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William Hogan was born in Ireland educated at Maynooth College and became a priest before emigrating to America around 1810. Assigned to St. Mary’s parish in Philadelphia, he proved himself a popular priest. But he soon ran afoul of Bishop Henry Conwell, who resented his popularity and disapproved of his vigorous social life. When Hogan resisted Conwell’s attempts to rein him in, Conwell suspended him. The trustees of St. Mary’s rushed to Hogan’s defense and Conwell soon had a full-blown schism on his hands. He eventually excommunicated Hogan in 1821 and then, like many American bishops in the 1820s, wrested control of the parish from the lay trustees.

Following his excommunication, Hogan managed a circus, studied law, and married twice, before reemerging in the 1840s as a leading voice of anti-Catholicism. He went on the lecture circuit, wrote belligerent essays in popular journals, and published in 1851 a book entitled, Popery as It Was and as It Is. The general tone of the latter is conveyed in the following statement: “I am sorry to say, from my knowledge of Roman Catholic priests … that there is not a more corrupt, licentious body of men in the world.” (Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Hogan_%28priest%29)

William Hogan

William Hogan

I consider former Roman Catholic priests my best sources of information. They were insiders of a highly secretive and insidious organization. Most people do not think of the Roman Catholic Church as a secret society such as the Freemasons or Skull and Bones. Catholicism appears to be an innocuous branch of Christianity to many, but those who think so are woefully lacking in a basic knowledge of world history. In any nation where the Catholic Church is a minority, they seek equal rights. But when they are the majority power, they want to rule in every way, religiously, spiritually and especially, politically. It is for this very reason that the Japanese Tokugawa government expelled all Roman Catholic (Jesuit) missionaries in the 17th century! They knew that the Catholic Church was seeking military and political control of Japan and was therefore a threat to their government and nation. For more information about this, please see History of Catholic Aggressiveness in Japan

The last section called “POPISH BISHOPS AND PRIESTS ABSOLVE ALLEGIANCE TO PROTESTANT GOVERNMENTS” was so long that I had to divide it up further with titles that are not in the original book.

Joe Biden

Joe Biden

Americans who read this work may think, “This is all very interesting history of the Catholic church in America in the first half of the 19th century, but it is not like that today.” While it’s true that modern American Catholics have a more tolerant attitude toward non-Catholics, what do the priests and bishops think about it? They are still seeking domination of America. Just look at the Supreme Court today (2015). Six out of nine of the judges are Roman Catholic! Look at the President’s cabinet and see a prominent number of Catholics. And of course Vice President Joe Biden is Catholic and quite proud of it seeing how shows the mark of ashes he got from his priest! Could this be one of the Marks of the Beast?

This book was found on https://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/37705

P O P E R Y!




In submitting the following pages to the public, I can say, with truth, that I am actuated by no other motive than a sincere desire to promote the interest, and contribute all in my power to perpetuate the free institutions, of this, my adopted country.

It is many years since I have had any intercourse or connection with the church or priests of Rome; and I vainly imagined that, after the first outbreak of their animosity, for repudiating their doctrines, it would succeed into a calm indifference. I was aware of the custom, in that church, to defame and calumniate all who “went out from her;” but especially those who have held any distinguished position.

Against such, appeals are immediately made to the people by their priests, until, finally, maddened by sophistry, fanaticism, and falsehoods, they look upon the seceder as one whom it is their duty to destroy; and in whose word, honor, and virtue, no confidence is to be reposed. The object of the Romish church, in this, cannot be mistaken. it is too plain to escape even the least observant eye. A lawyer who can render legally valueless the testimony of opposing witnesses, seldom fails in establishing his case; and hence it is that the Romish church never fails to destroy, if she can, the credibility of all who break loose from her, knowing them to be the best witnesses of her iniquities. But for some years back, and until recently, the violence of Popish priests against myself seemed to slumber. This was natural. In the body ecclesiastic, as well as in the natural body, a morbid excitement often succeeds a stupor; and recently these gentlemen have assailed me again. To apparent indifference succeeded a frantic zeal; and from one end of this continent to the other, they have tried to injure me, by appeals to the public through their presses, and especially through the confessional. All this I would have disregarded, as usual, but I find that these priests have become politicians, and that every blow aimed at me, for the free exercise of my judgment as to the best mode of worshipping God, is aimed at the constitution of my adopted country, which grants this blessing, without let or hindrance, to all the children of men.

Well aware that Americans are not acquainted with the designs of Popery against their country and its institutions, I feel it my duty to lay before them the following pages. The perusal of them will satisfy every American that our country is in danger, not so much from enemies abroad as from foes within. They will find that Papists have reduced political, as well as religious corruption, to a system, and are, at this moment, practising it amongst us, upon a great and gigantic scale.

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