhelmingly Protestant nation at least in the numerical make-up of her population.

The Vatican also acquired “controlling interest in companies, in fields of insurance, steel, financing, flour and spaghetti, industry, cement and real estate.”12 It owns sections of downtown Montreal, Canada, sections of Mexico City in Mexico, many of the major hotels in Italy, blocks of real estate on the Champs D’Elysee in Paris, the Watergate area in Washington, D.C., real estate in New York City, and the entire satellite city of Lomas Verdes in Mexico. This is only the tip of the iceberg, for much of the Vatican’s wealth is hidden in holding companies so that it is difficult to come even close in an estimate of its vast wealth. It is interesting to observe also that Pope John Paul, who was murdered in the Vatican, intended to reform the Vatican’s finances.

Roman Catholic conspiracies are part of the historical record. Papal plots have been discovered, and the conspirators arrested and brought to trial at various junctures of history. Father Chiniquy portrays Romanists as the main plotters in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. So the Vatican has been working night and day to shift the burden of conspiracy from its shoulders to some other group of conspirators. Since the McCarthy era, extremist groups have painted almost every leader in the United States as Communist, pro-communist, or an insider. NO ONE HAS EVER LOOKED AT THE PAPAL INTRIGUE, which is still going on today as it has for over 1,000 years. While men hunt for shadowy conspirators among America’s leaders, who evidence no continuity whatsoever, Romanism, with a continuity in conspiracy unparalleled in the history of man, continues to flourish and to call the shots in the area of religion and politics.

It should be obvious to every Bible-believer that one of the main tasks of the Satanic conspiracy is to direct those who are seeking to discover the conspiracy and alert Christians to it to some other apparent culprit. This we term the conspiracy of misdirection. Misdirection is written large in the field of conspiracy.

if you are powerful enough, you are beyond the reach of the law.

We believe that the reason we hear of “secret Masonic conspiracies” is to keep the idea of a mock conspiracy before the people to keep them from seeing the real thing. These writers lack one thing in their writings on conspiracy, and that is an in-depth exegesis of Revelation 17-18. They focus attention on the Masons to draw away attention from the Vatican and to create sympathy for the Pope and Papacy, who are then considered victims of the conspiracy rather than the brains behind it.

It certainly is easy to direct attention toward the Rothschilds because of their great wealth and also because they are Jews. What Allen fails to see is that every accusation that can be made against the Rothschilds and their allies can also be made against the Vatican with much more weight. The Rothschilds’ wealth, although immense, is not in the same league with the Vatican’s. The tentacles of the Rothschilds do not reach into every government on earth with anything approaching the same degree as the Vatican’s. The longevity of the alleged conspiracy of the Rothschilds, according to Allen himself, goes back a mere 150 years— again nothing in comparison to the Papacy whose global ambitions and intrigue go back more than a thousand years.

America is going down not from secular humanism nor a false pietism but from a love affair with idolatry and false religion.

While misguided Protestants stare at “Secular Humanism,” Romanism controls the White House, the C.I.A., the F.B.I., the Congress, and most of the leading posts in the present Reagan Administration.

The blackout which has been thrown over the Inquisition and the massacres and persecutions of Romanism apparently is no accident. Conservative writers apparently believe that the United States has nothing to fear from the Vatican, and therefore, they seem to have tacitly agreed not to mention known historical horrors connected with Rome’s global ambitions.

So in saving America from the secular humanist conspiracy, we are being herded along with Romanism to do the job. Such writing leaves a lot to be desired as far as the Biblical Christian is concerned. One has only to look at a nation where Romanism holds absolute sway to see that the Vatican can match anything any secular state has ever produced in the way of suppression and more. Biblical Christians, keep to your Bibles! Do not be misled even by sincere men, who have not done their homework in church history nor apparently in Bible Doctrine.

Something had to be done to offset Protestant suspicions of a secret cabal in the heart of the Vatican. So a massive propaganda effort to educate Protestants in the niceties of the papacy and the evil machinations of some other shadowy conspirators out to destroy this nice institution had to be launched. The sad thing is that apparently millions of Protestants have bought this idea without even a second thought. Malachi Martin, a former Jesuit, may still imagine that there are many Protestants who believe in this secret cabal in the heart of the Vatican, but in actuality their number is very, very small. By far the majority of modern Protestants have swallowed the Vatican line.

[Malachi] Martin was a former Jesuit professor. He seems to write from a very open view point. But in his serious and even severe criticisms of the Vatican in his books, “THE RISE AND FALL OF THE ROMAN CHURCH, and “RICH CHURCH POOR CHURCH,” he never once criticizes the entity itself. Only things about it, bad things to be sure, but not the historical reality—and to him—the true and only church in all of history. Martin is very shrewd. His open criticism of the church establishes him in the minds of millions as an enemy of the church. He is far from it. But the idea that he is a critical enemy gives much more weight to his writings in the eyes of Protestants, thus enabling him to still latently push the idea of the Pope as Christ’s Vicar upon earth and the Roman Catholic Church, the only true church that exists.

We would have to say that VERY FEW modern Protestants even view the Papacy as other than another denomination, and even fewer still see anything even approaching cabalistic designs on the part of its leaders as the foregoing pages demonstrate. The powerful impact of papal propaganda is beginning to show itself together with the almost total apathy and indifference of most modern Protestants to Bible Interpretation. The complete failure of anything even approaching a Protestant solidarity against the obvious encroachments of papal teachings in once Protestant America proves the truth of the foregoing sentences.

When the Pope of Rome preaches the perverted doctrines of Romanism, enforced celibacy, purgatory, Mariolatry, etc., he is as much a threat to a pure America as any sexual pervert who clamours for “Gay” rights. This is the truth that we must see today or perish as a nation. Impure doctrines of demons affect a society more than the impure actions of some of its members.

We recognize the power of Communism. We recognize the power of Islam. We recognize the power of secular humanism. We also recognize the power of Romanism; and we would have to say that a candid look at America today will show that of the four evils mentioned, Romanism constitutes by far the biggest internal threat to America today than any of the others.

Notice it is all right for the Pope to go right to the point on con troversial religious issues. Let any Protestant such as Ian Paisley, do the same thing, and he is immediately called a preacher of sectarianism, an arch-bigot or worse. Nobody calls the Pope an arch bigot, or Preacher of Sectarianism, even though he comes out with some of the most bigoted sectarian statements that ever appear in our modern newspapers.

We believe that America’s love affair with the Great Whore who sits on the Tiber poses a far greater threat to America’s freedoms than any other evil which America faces today.

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Book Report: The Jesuit Vatican Global Conspiracy — 2 Comments

  1. Hillary Clinton’s vice president is Tim Kaine, an avowed Jesuit who even served as “missionary” in Central America. And Hillary is in very bad health. Should she win and then pass away, Lord help us!
    On the pope’s recent visit to Mexico, he was publicly received by Evangelical pastors.One told the press: “We all come from the same roots”, which is of course a lie. Those who mix with Rome ignore:
    1. Bible doctrine
    2. Catholic doctrine (Google “co redemtrix”)
    3. Church history (55 million killed by Rome during 605 years of the Inquisition!)