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The Capitol facing the Washington Monument

The Capitol facing the Washington Monument, an obelisk

“The best place to hide something is out in the open. Nobody ever thinks to look there.” — Robert Anton Wilson

Did you know that “Capitol” was the name of Jupiter’s temple in Rome? Did you know that word “obelisk” literally means “Baal’s Shaft” or Baal’s organ of reproduction. Baal of course is referring to Satan, the Devil.

Did you also know the Vatican in Rome has an obelisk standing in the middle of St. Peter’s Square?

Papal Basilica of Saint Peter facing an obelisk in St. Peters Square in the Vatican, Rome

Papal Basilica of Saint Peter facing an obelisk in St. Peters Square in the Vatican, Rome


This Samuel Morse is the same person who invented the telegraph.

“If Papists conquered Rome, why may they not conquer America? Is it so utterly impossible that the next generation should witness the supremacy of Romanism that we can afford to fold our arms in ease? Possessing the balance of power between the two political parties, demanding favorable legislation as the condition of support, and wielding political power in some of our largest cities, Popery is a foe whose giant strength it is folly to underestimate…Under the banner of civil liberty Rome may possibly bind upon us the fetters of spiritual despotism.”

Tyrants, the more effectually to secure power, have ever professed supreme regard for man’s highest interests.”

“That the Roman Church is nothing less than a conspiracy against liberty, personal and national, civil and religious, we firmly believe. Being the twin sister to despotism, she ever has been, and is now, most bitterly hostile to freedom of conscience, freedom of press…”

“Nor has Romanism shown less hostility to another principle of our national life, the separation of Church and State…Almost every Pope for the last thousand years has pronounced it a ‘damnable heresy.’

This post is just a tiny scratch on the surface in the hope you discover the players in the conspiracy to create the New World Order or one world government talked about in the Book of Revelation, chapter 13.

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