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John Todd has been deceased for some time, but when and how he died is a matter of debate. There are 3 different accounts listed on different posts on this page.

  1. Fritz Springmeier says in his book, Bloodlines of the Illuminati, that John Todd was killed immediately after his release from prison in early 1994.
  2. John Todd passed away Nov. 10, 2007 while being held in the “Behavioral Disorder Treatment Unit which is overseen by the SC Department of Mental Health”
  3. John Todd was murdered in the fall of 1979. Please see the May 9, 2008 update on this page.

Take your pick! For a long time I held Springmeier’s account, but now I consider the possibility of the 3rd account. I definitely do not believe the second account even though Wikipedia published that one. I like to go to Wikipedia for information that I consider uncontroversial, but I also know that it doesn’t measure up to scholastic criteria of an encyclopedia, which is supposed to be truth. Wikipedia itself says, “The threshold for inclusion in Wikipedia is verifiability, not truth:” (From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Verifiability )

Below lists chronologically the emails I received concerning John Todd.

Email received February 7, 2006:

 Former Inmate Christopher Kollyns, SCDC# 145461, AKA John Wayne Todd,
 was serving a 30 year sentence for Criminal Sexual Conduct 1st Degree.
 His sentence started in May 1987 and he was released from our agency in 
 April 2004 due to the expiration of his sentence.
 Dennis R. Patterson, Sr.
 Director, Division of Classification and Inmate Records
 South Carolina Dept. of Corrections
 (803) 896-8551
Mr. Kollyns was deemed a Sexually Violent Predator pursuant to SC Law. 
He is currently housed at the Behavioral Disorder Treatment Unit which
is overseen by the SC Department of Mental Health. He has been housed
there since his release from our agency.

Dennis R. Patterson, Sr.
Director, Division of Classification and Inmate Records
South Carolina Dept. of Corrections
(803) 896-8551

On March 9, 2006 I received emails from a person named Sekhmet*:

John Todd is alive and well and IN PRISON.  I have visited him there.

He was convicted for rape, and there are many other victims who have
come forward.

He has served his prison time, but is deemed too dangerous by the State
of South Carolina to be released to society, and I completely agree.

Another thing you should know is that Todd made my acquaintance
when he asked for a wiccan chaplain. 

* On May 16, 2007 I received an email from a man who states:
“Sekhmet is Arabic for Venus, the destroying female god with the face of a lion.”
Knowing how the Illuminati likes to use symbolism, I find this very significant! Also see:

I sent copies of both of these emails to trusted friends. One of them said he telephoned Sekhmet and believes her story to be credible.

Please do not ask me for the full names or email addresses of my sources for I would not wish for their privacy to be invaded. If you would like to verify this information, you can call the telephone number listed.

June 21, 2007 update

I received an email on this date that stated:

On page 93 of Springmeier’s Bloodlines of the Illuminati, he states “reports to this author allege that the day Todd was released from prison, he was picked up by a helicopter and killed. To the best of my knowledge Johnnie Todd was killed the day he won his freedom.”

“Johnnie Todd won his appeal (the Federal appeals court came down hard on the state of So. Carolina) and in Jan. 1994, Todd called this author from prison to inform him that he was to be released, but that he needed tens of thousands of dollars. This author was not able to come up with the thousand of dollars that Todd wanted immediately. Later, Springmeier was told that the Illuminati offered to let Todd live if he could come up with a large ransom. Reports to this author allege that the day Todd was released from prison, he was picked up by a helicopter and killed. To the best of my knowledge Johnnie Todd was killed the day he won his freedom. Obviously, the Illuminati does enforce the oaths and vows that their members force d to make. The entire episode is of course a sad one for this author.”

My opinion: I would certainly take the word of Fritz Springmeier above that of a Wiccan chaplain whose name means “destroying female god”!! I tend to believe that the person claimed to be John Todd in the Behavioral Disorder Treatment Unit is not really him and that John Todd graduated years ago from the sorrows of this sorry world to be with his Lord and Savior Jesus in Heaven!

Dec. 29, 2007 update

On this day I received an email that said:

I called the institute that John Todd was staying at in South Carolina. and they told me that he passed away 11/10/2007

But again I say, it may not have really been Todd who died in that institution.

May 9, 2008 update:

On April 30, 2008 I received the following email:

Back in 78 I attended Liberty University. A guy named Steve Hoffer was a
John Todd promoter of sorts on campus. This amounted to simply passing
out some tapes and the like not really like some sort of official
promoter. I saw him last in the fall of 79. He had a letter he claimed
was from Johns wife and it informed him that John had been killed that
fall late. He read me the letter, I saw the letter. He was warned that
he could be in danger. He has some close relationship at least by mail
with the Todds.

He left for home for Christmas break but never showed up. His car was
found abandoned in Cincinnati about two weeks later. He was found around
early May of 80 a few mile outside Lynchburg tied to a tree and garroted
in classic style, his body still hanging there. As you may know this is
a special method of death and has a history and meaning. The death of a

At the time of his death Steve had been publicly investigating Jerry
Falwell while a student at Liberty. As you can figure this caused no
small controversy considering Steve was a student there. As you may know
Falwell was on Johns list of conspirators. Falwell publicly told the
student body that he didn’t know Todd, as Todd had claimed he knew Jerry
personally, as well as saying Todd was off the hook mentally. Steve’s
death can be verified if the records are still available or if Todds
wife is still living she may remember Steve.

I to am from Columbus Ohio where John claims to be from. Listening to
some YouTube yesterday jogged my memory. Its been 30 years since I last
listened to him. Anyway there is actually a small Druid cemetery in
Columbus. The stones are in a circle and have no dates or names on them.
These graves may indicate the founding members of the original lodge
that apparently left Wales sometime in the 1800’s. There are also a lot
of Welsh and Pickish graves nearby. John claimed to be a Druid and
Pickish or lowland Scottish.The name Todd means father in Cymraeg and is
old Celtic. Columbus Ohio is said to have had the largest concentration
of Welsh immigrants in the US. There was even a Druid Hall being used in
Columbus and so known as such up into the 1940’s. It may still be there
and is in an old part of town and it and the name were openly known
which may indicate the measure of their presents.

May 22, 2011 update:

In April 2011 I received another email from the same person above:

Good to hear from you and to read this letter. Please don’t publish my
name although I hold out little hope that the thing isn’t known anyway by the
right folks. Or wrong folks. The Collins folks are very powerful and well
connected around here. Not in public as it were but when one does some
looking into it the truth can be found. And it’s not just the Collins folks.

As I think I told you in an email that Druid grave area have vanished. The
stones were moved. It was a large scale fail on my part not to get a photo
of the 13 markers all numbered and in a circle. But as important someone is
watching at least what goes on at your web site. While we cant produce
photos of this grave area let its removal even if only between a few serve
as a reminder of some realities.

More info. It may be that Steve Hoffer’s style of death was not published in
the news. But it was mentioned by Fallwell and I heard it with my own ears
as I had made a trip back to Liberty U after bootcamp to see a girlfriend
and attended a service. Steve’s body had just been found that week and Steve
being of note around there Falwell talked about it. Plus it was a big
mystery on campus as to what had happened to Steve. Falwell felt it was the
work of God. That Steve was turned over to evil for the destruction of the
flesh as a warning for attacking Falwell himself and thus Gods work. I sat
and listened to that knowing about and having read that letter from Todd’s
wife and that Steve had been warned but it didn’t sink in but slowly over the
years. In fact I have come to the point of seeing all this as not simply
happenstance. My being from Columbus and meeting Steve etc. etc.

It was great to get confirmation that Jack and Todd’s old pastor say that
they had not heard from him since late 79. Great work on this guy’s part. I
am understanding here that Todd was killed very late in 79, his wife sent
Steve a letter within weeks and Steve was dead by say 3rd week in Dec 1979.
Looks like related killings. I am also going to believe that this letter and
any related paper tying Steve with Todd was taken from Steve’s things. If
Steve had anything at his parents home it was taken as well. His parents are
most likely passed on.

Have you had any sort of traditional or otherwise demonic harassment over
this? Let me just say that Columbus has some very powerful witches here of
the first order. And they know i know about them not just from this but
before I ever knew of John Todd. That’s one reason I perked up back in the
day when first learning of John and where he was from.

By they way another guy that got a hold of me from YouTube said he was from the
UK wanted to know what I knew about the Collins folks. I sent him some info
about high up government appointments in state government. Have not heard
from him. He wanted me to dig but these are just not the sort of folks you
want to dig on outside the net. I told him even if they knew John and it’s
been awhile now what 30 years they wouldn’t say anything if what he said was

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  1. In the end of this miserable world, when we finally go to be with God we will all be at peace and everything will be perfect; And all the sorcerers and Satanists will get what they deserve. I pray they find God as John did.. it’s so sad what he went through but look how that man changed his life around! It’s astonishing how The Lord accepts ALL SINNERS to change their way and find him and gives us multiple chances when we do not deserve it! What an amazing God we have and I can’t wait to be with him someday with all my brothers and sisters:) Love you guys:) Please keep me in your prayers for his guidance as I find myself constantly feeling lost. I feel better tonight though, thank you.