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John Todd

Forward: This is yet another one of John Todd’s talks. It was transcribed from audio cassette by my good friend in the USA. This is not copyrighted material so please feel free to post it or publish it anywhere you like! Let’s get the word out! It won’t be long now!

The Conspiracy for world takeover is as old as man himself. The Illuminati, in recent history, has twice tried to control the world — in Napoleon’s day and during World War I.

Only about 5,000 people in the entire world know the true purpose of the Illuminati and its conspiracy to rule the earth. Their plan was written down in code, as a fictional novel, in 1957.

In the mid-1950’s Philippe Rothschild ordered one of his mistresses, Ayn Rand, an established authoress and philosopher, to undertake the writing of this code to the witches of the world. This novel, Atlas Shrugged, was never intended to be a best seller, although it turned out to be one.

The main characters of Atlas Shrugged are code names for individuals or companies. The code is as follows:

John Galt — Philippe Rothschild
Dagny Taggart — Ayn Rand
Dagny’s brother — The combined Railroad System
Ellis Wyatt — David Rockefeller
Hank Rearden — U.S. Steel, Bethlehem Steel
Francisco D’Anconia — Combined Copper Mines
Galt, D’Anconia, and the Pirate –Rothschild Tribunal

The Tribunal in the book went around convincing certain major corporation presidents of their philosophy and plan, getting them to bankrupt their own businesses. The owners of these companies would then vanish and leave with either Galt or D’Anconia to a retreat area in the Colorado mountain regions. “Colorado” is the code name for the “Bermuda Triangle”, the place where the key figures of the Illuminati will be when the world crashes.

There are six areas of society in which the Illuminati intends to rule:

1) Religious 4) Educational
2) Political 5) Military
3) Economic 6) Social

On August 1, 1972 Philippe Rothschild sent some papers to a meeting of the Council of 13 by State courier to San Antonio, Texas. Besides the usual pay-off notes and progress reports, the papers included a projected takeover plan. It read as follows:

1) Remove the President and Vice-President
2) Republican Successor throws election to Democratic
3) Democratic President gets following laws enacted:
a) Federal gun law taking weapons away from citizens.
b) Removal of tax exemption from churches (This is House Bill 41)
c) Genocide Act — Making it a crime equal to murder to convert a person from one religion or faith to another.
d) Presidential Martial Law Act — This allows the President in time of “National Emergency” to suspend the Constitution, Congress, and the economic system. The President, in essence, becomes dictator of America.
e) Anti-Hoarding Act — This makes it a felony to have more than 30-days supply of food, fuel or medicine stored up at one time.
f) Anti-Business Acts
Equalization of Opportunity Act Fair Share Law
Directive #10-289

President Carter was able to get some of these laws enacted before leaving office.

Plans for America: Make every person totally dependent of the government by:

1) Creating a pseudo-fuel shortage and food shortage.
2) Confiscate all guns.
3) Calling for “Helter Skelter” (All trucks, trains, planes, and ships, except Military, will stop. An army of some 200,000 white prisoners and motorcycle gang members will create mass insanity in the streets by bombing church buildings, raping, murdering, and other fear tactics.)
4) Declaring Martial Law. Activate the National Guard to keep order, after the public cries out for any kind of help. There will be one policeman to every 5 people. Once this “National Emergency” is declared, it will never be cancelled.

All countries except America will be sent against Israel for oil. The use of neutron bombs allows destruction of people while leaving all buildings, natural resources, and croplands intact. When the war is over, the world is to be ruled from Jerusalem.

In addition:

90% of the population of the US supposedly is to die in the 1st half hour of WWIII.
3,000 missiles are to hit the US within the first
Most industrial cities are to be destroyed.
Russian missiles placed in major US Lakes and Rivers (up to ten Nuclear Warheads/Missile); put there with American Government knowledge and approval.

To date, approximately 90% of the Conspiracy plan has been fulfilled on schedule.

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The Illuminati Purpose and Plan for World Takeover — 38 Comments

  1. I heard about the elite through a fiction entitled “Captain and Kings”,a book my dear mother read many years ago. I now believe she knew of the elite in this book although she was not aware of the “Illuminati” as such. I am a born-again Christian and I can clearly see that God’s Word is being fulfilled. I praise God for the people He uses to shine the light into our hearts – as it is difficult to accept that people would actually kill in order to rule. Those of us who love will never understand, but God Himself says “The Truth will set you free! God bless you for enlightening the world.

  2. Hi james japan, i’m eris frm indonesian, thanks for the complete explanation in this article, i asked for permission to share this article :)

  3. The illuminati must be day-dreaming.They are just bunch of criminals,creating chaos all over the world.I don’t know where they,getting these foolish ideas of taking over the world.Your selfishness have caused the lost of many innocent lives,both in the past and present.To let you know one thing.The masses are fully aware of your evil plans on the earth,but guess what;we have God on our side,and through his help,we shall crush you into pieces.How many wars have you caused,or even sponsored,all for your selfish gains or interest.We’ll be save by God,like how he saved Mosses,and his people from the phaoroh.

  4. Its quite obvious hw far the devil hs gone 2 manipulate many soul into relaxing n believing all this saying are not true . may God help us all bcos whatever happens I don’t want to b part of hell. That’s my own goal. Tblack.

  5. In the words of George Johnes “The devil is gathering firewood for the long hot winter day.” No 1 can stop prophesy from being fulfilled. Keep up the good work.

  6. Everything in this article that i have just read is totally true and nothing is new to me because i have made so many researches myself. But am very much glad i read this very one.
    This Illuminati of a group or organization i really don’t know what thinking faculty they have that make them feel everyone is blind, they have tried several times right from ww1 to ww2 and they are still manipulating things to cause ww3 in one way or another, but there is a always a mistake that they will keeping on making that can and will never make there plan come to past, and that is there total ignorance,and misbehavior towards God. You everything about this is all writing down in the bible if you are not familiar with Revelations in the bible, but! but! but! The plan about centralizing the war on Israel will never work, despite there organization is so strong Socially, Technologically, Educationally, Economically, but Religiously i doubt u see all of this areas they have won 78%. But they should try and read the bible and understand it, not to just critise it.
    So i qoute” If they don’t believe in God of cause there is a God who dose not fail in promises. Because Israel is a blessed land by God so no matter any violence that goes there, violence can never take over israel. So they ww3 thing is just to kill innocent people will they end up hiding in bunkers and space stations when all of this will happen. So i believe you Big Bro.

  7. If you look closely you will see there is more said without words than what is put in type. Unless you look closely and read what is not written here with letters you will fail to gain full meaning of this page. I could tell you what the average person misses on a read through, but that is something you need to figure out yourself or it has no meaning. This may seem cryptic, but if you don’t understand what I am referring to then you are not yet ready for that information. Don’t expect everything to be handed to you.

    • Humans are innately born to enterperate such things. Claiming that some people “aren’t ready” to have such knowledge is the notion the elite globalists who already control everything want. Knowledge truly is power. This is why it costs so much to get into elite “Ivy League” colleges. They only want certain bloodlines to have the true knowledge of what their ultimate intentions are. Depopulation is already implemented through keeping developing countries in poverty through political control, poisoning everything via chem trails, fluoridation of water, gmo in food, poisoning vaccines which are now forced by law in the United States, ultimately bioengineering ( through gmo and exposing humans and all ecology to high levels of aluminum and nuclear waste).

  8. Dear Reader…I dislike to interfere deeper with this,only onething to say.I didn’t know but yet I understand that everything that we use in this [email protected] it is poisonous.Satan he has different thoughts to capture the humanity,let us seek Jesus Christ before we got ourselves in big trouble.At anytime Jesus he can come except that way of rapture as the bible explain (MATTHEW24:42/44-46/16/20) Rev.AHMED.South Africa/Mpumalanga Province/Siyabuswa/KwaNdebele (M.A SIBANYONI) Jesus Loves Us/ILLUMINATI Kills Us (MATTHEW16:25)

    • Liam, there is a lot of information on that page. What on it do you not believe might happen? I grant you John Todd does not make the Vatican / Jesuit connection to the Illuminati / New World Order conspiracy.

  9. I would like to accept the following guidelines with the illuminati !!! I don’t want to have any problems so i will respect and obey,and keep out of politics to whom it may concern thanx you!!!!!

    • You do and you are in danger of losing your eternal soul! Jesus said, “What shall it profit a man of he gain the whole world and lose his own soul?”

  10. Jesus Christ said “I am the way, the truth and the life, no person comes to the Father but through Me.”. basically since He is the Christ and the Savior, thus being God, we need to be weary of false prophets and those who call themselves one thing when they are indeed another. That is the kicker. That is something I had to deal with all my life, even knowing what person or group to trust. Finding a site like this is rare, and almost impossible, especially in America, where the real truth is a dime a dozen in reality.

      • You are welcome James. Consider it a blessing that anyone has the strength and guts to talk about this very clandestine subject at all. Believe me, many who do lose a lot of their life, family and friends, are kicked out of churches, set up or made to suffer internally, in hormonal unbalance, and with almost no possible chance of a real normal life. Trust me, I have seen all this and more, and even went through much of the above myself. It is so very sad what happened to John Todd, and to this day I still wonder and sit in seeing a long and winding road about many things in the world.

        • There are so many stories that are untold, people need to know both sides of every story.
          Jon Todd

  11. Satan has been able to implement his plans through the Zionist people. And inturn
    they set up the United Nation Empire, through Britain and USA. The UN members includes all the Continents of the World. The Club of Rome already passed the division of the World into 10 economic zones, with their leaders being selected by the UN and the Club of Rome and Illuminati (Rothchilds, Rockefellas and the Elites ???