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Jeff Rense

Jeff Rense, 66, riding a $30,000 Harley Trike, one of a collection of motorcycles, a lifestyle partly supported by donations from his readers.

I live in Niigata Prefecture which is the neighbor of Fukushima just to the west. Since the March 11, 2011 Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster, I’ve been to Fukushima several times. Once I came as close as 20 kilometers to the damaged nuclear reactors. Nobody I know or even heard of has become sick with radiation poisoning from the damaged Fukushima nuclear powerplant.

The so called alternative media has been spreading, in my opinion, disinformation and fear mongering about the March 11, 2011 Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster, making it sound much worse than it really is. Radio talk show host, Joyce Riley of the Power Hour show, said on March 27, 2012, that in 45 days Tokyo will become uninhabitable. She also said there are mass evacuations of US Military dependents from Japan, evacuations from embassies, and that the airports were in chaos, jammed packed with people trying to evacuate. All of this is false! Either she was misled or she just plain lied. It is now November 12, 2015, over three years since Joyce Riley made those statements. Tokyo is business as usual as ever with as many or more foreign tourists as before the 3/11 tsunami and power plant disaster! How do I know that? I pass through Tokyo several times a year and was there just a few weeks ago. I saw those tourists and crowds of people with my own eyes.

Another radio talk show host, Jeff Rense, called the hydrogen explosion that blew the roof off the nuclear power plant, “a small hydrogen bomb.” Calling it “a small hydrogen bomb” is misleading. In my opinion it’s disinformation, plain and simple. Hydrogen bombs are nuclear devices. The explosion at the Fukushima plants was a chemical reaction of hydrogen molecules uniting with oxygen molecules. Hydrogen gas is produced when hot zirconium alloy fuel rods come in contact with water and steam when water is poured on them to try to keep them cool in an emergency. Zirconium has a high affinity for oxygen. It pulls the oxygen molecules out of water releasing water’s hydrogen molecules. The hydrogen gas built up and heat from the reactor caused it to explode, meaning, chemically reunite with oxygen forming water again. Any high school kid with a moderate knowledge of chemistry would know that hydrogen burning or exploding is a chemical reaction, not nuclear. This means Rense is not only a disinfo agent, he is mocking the intelligence of the American public.

Has Jeff Rense been lying to his listeners? Patsy Smullin who runs KOBI-TV, a TV station that Jeff Rense says he worked for, called him, a compulsive liar

I’m not saying that Fukushima wasn’t serious, but was it really worse than Chernobyl as Jeff Rense and others claim? How can it possibly be worse when so far, not a single person has died? Only the poor animals, mostly pets and some livestock have died for lack of care being abandoned by their masters. I heard other other day that some of the cattle have learned to fend for themselves and continue to survive.

Why is the alternative media spreading even more fear about Fukushima than the mainstream media is? The only answer I can think of is the alternative media has been making money off selling products that are supposed to protect you from radiation poisoning. Joyce Riley markets a lot of that stuff, and so does Jeff Rense. One example: Rense & Dr Blaylock – Radiation What We CAN Do

Ask yourself this: If Fukushima is as bad as Jeff Rense, Joyce Riley, and others have said, and the Japanese government and Imperial Family know this but are withholding information from public, why are they still all living in Tokyo? Yes, folks, they’re still all there engaged in business as usual.

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Jeff Rense Fukushima disinfo exposed — 8 Comments

  1. Japan… I think you’re the guy spreading disinformation… I’ve done enough research on radiation for the last 30 years to know better.. You can run that crap to other people to ignore the evidence all around the country, and the thousands of people getting mysterious ailments on the west coast… But the intelligent people and the well informed can never be fooled… Have a good day.. Mr. Japan.. May peace be upon you.. And by the way.. I am also a Decorated Air Force Veteran… I know many people who still follow orders.. It’s a form of brain washing..

    • Back up your claims with some credible documentation, Mr.BB. “thousands of people getting mysterious ailments on the west coast… ” Where did you hear that from? Alex Jones? Jeff Rense? Some other sell fear for profit alternative media troll? I LIVE IN JAPAN!!! I have been to Fukushima MANY TIMES since 311! The Japanese are not saying what you are saying! And if the government is lying, WHY are they still in Tokyo??

  2. Karma is very precise sir and when you lie you are only going to hurt yourself””””Look for truth and Love it will set you free….Your attack on Jeff Rense is really an attack on your own darkness which is about to eat you…..

  3. I agree with this, I visited Japan last year and everything was business as usual, I would not mind moving to Japan

    • Do you live in Japan? Come to Japan and see for yourself if Jeff Rense Isn’t making money through fear mongering. How many have been affected by the nuclear accident? The people who lived in a 20 miles radius of the power plant. Not me who lives 150 miles away, and certainly NOT YOU on the other side of the Pacific!

      I don’t think you have even read the article but merely glanced at it. If you did read it, you would see I am not making light of a bad situation but merely exposing the LIARS who are trying to make money off it.