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Rulers of Evil

This book has key pieces to the puzzle of how the Vatican has taken over the world thorough the Knight Templars, Illuminati, Jesuits, Freemasons, Knights of Malta, Rosicrucians and other secret groups. Yes folks, these groups are all connected with the center being Rome, the Vatican. “All roads lead to Rome” is true today as it ever was.

I deem the author Frederick Tupper Saussy to be a good honest researcher because he is a Christian who has pointed consistently throughout his book that the “Rulers of Evil” have sought to negate doctrines from the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Scriptures in favor of doctrines of paganism, with humanism being the number one doctrine they want to instill in the minds and hearts of the public.

Here’s a quote from page 20.

I felt an overwhelming obligation to love my enemies by studying them in intricate detail. I wanted to know the extent of Jesuit involvement in United States government, presently and historically. What I discovered was a vast Roman Catholic substratum to American history, especially the Revolution that produced the constitutional republic. I found that Jesuits played eminent and under-appreciated roles in moving the complacent New Englanders to rebel against their mother country. I discovered facts and motives strongly suggesting that events that made Great Britain divide in 1776 were the outworkings of an ingenious Jesuit strategy. This strategy appears to have been single-handedly designed and supervised by a true founding father few Americans have ever heard of – Lorenzo Ricci (known to British Jesuits as Laurence Richey). In fact, investigating Jesuit involvement in the formation of the United States turned up a whole host of hitherto littleknown names, such as Robert Bellarmine, Joseph Amiot, the Dukes of Norfolk, Daniel Coxe, Sun-Tzu, Lord Bute, Francis Thorpe, Nikolaus von Hontheim, and the Carrolls, Daniel, Charles, and John. In their way, these men were as essential to our constitutional origins as Jefferson, Paine, Adams, Washington, Locke, and George III.

New information I have learned so far

  • The founder of the Jesuit Order, Ignatius Loyola, was initiated into the Illuminati. The Illuminati existed long before Adam Weishaupt founded the Bavarian branch on May 1st. 1776.
  • It was in Spain and Portugal that the Knights Templars began to call themselves “Illuminati.”
  • The basic doctrines of the Illuminati are based on Gnosticism.
  • The Illuminati, Rosicrucians, Freemasons, Jesuits and Knights of Malta are groups that evolved from the Knights Templars
  • The Knights Templars invented modern banking because of the invention of paper money by the Chinese. The banking financial systems of today would not be possible without paper money which has now advanced further into digital money.
  • Though the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 was blamed on the Jesuits, and 8 Jesuit priests were executed, King James who “discovered” the plot was in reality a collaborator! The Plot gave James his best opportunity to separate loyal and moderate Catholics from the extremists of the Plot which secured England for loyal and moderate Roman Catholicism. The sacrifice of 8 Jesuits was a small price for the Vatican to pay to achieve what they have achieved in England!
  • Shakespearean plays teach pagan Gnosticism much more than Biblical truth.
  • The United States of America and its constitution was founded by Freemasons with a hidden agenda. This is exactly what author Ralph Epperson teaches in his Youtube video, “America’s Secret Destiny”.
  • Some Jesuit priests wear plain clothes or the garb of something other than a Catholic priest. They do this for the purpose of infiltration. Some may even become ministers of Protestant churches! Alberto Rivero was one such Jesuit priest who wore plain clothes and was trained to be an infiltrator.

Journalist Greg Anthony highlights the work of Tupper Saussy and his book Rulers of Evil, going back to a lost but now found June 20 2006 radio interview he did with Tupper two years prior to his passing.

Some of the conclusions and statements in “Rulers of Evil” are in direct contradiction the what Eric Jon Phelps says in his book, “Vatican Assassins”. Phelps says the writer of Shakesperian plays was Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford. Masonic author Manly P. Hall says Freemason Francis Bacon was the real author of Shakespeare. After reading Hamlet last year, I am inclined to agree that de Vere did not write the plays attributed to William Shakespeare but more likely Francis Bacon and perhaps some of his associates did.

I do not recommend anyone to listen to Eric Jon Phelps or read his book Vatican Assassins anymore. Though he calls Charles Chiniquy one of his heroes, he contradicts him when he says that the civil war was caused by the North, and not the South. Chiniquy quotes Abraham Lincoln when he points the finger at the Jesuits and the Roman Catholic church for inciting the South to rebel against the North. Phelps also called George Washington a good Baptist when he was really an Episcopalian. He called him a godly man though Washington was a Freemason who did not believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ! Either Phelps gets his facts mixed up or he has a secret agenda.

Read chapter one of Rulers of Evil on this website.

Or download the PDF format version of the book.

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Book Report: Rulers of Evil – Useful Knowledge about Governing Bodies, By F. Tupper Saussy — 5 Comments

  1. おつかれさまでした!
    I’m glad you’re getting this info out there, James, and can’t wait to find out what they’ve got hidden away in there in the Vatican library! Talk about INFOSTORE!

    But seriously, I have to say my own experience with coming into contact with you THROUGH a Jesuit school (Sophia University in Tokyo) indirectly makes me wonder – maybe all the roads really do meet back in one spot, and maybe the Family of Heaven (though seperated by the great fall of the Illuminati’s god, Lucifer) is really coming from one Father who loves us all and hopes to bring us all back under His House. Until then, we fight, and its the lies vs. the truth, and you are a warrior, a war prince in the fight, James! Bless you!!