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The author of this article is Gerry Keloney who wrote this to me in an email.

My first exposure to John Todd was a link to a ten-minute clip of one of his talks in which he mentions the fact that witchcraft is the force behind rock music. I immediately remembered the rock album burning bonfire in the parking lot of the Baptist Church I grew up attending. I think we were one of those churches burning rock albums and not knowing exactly why. The friend who sent me the link told me a Canadian Christian guy had rented the studio over their garage when he was 12 and 13 years old. My friend said this guy told him all about this exact subject so my friend was already well aware of this and hearing John Todd was just a confirmation of this particular truth. I was not entirely aware of this much detail but it made sense to me.

I immediately noticed the authority with which John Todd spoke. I thought, “Who is this John Todd guy and why have I never heard of him?” I knew in my heart right away he was telling the truth. He was connecting so many dots but I wanted to know how and why I had never heard of him. So I began to do some research on John Todd. I quickly found the link to the kt70.com/~jamesjpn website with the twelve teachings in MP3 format. I listened to each one and then kept listening to them over and over as I conducted my own research. I’m always seeking the truth no matter the subject. I would rather stand alone in truth than be united in error. I was not immediately troubled in my spirit and as I began to listen to John Todd I went in prayer to God The Father asking for help with discernment.

I learned John Todd was Scottish and his original family name was Collins, or Kollyns. One interesting fact is that I am also a descendant of a Scottish family and I can trace my roots back to a great-grandfather ten generations back to the 1600’s. This is the same century that Frances Kollyns first brought witchcraft to Salem, Mass. This is one fact that John Todd said that can be proven through several history and witchcraft history books. They are, in fact, credited with building the first Salem witchcraft coven. I also know of the Collins family in Minneapolis, one of the main witchcraft cities in the united states. They own real estate, restaurants and have operated the Stars on Ice from the beginning but you won’t see any Collins names on the website links to the people who run the operation. Their public parking ramp sign is littered with occult and witchcraft symbols and hieroglyphics so I’m sure they are witches and probably direct descendants of the same Collins family that John Todd came from. When I saw the photo of John Todd I was shocked how much they look alike. (John mentions Minneapolis a couple times and it is true that there are witchcraft bible colleges there, the place is crawling with witches and he correctly named the time of the year that the Minnesota State Fair takes place)

I expected John to have a Scottish accent when I first listened to him. Eventually I learned he grew up in Columbus, OH and descended from a Scottish witchcraft family. This explained why he didn’t sound like a Scottish druid. I did notice his accent because I have a good ear for accents and can usually tell which part of the country someone comes from. His accent is exactly someone from Ohio. I was already halfway familiar with some of what he talks about, being well-read on the subject of the Austrian School of Economics, Monetary Science and the history of economic thought, currencies and banking. It was from this that I learned about the Rothschild banking dynasty but I had not yet connected the dots to witchcraft. John Todd connects the esoteric to the exoteric in so many different truths and realities it is literally amazing. I was totally in the dark on witchcraft. I thought it was something from a bygone era and had no relevance today. I now realize that the churches were infiltrated long ago and this is one concept they drilled into our heads which explains why people mention other religions in conversation all the time but you rarely hear the word witchcraft. I know it is found throughout the Bible but my knowledge of witchcraft stopped there. I began taking notes as I listened to John because each talk has so much information. He mentions things in passing or in just one sentence that we can learn from. The more I listened the more I came to an understanding of the fact that he was spot on and telling the truth. It was easy for me to discern from all the discrediting and slander toward him on the internet. I even discovered other people who are trying to wake the people (the Christians especially!) up like William Cooper’s of The Hour of the Time, Ralph Epperson’s ‘America’s Secret Destiny’ documentary and his book ‘The Unseen Hand’, Dr. Scott Johnson of contendingfortruth.com, Steve Quayle, cuttingedge.org, et. al. I have not heard one contradiction of all John Todd said in the hundreds of hours I have devoted to researching and studying this subject of mystery babylon, the illuminati, the masons and all the rest of satan’s agents.

John uses all the correct jargon and even calls himself a witch, not a wizard or warlock. This shows he is from a multi-generational witchcraft family. In the UK, everyone is a witch, male or female. He knows all the rites, the history of the occult and even what role the witches played in the history of this nation. Many skeletons have been unearthed directly under Benjamin Franklin’s home, by the way. It was obvious that he was taught well as he was prepared for the council of 13. On diametrics.info/audio there is a talk by Craig Roberts where he mentions his book The Medusa File. He researched the JFK murder in TX and says he kept finding a level behind a level behind a level which took him to the last two levels he discovered to be the committee of 33 followed by the committee of 13. This is just another confirmation of the truths John Todd was saying way back in the mid-seventies. For confirmation of another thing John said which was true listen to the Pat Shannon talk where he explains that anyone who does not believe in the conspiracy theory of history is completely clueless. John was exactly right about baal worship having a counterfeit blasphemous trinity: male, female and child (nimrod, semiramis, asshur / horus, isis, osiris, etc., etc.) Think: statue of liberty. (not capitalized on purpose as with many other words in this letter. really, capital letters ought to go to The LORD only as in the King James Bible. John was even right about the hieroglyphics of the illuminati and he was exactly correct about spell-casting, astrology and halloween.

Now my eyes were open and I could see all these symbols everywhere. I realized that the world is much more evil than I was aware of. The Holy Spirit led me to Ezekiel 33 and I felt compelled to let people know, especially my loved ones. I would try to share John Todd with others by telling them to search for John Todd and listen to his talks. The problem was that people would be distracted by all the discrediting information about John on the internet and they would never proceed beyond that. Even my Christian friends who I thought have discernment would come back to me and show me all the junk on the internet simply put there to cause doubt about John so his message also becomes junk. I called a family friend who is considered an expert in cults and he said that John was proven to be a fraud. Even this didn’t deter me because my heart told me that John was authentic and exactly what he said he was. I think he was referring to the christianity today article from 1979. For anyone who has not come to the conclusion that magazine is a complete fraud they only need to do some research about its founder Billy Graham, his bloodlines and look for the hieroglyphics of the illuminati right there on the cover and inside contents page as well. They worship the heavens and there is the sun with its rays coming up (or going down) over the horizon. I notice also that the horizon is not quite completed showing another perversion. Every cover I’ve seen in the last few years has a plus sign which also represents the sun. (picture the pope with his staff that has a plus sign in a circle at the top of it)

I was getting so many doubters I wanted to have some actual proof that John was really exactly what he said he was. So many people need physical evidence. They don’t go to The Lord in prayer and search the Scriptures for The Truth. I decided to call Faith Baptist, John’s former church. His pastor is still alive and in his mid-80’s. The first thing I was told was that they had not heard from nor seen John since 1979. I spoke to his secretary and she confirmed that John did attend that church and did not deny anything he said. I also called Jack Chick Publications and spoke to Jack Chick’s secretary. Immediately I was told the exact same thing about not having seen nor heard from John since 1979. It is interesting that this is the same year the CT article came out. Jack is about the same age as Pastor Rasmussen and also still living. I was told that Jack Chick Publications still publishes the three books, or tracts, John wrote. That was proof enough for me because Jack Chick is one of the most knowledgeable Christians and spot on with what he writes and publishes on his website. (There is a great link on his website about Westcott and Hort and the counterfeit, blasphemous mockery called Textural Criticism) So why would Jack Chick continue to publish everything John Todd wrote with exactly the same content all these years if John were not everything he said he was? There are links on the jamesjpn website to a couple letters written by Jack Chick himself in 1978 and he makes no mention that John Todd was a fraud. The fact that he slid back into witchcraft for a bit only makes it more real and believable to me. In all the hundreds of hours I’ve spent listening to John the only question I have is how he could have a child in 2nd grade but his wife was a former witch as well and a simple explanation is that this child had already been born to her before they met. I realize that John’s mind had been messed with since childhood so this explains how he may seem scatter-brained or dyslexic with his remembering of numbers. He made a couple mistakes or misquotations with numbers but these are trivial errors in the grand scheme of his message. Plus, don’t forget these recordings occurred over a period of time so John was most likely picking up more and more information as time went on. This can be seen when he is asked about the pastor who first approached him in the occult store. He said he never met him and then in a later tape he had ended up probably seeking him out and meeting him. It’s the same with the illuminati. John even says their plans are changing all the time so just because some of the things John exposed forty years ago are not still being used by them does not in any way mean they were not at the time. One can easily imagine the scrambling they had to do after John defected. They probably listened to all his talks and then began making changes in order to discredit his testimony. The facts are the facts. He was correct and factual about so many things it is just astounding. He was right about freemasonry having kabbalistic origins and being a derivative of witchcraft, the church of scientology, the mormons, and other occult religions. He was exactly right about television being hypnotic and even correctly told us, in chronological order, the “extra favors” people had to do in order to work their way to the top. And he called them by their exactly correct nomenclatures. I lived in southern california in the 70’s and I remember the “producer’s couch” as having been one of the ways people got roles. I remember sometime around 1980 when they decided to let us know that they had been using subliminal and hypnotic images in advertising. When the truth is known by too many people they blow the lid on it and make us believe they have taken care of the problem and it won’t be happening anymore now that the guilty one’s have been busted. This is what happened with subliminal images on television. Remember the secret, split-second flashing of the juicy hamburger’s they told us about? I was living there when this happened and it was all over the papers and everyone was talking about it. Of course we all let our guard down because we believed and have always believed “those in charge” are looking out for our best interests. This is one idea John Todd was trying to put to rest once and for all. He was the first I ever heard teach that the heart is the spirit, the soul is the mind and the body is the flesh. He was right about mystery babylon and Revelation 18:23. He was absolutely correct saying depression is demonic. He was right about Christian Rock being started by bribed pastor Chuck Smith of calvary chapel in costa mesa. He was right about witchcraft being the religion of the illuminati and that without it, the physical kingdom wouldn’t function. He was right about the charismatic movement and the pentecostals. Through my own deliverance and learning from those in the deliverance ministry, every single spirit of speaking in tongues is demonic. He is exactly right about all the guns he mentions as well. He said something very powerful when he said that this new movement in the church was all based on emotion, and its true!

When I began to fully grasp and understand all that John Todd was talking about I can honestly say it changed my life. In fact, John Todd’s message was much more powerful and important today than any message I ever heard from a pastor at church. He kept stressing being BORN AGAIN THROUGH REPENTANCE. This is totally missing in 99% or churches. He also kept saying to COME OUT FROM THEM AND BE SEPARATE. He said Jesus needs to be your Lord and not just your Savior. Where is this teaching in the modern church of today? He even mentions deliverance once and personally, I believe this is the most important thing anyone who wants to make it to heaven can do. He kept saying that a True Christian is known by their FRUIT.

God The Father, my Lord Jesus Christ and His Supernatural Holy Spirit will be given all the credit for the revival in my own life that occurred over the past year but John Todd’s message was the start of it all for me. A revival exactly like the one under Hezekiah and Josiah found in 2 Chronicles 29-36 where they went through their lives, homes and villages to purge anything displeasing or reprehensible to God. Under Josiah we are told they pulverized the idols into dust and burned them outside the city. Then they threw the ashes in the river to be taken away forever. Now that’s taking it seriously! I threw away all my rock music, went through my wardrobe and removed any item of clothing that had occult symbols on the inside, outside or the labels. I changed to the King James Bible and threw away my cursed NIV bible. John Todd was right about this too! He said the newer versions had been stripped of the power and that the KJV has power. (check out Bill Schnoebelen – exposing the illuminati from within – on google videos for confirmation of this truth)

Searching the links on the jamesjpn website I discovered a letter from a student who attended Liberty University in Columbus during the late 70’s. He remembered a student promoting John Todd’s tapes being told his life was in danger. This kid showed him a letter from John Todd’s wife mentioning that John had been killed. He said he actually saw and read the letter. This was the final confirmation I needed because this coincided exactly with what Rasmussen and Chick said and also with the CT article. This student said the young man who was warned his life was in danger was also killed. This information can be found here.

The website also has a link to an article by James Whisler where he gives credibility to John Todd. I believe he has his facts about 90% correct; except where he mentions that he and his parents corresponded with John Todd while he was in prison. I believe this was an impostor planted by the illuminati. I even found a youtube link to “John Todd” talking from prison and the guy’s voice sounds nothing like John and his accent is also completely different. I’m not buying that one for even one minute. Back to the Whisler article: Clicking on the order form for “John’s” tapes caused immediate doubt when I recognized the illuminati hieroglyphics showing the sun and its rays along with the eagle in the sky. John would have been well aware what these symbols meant and would never had included them in a Christian ministry order form. To me, this proves again that it was an impostor planted by the illuminati and that’s exactly why they put those symbols on the order form. This was 1983 and an impossibility if John was killed in 1979. This would have been an impostor most assuredly. Here is the link to this article:


Fritz Springmeier’s testimony about John Todd is accurate for the most part. However, I believe he has some of his facts wrong simply because it is obvious his time was spent researching the bloodlines of the illuminati and not researching the truth about John Todd. The research that he did conduct took him down one of the fraudulent lies about John going to prison even though he had already been killed, probably by a sniper.

In July 2010 James Arendt of jamesjpn.net received and posted a message on his blog which was another link in the search for the truth about John Todd. It was another talk transcribed where John talks about and explains lucifer, beelzebub and the seven principalities. I remember back in one of John’s question-and-answer sessions where it sounds like he had been asked about the hierarchy of the demonic spirit world. He states without hesitation that there are seven principalities and 200 powers and then mentions the lower spirits they didn’t care about. The Apostle Paul states in John’s favorite verse, Ephesians 6:12, that our battle is against the principalities, powers, rulers of darkness and wicked spirits; in that order. He specifically stated them in that order because that is the exact order they operate under in their hierarchy. I actually discovered a talk about this exact subject on youtube where these guys say there are, in fact, seven principalities and 200 powers. This is another confirmation that John knew exactly what he was talking about. Here is the link called Nephilim-ancient/biblical(beliefs)1of3:


Here is the link to the latest transcribed talk from John Todd posted on the jamesjpn.net blog:


The only bummer is that John tells about only five of the six evil principalities. I believe he simply lost count. He tells of five of the principalities in this talk BUT the one he forgets is actually mentioned in another talk where he tells us that David Crosby told him when they produced the album 4-Way Street they conjured the principality of Medice and ordered him to order demons of rebellion to enter the album so everyone who listened to it would be rebellious against law, order and government. The funny thing is I listened to this very album (side two, the acoustic side) every night for a while, letting it put me to sleep. I can honestly say I was an extremely rebellious child against my parents, authority and local law enforcement.I’ve gone through my own personal deliverance and have been working with a deliverance minister after hearing Steve Quayle mention that he believed there are many Christians who need deliverance. After hearing this and the thought sinking in I decided to write Dr. Scott Johnson of contendingfortruth.com to find out his thoughts on whether or not I might need deliverance from evil and wicked spirits and demons I had invited or allowed in through various unrepentant sins, un-forgiveness, generational sins, smoking pot or involvement with the occult either by choice or through ignorance and Scott Johnson said “yes” and directed me to a deliverance minister he works with.

Now that I am in tune with the spirit world (without being able to actually see them with the third eye,) I think this teaching by John Todd extremely relevant because these are the entities in satan’s army that are everywhere and working against us. We are to worship God in the Spiritual and in Truth. (See John 4:23-24) I’ve connected several of the principalities to the colors that John tells us they are associated with and with the rest of the sins he didn’t mention other than red being the lust demon. I believe blue is the occult, red is lust and I don’t know the colors of the other three or four John mentions. He does mention the seventh principality is contentment but they don’t use that one. This makes sense because their number is six and not seven, that’s God’s number. Addiction is one, The Mind is another, Death & Sickness is another and I believe Pride is the one John forgot to mention. Perhaps anger is associated with pride or pride is part of the Anger/Bitterness principality. I suspect it is Pride because there is so much in the Bible about Pride. Check out Proverbs 16:5 for a reality check. I learned from my deliverance minister that the three most common reasons for demonic activity in people are Resentment, Bitterness and Un-forgiveness.

kingjamesbibleonline.org is a great site to plug in a word like “pride” or “snare” (a demon) or “curse” (also a demon) and do a word study. Not to mention that pride was the main reason that lucifer tried to exalt himself above God, thereby getting kicked out of heaven and cast down to earth.

The following article I found at the bottom of the latest article on the kt70.com/~jamesjpn website published on the blog in July 2010. The statements by Curtis B. Dall, the Board Chairman of Liberty Lobby in 1979 fits perfectly into the picture of the reality that John Todd was a member of a multi-generational witchcraft family and a high-ranking member of the illuminati’s council of 13 who became a Christian and that everything he said is true. Curtis B. Dall / (Board Chairman of “Liberty Lobby”, Publisher of “The Spotlight”) (Excerpts from letters, April and May 1979): “Being reasonable well informed on the powers which are at work to influence our domestic and foreign policies, for their objectives, – having been with Liberty Lobby for over 19 years, on Capitol Hill – I am greatly shocked by the ineptitude and downright ignorance of many alleged Christian leaders in this country, in observing how they “pick on” John Todd, instead to steer him constructively in the religious field. Most of these preachers haven’t the faintest idea of the contribution John Todd has made to his fellow Americans by revealing the secret power structure of the Rothschild Complex, who look to Lucifer for guidance, the Illuminati. Most any High School student can grasp the fact that the power of the Occult, or the Witchcraft, plus the power of Evil (The Illuminati) exert a most powerful influence upon our economic and political policies. Obviously, his powerful enemies are leaving no stone unturned to silence him, which regrettably might well be expected! The majority of his Ministers, Pastors, Priests, have been heavily indoctrinated and are woefully uninformed, misinformed, or bribed! Todd created powerful, unrelenting enemies when he defected from ” The Royal Family”, – “The Grand Druid Council of 13”! The enemies of John Todd have marshaled all the powerful “tools”, at their disposal to attack, neutralize or destroy him in order to protect themselves and their image, – certainly not to advance Christianity! – The usual technique employed by the Enemy in retaliation in respect to somebody who has exposed some of their secret operations! The Religious Area is the one in which they prefer to operate, along with plenty of money, artfully supplied to grease-the-wheels. Apparently they feel that Todd must be thoroughly discredited, silenced, or even assassinated!”

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