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Walter Julius Veith (1949—) is an author and speaker known for his work in nutrition, creationism and other Christian topics. He studied zoology at the University of Stellenbosch and obtained his doctorate in zoology from the University of Cape Town in 1979. He was professor and chair of the Department of Zoology at the University of Western Cape, South Africa. (From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walter_Veith )

A new friend last week introduced me to Walter Veith’s seminars, and I’ve been very impressed by them. He gives some of the most comprehensive talks about the New World Order I’ve heard to date.

I appreciate Dr. Veith using quotes from influential people and letting them speak for themselves as much as possible. This is what I like to do. Why speculate when the movers and shakers of this world have already clearly spelled out what they are doing? None of this information was obtained from secret sources, but neither is it openly broadcast by the media or taught in most educational institutions. I believe it is important to know to avoid both present and future deceptions. The world is under mass mind control, and the only way to escape it is to know the truth. Truth is always based on God’s Word in the Bible.

You can see more of Walter Veith’s talks from http://amazingdiscoveries.tv/


Walter J. Veith – The Secret behind Secret Societies — 6 Comments

  1. As you so rightly stated here, the Truth is always based on God’s Word in the Bible. For that reason, I personally would steer clear of listening to Walter Veith, even though he does expose the RCC religion and NWO for what they are you are still being served a dangerous mixture to truth and lies. He is in fact a SDA and his lectures, videos and books promote creationist and Adventist beliefs and doctrines. If you dig deep enough into what SDA’s actually believe, and I do mean dig deep as they don’t give a lot away about what they actually believe on their websites, then you can’t help but arrive at the conclusion that they are totally out of line with the Truth of God’s Word in the Bible. It’s a deceptive works based sabbath keeping religion, they deny the deity of Jesus Christ and the trinity amongst other things and even worse, their founder Ellen G. White was involved with the Occult and even has a Freemasonry Obelisk situated over her grave! On the face of it they come across as genuine bible believing Christians (I even have a friend who is one) who are even exposing the NWO, don’t be fooled though, their doctrine is actually steeped in New Age/Occult terminology.

    • Karen, I took that Walter Veith video down before, but later when my website was hacked, I had to restore a backup copy of it and the video came back. I do not promote Walter Veith or SDA religion on this website, but I do think that Walter Vieth was on the mark on this particular video of his talk on secret societies. It is interesting that as a denomination, the SDAs are the only ones left who hold the views the early Protestants held of looking at the Papacy as a fulfillment of the Scriptures concerning the Antichrist. I am reading a book now, “Christ and Antichrist” which explains in great detail the Biblical foundation of their beliefs.

  2. You are absolutely on track! I’ve been watching Veith’s videos for awhile and they are fascinating and revealing. What I’ve seen on your site so far has also been intriguing. I applaud you for your efforts in trying to expose the Global Mass Deception.

  3. Awesome man! I really enjoy him too. He’s a very good teacher. I hope you watch his ” my most difficult journey”. I suppose you know he taught evolution for almost 30 years and really gave creationist a thrashing.
    Another guy I like, who speaks on creation and debunks evolution, is Kent Hovind. Kent is currently spending time in prison for tax evasion. But he was the evolutionist worst nightmare. Watch one of the videos. He also talks about the pre- flood, giants (men) who lived for over 900 years, skeletons that the Smithsonian refuses to exhibit because it disproves their theory.:( Poor, poor liars. http://freehovind.com/watch-4308235066145651150

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