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My friend Patty shared this good YouTube which exposes the Flat Earth Theory explosion of 2015 as a psyops campaign.

Some comments on that Youtube page:

“If you believe flat earth theory then you are crazy therefore whatever else you believe is canceled by logic. ”

“Adam Weishaupt’s 24th goal: Infiltrate into all classes and levels of society and government for the purpose of fooling, bemusing and corrupting the youthful members of society by teaching them theories and principles that we know to be false.”

A Psy-Op of epic proportions. Step one, recycle something that the Roman Catholic Church forced people to believe in the middle ages. Step two, get gullible people to believe it. Step three, use mainstream media to tell the general public that there are people out there that now believe the earth is flat. Step four, connect those gullible people with the ”truth movement” in order to discredit real things and paint anyone who talks about things not spoken about by MSM as a lunatic. Step five, use those same gullible fools to divide and conquer the ””truth movement””.

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Flat Earth – What You’re NOT Being Told — 4 Comments

  1. This gentleman is very good at explaining it with one mountain top photo…also do a search for August Piccard, a well known scientist who was interviewed by Popular Science Magazine (1913?) And said that when he was over ten miles up, in the stratusphere he saw a flat earth with turned up edges. Why has no one been taught about this guy. He was an innovative and quite courageous man. Anyway, link to a man well versed on flat earth model.
    Lasltly, there are those who are well meant and post some nonsense, and others who do it for pretense…this subject is really worth putting some time into…caution! Many of these posters/up loaders can have foul mouths at times.

  2. There are some questions I have in my own mind concerning the flat earth. Maybe I’m a fool but I have come to believe the earth is flat because of some issues which were brought out on some of their videos. One question I have is, If the earth is round then what is holding the ocean water being so heavy on the round earth seeing that the amount of gravity it would take to hold all this water on a ball earth would saturate the earth with enough radiation to kill all life on earth. We could say that God is holding the Water on earth, but wouldn’t God get tired of holding all this water on earth after a while? I myself am finding there are too many questions and not enough answers. Not only that but I have to admit I haven’t seen real pictures of the earth and the Planets which leave even more questions in my mind. All the pictures we have of the earth and planets are paintings. If you really think about it the model of the Universe we have now was created by unbelieving scientist who are Aethiest and based on the big bang theory which states the universe created itself and God had nothing to do with it. So if this is true then where is God. What sun out in the vast universe is he hiding behind? Shouldn’t they have discovered God by now with all their big ole sophistacated telescopes? But the Big 165.ooo dollar question is, Why is it illegal to go to either the north or south poles? Something is not right here; and I admit I don’t know all the answers. Until many questions I have are answered I refuse to accept the brainwash I have been brought up to believe. I don’t know if the earth is round or flat, but I personally believe we are living on a flat spiritual plane which is associated with other spiritual planes and unless I find information that proves otherwise I will continue to believe this. I also believe God is real and by creating the ball earth theory they are trying to disprove the existance of God. We know this life is only an illusion, and whether the earth is round, flat or a Spiritual plane of existance we cannot deny that the earth was created and it just didn’t happen by itself.

    • Gravity holds all the water on the earth.
      I have a good friend, a man I know personally, a PhD physicist and university professor, Dr. John G. Hartnett, who is a Bible believing Creationist who exposes Evolution and Big Bang as pseudoscience, a man who loves Jesus as Lord, the Word who became flesh. He rejects the flat earth model.

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