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Jack Chick is an artist. He is known for his comic-style tracts (informally known as Chick Tracts) and larger comic books for the purpose of Christian evangelism from a fundamentalist point of view. (From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Chick

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To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is in regard to my association with John Todd.

I first met John in 1973. I found his information on the occult facinating. We worked together on a Crusaders story entitled, “The Broken Cross.” Since its publication I know of witches coming to Christ through this story. A police captain visited a friend of mine and told him the book was the most factual he had ever read on the subject.

John Todd began winning young people out of the occult. His ministry started growing. When John took these young people to a church called “Melodyland” in Southern California, I was told they announced from the platform that no witch could be saved. That was disaster to John’s ministry. He was involved with churches and Full Godpel Businessmen and all of them were of the charismatic persuasion. John was promised support that never came.

When attempts were made on John’s life, the Christians shied away from him. In those years witchcraft was avoided like the plague. Everything turned sour. No Christian would touch John, so he went back to the only thing he knew, the occult. He and his wife, Sheila, opened up an occult bookstore.

I kept calling John, telling him he was saved, but he believed the Armenian doctrine that once he went back to sin he was lost forever. I kept at him. He pushed the occult religion at me, but I wouldn’t give up and I told him he still belonged to Jesus. I called him my brother and he told me to stop calling him that. When I almost gave up, John called me and told me that he and Sheila had come back to Christ.

John remembered when he was training for the position of a Grand Druid priest that a hugh sum of money supposedly was passed from the Illuminati to the organization called “Melodyland,” and John believes that is why his ministry was hit.

Since coming back into Christian work, John has had many attempts on his life, verified by his wife. John is exposing Masonry which has infiltrated our churches. It’s an unseen enemy. John has given me valuable information on 2 new publications, “Angel of Light” and “Spellbound”. The latter on rock music will have a devastating effect on Christian rock music. I thank God John is risking his neck to warn us of the dangers and techniques used by the Illuminati.

John was attending Faith Baptist Church in Canoga Park, California. On my word, Pastor Roland Rasmusson helped John get speaking engagements. John has made mistakes from the platform. It’s understandable. He is in a new line of work. Both John and his wife have used extensive drugs and are still suffering from the effects. Some of the mistakes were deliberately fed to John to make him look bad. I can verify that through his wife, Sheila.

Pastor Rasmusson was caught in a hard place when John quoted the wrong input from the platform. Then, one of his church members was given an old tape to re-use. On it was a message John had made while instructing classes in the occult when he had backslidden. The tape was played to the deacons, and I believe pressure was put on Dr. Rasmusson to disassociate himself from John. They knew John had been backslidden because he told them that. I got the same material from John on the phone when I was trying to win him back to Christ.
I was assured the tape would only be played to the deacons, but since then, copies have fallen into various hands, and this is now being used as a club. Pastor Rasmusson still calls John his brother and he told me he believes John is saved. When John preaches, pastors tell me of revival and the most difficult to reach came to Christ, including Masons.

My question is: Who is behind John’s attackers? I know the Masons are delighted. So is the Illuminati. Are the ones attacking John winning souls? Why is it aired publicly? If John goes down because of the pressures from Christians, it will be a day of rejoicing for the occult.

I back John up 100% with all his faults. I know this brother is doing his best to advance the kingdom of God. We must keep one fact in mind. John is not a minister, but a Christian layman sharing what he knows about a very explosive subject. We should be eager to know about what is going on in the enemy’s camp, and to my knowledge, John Todd is the only one qualified to give us that information. I encourage you to stand with him in the face of this onslaught.

JACK T. CHICK, PRESIDENT, Chick Publications, Inc.

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