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ravening wolves

“Ravening Wolves” is yet another Jesuit suppressed book that the Vatican does not want you to read! It outlines the “Catholic Action” persecution of Orthodox Serbs by Roman Catholic Croatians during World War II. Even Wikipedia covers some of the truth of that history. But I sure wasn’t taught it during history class while attending Roman Catholic St. Florian elementary school in Chicago!

If you think the murder of non-Roman Catholics by the Catholic church ended with the St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre in 1572, think again. This book presents undeniable evidence of persecution of non-Catholics by Rome in the 20th century. I believe it continues covertly to this very day.

I converted the first 20 pages of a 32 page PDF file of this book into text to make it easier to read and more accessible on the Internet. You can download it here.


“Ravening Wolves” was first published in Australia by Miss Monica Farrell, converted Roman Catholic who was horrified at the record of bloodshed and murder committed by Roman Catholic Actionists led by priests and monks dur­ing the years 1941-43 in Europe.

Seeing the same evil system at work in Australia, seeking to bring that sunny land under the heel of the Pope, she vigorously opposed the Papal claims and sought to awaken Australians to the danger.

As the Papacy is a world-wide organization and its tactics are dictated from Rome, its methods are similar in each country and we in Canada can see the same sinister system working in the same way in our midst. Having been driven from her own home in Ireland by persecution, Miss Farrell continued to witness, first in Ireland, later in England, Scotland, Wales and Australia, to the power of a Risen Saviour and the helplessness of a wafer God. The work she founded in Australia is called “The Light and Truth Gospel Crusade,” which is a mission for the conversion of Roman Catholics and the awakening of Protestants. That our readers may have an idea of the type of person she is, we give the following brief summary of her life story.

Monica Farrell was born of Roman Catholic parents in the city of Dublin. The youngest member of a large family, she saw three of her sisters enter the Dominican Order of Nuns, one brother preparing to be a priest while still very young died before her birth, one brother became a secular priest and is at present in Australia, a third brother entered a monastery, but later died. It was inevitable that she should have serious thoughts about religion from childhood. and not surprising that she should be a very enthusiastic member of the Roman Church.

A Protestant Bible, the property of her Protestant grandmother was in the house until she was seven years old, and a few stories read from it made a very strong impression on her young mind. The death of her mother when she was seven years old, left little Monica an orphan as her father had died six months before she was born.

In the great upheaval which followed her mother’s death, the home furniture including the Bible went under the auctioneer’s hammer.

Some years after, Monica becoming alarmed at the thought that all Protestants would go to hell because they did not belong to the “One True Church,” asked her sister to send her to a school where she knew she would contact Protestants.

With a view to converting all the Protestants in the school to the “One True Church,” Monica set off to school and her first battle was with a Scotch Presbyterian girl named Marjory.

It was very largely due to the influence of this girl’s arguments that Monica had her eyes opened to the Pagan­ism of the Roman system. After about a year of disbelief following the shock of disillusionment she was determined to find God and the way to Heaven, and Marjory’s constant appeal to the Bible as the Word of God led her to seek the Saviour where He has promised to be found. “Search the scriptures for in them ye think ye have eternal life, and they are they which testify of Me” John 5:39.

A better account of her experiences is to be found in the booklet entitled “From Rome to Christ.”


Written and compiled by
Light and Truth Gospel Crusade

“Beware of false prophets which come to you in sheeps’ clothing but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits.”
Matt. 7: 15, 16.

Although conscious of the fact that there are many sincere and loveable people who are Roman Catholics by accident of birth, it is, nevertheless, true that Romanism as a system has always been relentlessly cruel and that tor­ture and murder have ever been weapons used, not only against heretics, but also against her own adherents, should they show any sign of lapsing.

It is only when conditions prevailing in a country, through the alertness of Protestants, prevent Rome from carrying out her designs that her methods, for the time being, are changed and she seeks to rule by apparently gentle persuasion. The old proverb says, “the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.” Rome may in adversity act like a lamb, in equality like a fox, in supremacy, she will still act as a tiger.

Her present technique is, first of all, to call her devotees to a Crusade of prayer, claiming a country for Mary. Secondly (if the Protestant population allows her to get away with it) to dedicate the country to Mary. This done, it only remains for her to urge her people to a holy warfare, to actually possess that which they have already claimed by dedication, and Protestants, who have by their silence consented to an act carried out in their name, are rudely awakened to the fact that they have unconsciously betrayed their country, their people, and their God.


On the 9th May, 1948, when Cardinals Spellman and Gilroy officiated at “The dedication of Australia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary,” few people realized that, in fact, war had been declared on Australia; the enemy had actually planted the flag and taken possession. That the non-Roman section of the community regarded the whole ceremony either as a huge joke, or as a matter to be treated with scorn, does not in any way alter the fact that the price must be paid in blood, torture and tears-except there is a mighty awakening very soon.

There were some Christians, however, who met together in different places to pray, and to bewail the sins of their country, and to disassociate themselves from the blasphemous ceremony which was carried out in the name of Australia.

This is the type of prayer that was offered:


“O Mary, Powerful Virgin and Mother of Merciful Kindness, Queen of Heaven and Refuge of Sinners, we consecrate ourselves to thy Immaculate Heart. We consecrate our beings and all our life and all that we have and all we are, and all we love. Thine be our homes, our families and our native land. It is our desire that everything within uys and around us should belong to thee and share in the benefits of thy Motherly blessings. And to make this Consecration truly efficacious and lasting, we renew at thy feet today, O Mary, the promises of our Baptism and our first Communion. We pledge ourselves to make courages and constand profession of the truths of our faith: and to live catholic lives in full sumission to all the directions of the Pope and of the bishops in Communion with him.” &c*


Be it noted that the manner in which the devotees to Mary carry their consecration into effect, is by living “in full submission to all directions of the Pope and all the Bishops in communion with him.” And herein lies Australia’s punishment, Rome boasts she never changes – those who study her history will agree that, although she may alter her doctrines, there is never a change of heart. The object of this book is to show Canadians just what this dedication involves.

In the recent war, Roman Catholic actionists in Europe, acting “under the directions of the Pope and the Bishops in communion with him” committed the most dastardly crimes.

In Australia, observant people can see the same sinister plans being laid, to provide an opportunity for the brutal slaughter of every Australian who refuses to submit to “the directions of the Pope and the Bishops in communion with him.”


When Hitler’s hordes swept over Yugoslavia the Govern­ment of that country declared on the side of the Allies, but a corner of Yugoslavia, in which there was a Roman Catholic majority (5 million Roman Catholics to 3 million Eastern Orthodox Serbs) deflected under Roman Catholic influence, and formed a puppet state calling it “The Independent State of Croatia” – then the mask fell off, and Roman Catholic Action came out into the open and took complete control.

The Quisling, Pavelich (a Romanist, as all other Quis­lings) took the reins of office and raised an army called the Ustashi, which was composed of Roman Catholic Actionists. This army was helped by other Roman Catholic armies, such as the Hungarians and the Bulgarians, who also acted in the interest of the Papacy. The objective of these armies was the forceful conversion to Romanism or annihilation of the Serbs, an ideal which would only appeal to Papists.

Government offices were taken over and a notice issued that only Roman Catholics could remain in the Government service. All arms were confiscated on the plea of safeguarding against a Communist uprising. In villages people were called to assemble for instructions, and knew nothing of what was awaiting them. They were either shot down on the spot or taken to concentration camps to be tortured and starved. In desperation some fled to the hills and put up a brave defence under the leadership of General Draza Mihailovich. This brave General, in a pathetic plea to the Allies, to do something to stop the savage butchery of his countrymen by the Roman Catholic Actionists said:

“Yugoslavia is drenched with Serb blood, and yet our Allies cannot or will not stop the flow of this blood and the mass murder of the Serbs. I do not believe it is in the interest of the Allies, that the Serbian people should cease to exist; I beg the Yugoslavia Minister to interest our Allies in the fact that the Serbs in Yugoslavia are being exterminated – could not something more be said in broadcasts about the slaughter of the Serbs? The number so far approaches one million.”

These words were written in a despatch sent by the General on 5th February, 1943. Why were we not told the facts over the air? Never a word was mentioned about the butchers who were led by priests and friars, who themselves assisted in the tortures and slaughters of poor Serbs? The explanation is, that the power of Rome, in America, Britain and the dominions, is such that, in spite of radio, telegraph and supposedly free Press, all these facts have been kept behind the scarlet curtain of Rome, which is every bit as soundproof as the iron curtain of Russia. We now know that 1,700,000 Serbs were slaughtered by the Roman Catholic Actionists between 1941-1945.

Trustworthy Evidence

Eventually a book was compiled from “documents and reports from trustworthy United Nations and eye witnesses and issued by the Serbian Eastern Orthodox Diocese for the United States of America and Canada” in an attempt to let the world know the tragedy which was being enacted in the so-called “Independent State of Croatia.” The title of this book is “The Martyrdom of the Serbs.” The Church of Rome has done all in her power to keep this book and these facts from the people. It would be a pity for her future plans, to let the poor silly sheep, smell the blood in the slaughter yards of Croatia; or see the knife being sharpened for “the big day” when they can jump into action here. We shall let the book speak for itself by quoting later directly from its pages.

In a book written by the Yugoslavia Ambassador in Washington, entitled “The Case of Archbishop Stepinac” abundant evidence is given of the guilt of the Archbishop and many of his clergy. Archbishop Stepinac has since been sentenced to 16 years’ imprisonment for his guilt. The Pope raised the cry of persecution and excommunicated every Roman Catholic connected with his trial and condemnation (they were all Roman Catholics who conducted the trial). From this book we quote the following:

One great error of supporters of the Independent State of Croatia was an over-confident belief that it would endure at least as long as Hitler’s thousand-year Reich. This confidence explains why they did not hesitate to see their plans and schemes exposed in print. Indeed, they boasted publicly, some of the priests, about the conspiracy and about their close connections with the Ustashi during the period when this organization was outlawed in pre-war Yugoslavia.

After the puppet state had been created they felt free to describe in jubilant articles how zealously members of the clergy had worked for Der Tag, how the monasteries had been used as clandestine headquarters for the illegal Ustashi movement, how they had ·been in constant contact with the plotters abroad, how they had organized the monks and the Catholic youth as “Crusaders” for the coming uprising, and how they had endangered in many different ways the very existence of pre-war Yugoslavia.

Evidence found by the investigating commission gave a clear picture of the organizational structure of the conspiracy. The whole plot was directed by responsible members of the Roman hierarchy. Practical execution of the plan was chanelled through “Catholic Action” and its various affiliated organizations such as the “Great Brotherhood of Crusaders,” the academic society “Domagoj,” the Catholic student association “Mahnich,” the “Great Sisterhood of Crusaders,” and many others.

The presidents and members of the directing bodies of these organizations were appointed by Archbishop Stepinac. They were in most cases well-known priests or secretly sworn members of the Ustashi. All these forces were mobilised for concerted action with the openly professed aim of spreading fascist ideology. This propaganda persuaded the faithful that it would be a good deed, in the highest interests of Croatia and the Catholic Church, to kill or convert the Serbs and to exterminate the Jews. How boldly this propa­ganda was published in the responsible Catholic press will be shown. (Pages 16 and 17.)

The boldness of the propaganda for the Nazis is illustrated in an article by priest Petar Pajic which appeared in the organ of the Archbishop of Sarajevo, Dr. Ivan Saric, “Katolicki Tjednik” (The Catholic Weekly) , No. 35 of August 31, 1941. Entitled “Hitler Upholds the Missions,” the article said:

“Until now, God spoke through papal encyclicals, num­erous sermons, catechisms, the Christian press, through missions, through the heroic examples of the saints, and so on . . . And? They closed their ears. They were deaf. Now God has decided to use other methods. He will prepare missions. European missions! World missions! They will be upheld not by priests but by arm commanders led by Hitler. The sermons will be well heard with the help of cannons, machine guns, tanks and bombers.

“The language of these sermons will be international. No one will be able to complain that he did not understand it, because all people know very well what death is and what wounds are, disease, hunger, fear, slavery and poverty are.” (Page 29.)

“The voice of the Crusader movement, ‘Nedlja’ com­pared the Ustashi with Christ. In its issue of June 6, 1941, an article entitled ‘Christ and Croatia’ reads:

Christ and the Ustashi and Christ and the Croatians march together through history. From the first day of its existence the Ustashi movement has been fighting for the victory of Christ’s principles, for the victory of justice, free­dom and truth. Our Holy Saviour will help us in the future as he has done until now, that is why the new Ustashi Croatia will be Christ’s, ours and no one else’s”! (Pages 40 and 41.)

Still further proof is found in the report of seven prom­inent Protestant clergymen who travelled from U.S.A. to Yugoslavia to investigate for themselves and report to their countrymen their findings. The seven investigators were:

Dr. G. E. Shipler, editor of “The Churchman,” an Epis­copalian.
Dr. E. S. Bucke, editor of “Zion’s Herald,” of Boston, a Methodist.
Dr. G. W. Buckner, jr., editor of “World Call,” of Indian­apolis, Disciple of Christ.
Dr. P. P. Elliott, of the First Presbyterian Church, of Brooklyn.
Dr. S. Trexler, former President of the Lutheran Synod,New York.
Rev. C. Williams, Director of the Institute of Applied Religion, Birmingham, Alabama.
R ev. W. H. Melish, of the Church of the Holy Trinity, an Episcopalian.

In their report they say:

The American public has little understanding of why Stepanic was arrested and convicted due to lack of adequate information in the American Press.

The conviction of Stepinac was based on nearly a thousand photographs and documents submitted to the court and shown to the reporters present, as well as the testimony of many witnesses. In considering the Stepinac trial, it is essential to keep in mind that his trial and conviction were in fact the persecution of an individual charged with serious collaboration with the enemy of his country; they had noth­ing to do with any persecution of his own church or religion.

Among the documents we examined were great numbers of official Roman Catholic newspapers and periodicals frank­ly telling the story from month to month of the Archbishop’s collaboration with the Nazi forces. It seemed obvious that the reason for this candid recording of such collaboration was due to the conviction that Germany would win the war.


The documents show that when the Italians and Ger­mans swept into Yugoslavia, underground bands of previously organized Roman Catholic laymen, calling themselves “Crusaders,” and aided by individual priests and militant monks, rose to receive the invaders. Two men responsible for the assassination of King Alexander at Marseilles in 1934 and since that time harboured by Mussolini in Italy for this very occasion, Ante Pavelich (convicted for his crime both in French and Yugoslavia courts) and Zlatko Kvaternik, were brought into the country to become the puppet Presi­dent and the military commander of a quisling government to be called “The Independent State of Croatia.” This move was greeted by the Roman Catholic diocesan press in Zagreb as the “establishment of a Catholic state on the corporative pattern advocated in the Papal Encyclicals”; it was praised without qualification as the church’s bulwark against “atheistic materialism.” The church leaders apparently were not restrained by the fact that a Yugoslav government was legally in existence and that remnants of its army were still fighting.

Pavelich and Kvaternik, with the help of their German, Italian and “Crusader” soldiers, proceeded to carry out the German-sponsored racial programme which advocated the solidifying of a Croatian community by eliminating such minorities as the Jews and Gypsies, reducing the number of Serbs living in Croatia, and compelling those remaining to turn Roman Catholic.

Nearly 70,000 of the 80,000 Jews in the entire country were killed or forced to flee, their property being confiscated. 240,000 Serbs became Byzantine Rite Roman Catholics through forced conversions, on pain of death.

Those who resisted were shot or stabbed and their bodies thrown into mass-graves which were subsequently found and opened. We saw hundreds of sworn depositions attesting to these crimes, made out by relatives or eye-witnesses, and also, in a few cases, by survivors. Serbian church properties were seized and turned over to Roman Catholic par­ishes and convents.

Documents requesting, and authorizing, such transfers are now in the State Prosecutor’s offices at Zagreb and Sara­ jevo, bearing the personal signatures of Archbisbop Stepinac of Zagreb and Archbishop Sharich of Sarajevo.

Roman Catholics who resisted or seriously denounced those activities were hounded, and the braver among them (including many priests such as Monsignor Ritig) fled to the mountains and joined the Partisan Movement. Such men are today honoured in the new Government and entrusted with responsible posts.

We talked with such Roman Catholic leaders, and they confinned the truth of the historical facts. These things happened in the diocese of which Aloysius Stepinac was the metropolitan (in the Roman Catholic Church the supreme and responsible authority) and furthermore, he actually served as the Military Vicar of the Ustashi anned forces which perpetuated the worst excesses, though, according to certain Roman Catholic journals, he personally counselled moderation.

So confident were these Croat leaders that Hitler’s “New Order” would survive, that they preserved the records of their own crimes. When the collapse finally came-it was relatively sudden in Croatia – these state documents were taken for safe keeping to Stepanic’s palace in the Kaptol in Zagreb and he gave a personal receipt (which we saw) for their security.

A number of boxes of Ustashi loot, consisting of gold watches, rings, bracelets and even dentures torn from the mouths of victims, were found burled under the chancel of the Franciscan Monastery a block from Stepinac’s cathedral.

If one reads the record of the trial, which members of our group have done, one will find that the Abbot of the Monastery admitted the facts but denied personal responsibility because he was acting on the orders of his superiors, whom he refused to name. Stepinac, in turn, claimed he was not responsible for the acts of his subordinates.

In the total struggle in Yugoslavia 1,700,000 men, women and children perished … copied from “Religion in Yugoslavia.” (Pages 21-23.)

And ‘now we quote from “The Martyrdom of the Serbs.” (Any reference to “Catholic” naturally means “Roman Catholic.” )


The publication of this book is inspired by the traditional custom of the Serbian Orthodox Church, which has from time immemorial protected the spiritual and the national interests of its people. The present cataclysm in Europe has effectively drowned the voice of the Serbian Church, with the exception of its branch in America and hence the Serbian Orthodox Diocese in America, in keeping with this tradition, is called upon to make its contribution towards safeguarding the just interests of the Serbian Orthodox Church and its people.

The reports on the existing conditions of the Serbs in Yugoslavia which we present here, with documents and papers from various reliable sources, are all authenticated and properly verified. They constitute but a part of the re­ ports thus far received and which are being withheld from publication pending their proper verification.

Some of the reports herein released make references to the same atrocities-the deliberate and calculated progress of the invaders toward the destruction of human life and property. We have incorporated all these reports in this publication in a desire to present more than a single witness to specific cruelties-hence perhaps the seeming repetitions.

There are several groups of witnesses collecting data, working inside Yugoslavia, whose reports are being carefully checked.

Though the sources of information are reliable and the reports are comprehensive to a certain extent, it is still not possible to publish a full story of the unspeakable atrocities to which the ruthless invaders have resorted.

The illustrations of massacres, nearing a million Serbs, in Yugoslavia, the destruction of life and property including churches, the converting of churches into slaughter houses . . . . The shooting of some church dignitaries and clergy and the internment, torture and murder of others, all give but a vague picture of this, the greatest of world tragedies.

Therefore this publication is far from being an adequate presentation of a record of the crimes and heartless conduct of the invaders and their satellites, all of whom have converged with all their sadistic and satanic fury to exterminate the Serbian people and forever obliterate their church. For obvious reasons neither all reports in our possession, though already authenticated and verified, nor all the names or sources could be published.

When the proper time comes, the indictment to be presented by the Serbian people against the Axis Powers and their satellites, who have set back the clock of civilization by many centuries, will profoundly shock the World. The full and complete story of their crimes will call for just and effective retribution in order to save humanity in the future.

Led by the Axis-inspired and paid Quislings, the Croatians, who speak the same language as the Serbs, but who belong to the Roman Catholic faith, had carried for a long time petty political grudges against the past Yugoslav regimes, so that when the invaders set upon Yugoslavia from aU sides, in their frenzy they swiftly broke loose, destroying the Yugoslav Army.

Within a few days from the time of the invaders’ attack, the Croatians proclaimed their “Independent Croatian State” including many Serbian provinces inhabited by about 3,000,000 Serbs. In true satellite fashion the Croatians at once declared War against the United States of America and other United Nations and set out to exterminate the Serbian population from their territory. To accomplish this they have perpetuated crimes never before recorded in the history of mankind. The wild, bloody orgy of exterminating the Serbs from Croatia is still in full blast, as will be more fully noted from the reports herein presented.


Certain circles claim that all these atrocities in Croatia are the work of a small number of Ustashi. This claim is not correct. It is true that Quisling Pavelich brought with him from Italy only about one hundred Ustashi. The others were organized in Croatia itself.

In the cities they consisted first of all of students of the Gymnasium and schools of higher learning, youths of good civic training; then men of the merchant and artisan classes, all good and peaceful former members of the “Hrvatski Junak” (Croat Hero). The leader of that organization was one Majer, people’s representative of the Croatian Peasant Party for the city of Zagreb.

When the Croatian newspapers arc read from the time of the origin of the Independent State of Croatia to the present day, we find there thousands of names of various , Ustashi “functionaries” who have arisen from all classes of the people, beginning with peasants to the university professor. In the same way it can be authentically substantiated that in the entire Stokavaska territory of the Independent State of Croatia, representatives of all the. classes of the people took part in the massacring and persecuting of Serbs.

Many former Yugoslavs, distinguished and well known public workers and artists, joined with the Ustashi. We shall mention only Mestrovic, creator of the Kossovo Memorial, then Dr. Vinko Kriskovic, Croatian leader in science, then Dr. Milorad Straznicki, Yugoslav Minister to Stockholm, who automatically connected himself with the Ustashi Independent State of Croatia. One should only read the Croatian newspapers to see how many of those Croats had camouflaged themselves under the cloak of various Yugoslav activities.


The Catholic priesthood in Croatia, Hercegovina, and (Dalmatia carried out an intensive propaganda campaign for the Ustashi government. For years so· called Eucharistic congress were convoked, which were religious manifestations only superficially, but in fact were for extremist political purposes.

It was obvious that after the disaster a great portion of the Croatian youths in the intermediate and high schools participated most actively in the bloody terror perpetuated by the Ustashi against the Serbs. They were the so-called “Croatian Heroes,” members of an organization which was founded and led by the Catholic priesthood.

After the fall the Catholic priesthood was in closest collaboration with the Ustashi in the massacring of the Serbs, and it cannot be said that it was the doings of individuals limited in scope and time. On the contrary. by the number of priests in the towns where the atrocities were committed it may be plainly observed that those priests led that bloody orgy according to an earlier planned system, methodically and with precision.


LIVNO. Dr. Srecko Peric, a monk of Livno, former Catholic priest of Nis, preached from the altar that all the Serbs should be slaughtered-his sister first because she had married a Serb!!

After the slaughter he promised to absolve the murder­ers of their deeds, for murder is not a sin if carried out in the interest of the Catholic Church. And really, the District of Livno suffered horribly. Several thousand Serbs, men women and children were tortured and murdered in the most cruel and beastly manner.

OGULIN. Ivan Mikan, priest and honorary canon of Ogulin, led the terror together with Jurica Markovic, district governor. In the jail of the district court of Ogulin were hundreds of Serbs. The priest Mikan made daily rounds of the prison and mercilessly beat Serbs with a bull-whip, scolding the Ustashi for being lax in their work.

BRCKO. Fra Anto, priest of Tramosnjica, organized Ustashi bands in his village and marched with them through nearby Serbian villages, capturing Serbs wherever he could get them. He led them off to his village, locked them up in a shed and held them there for days without food or water, torturing them bestially himself with the help of his Ustashi.

KNIN. Sunic Vjekoslav, a monk in the monastery on the Knln plain, personally slaughtered numerous Serbs.

NASICE. Sidonije Sole, a monk of the Franciscan mon­astery in Nasice was engaged in a terror of forceful conver­sion of the Orthodox Serbs to Catholicism. Whole Serbian villages were deported at his command just because they did not wish to change their religious faith.

KOSTAJNICA. The abbot of the Catholic monastery stood on the town bridge while the Ustashi were butchering the Serbs and throwing them into the Una river, inciting them to kill all of the Serbs.

SLAVONSKI BROD. The Catholic priests Guncevic and Marjanovich Dragutln, acted as police officials and ordered the arrest of local Serbs who were tortured and killed. Personally assisted in the executions of these unfortunate Serbs.

GLINA. German Castimir, abbot of the monastery in Guntic directed the mass murder of the Serbs in this town. It was at his instance that for several nights Serbs were slaughtered in the Orthodox Church of Glina.

The number of Catholic priests who participated in this brutal extermination of Serbs cannot be even approximated at this time, but their number is large. There are some, however, that should be mentioned. Eugen Pujic, Catholic priest of Hercegovina, personally cut the throat of an Orth­odox minister, his colleague in the village, with a large knife.

(Here followed a long list of names of priests and monks who participated in these crimes.)

All of these, along with many others, distinguished themselves by their encouraging and inciting the massacring and persecution of Serbs and their forcible conversion to Catholicism. In such a way they succeeded in killing 135 Serbian Orthodox ministers, of whom 85 were of the Gornji­ Carlovac Diocese, not to mention the other victims.

It was on their initiative that nearly all of the Serbian churches in Croatia were desecrated, looted and razed. It is obvious that the Croatian Catholic priesthood, as represent­atives of the “ecclesia militants,” adopting Machiavellian prin­ciples, carried out their duty, longed for and awaited, with great zeal.

Archbishop Stepinac of Zagreb and the other bishops of Croatia signified their approval of this unchristian and wild orgy of blood, for at no time did they raise they voices of objection to such conduct of their clergy, nor did they by any act or move attempt to exhibit their displeasure, at least, of these crimes. Their ominous silence is but proof of their condonation.


With the first wave of terror the Ustashi and· the authorities began to force the Serbs to accept the Catholic faith. In this the Catholic priests especially distinguished them­ selves on all sides. The terrorized Serbs gave in here and there in the belief that in that way they would save their lives. But there was no thought of this. The only aim was to humble the Serbian people.

It was for this reason that public parades were held on the occasion of conversions. The people were forced to display a certain joy over their “Return to the faith of their fathers.” There were arranged delegations as a sign of gratitude and loyalty to Quisling Pavelich in Zagreb. Pave­lich kissed one of the leaders of such a delegation.

Meanwhile, subsequent events showed a truer picture of that infamy. It was of no benefit to any village whose inhabitants became converted, for soon after there was no distinction made between those who were converted and those who were not, when mass murders began. Sarcastic remarks of Ustashi were heard at that time such as “the wolf changes his skin. but never his nature.”


The persecution and massacre of the Serbs in Pavelich Croatia were inaugurated simultaneously with the invasion of Yugoslavia by Germans between April 11th and 15th of 1941. Immediately upon assuming control over a certain place, the Ustashi began most terrifying persecutions of the Serbs. The sufferings to which the people were subjected by the Ustashi during the first year since the invasion are incomparable to anything in the history of savage people.

When once the statistics of the massacred Serbs are compiled and the manner in which they were annihilated known, the civilized world will be thrown into consternation and will be unable to believe that such bestialities in the middle of Europe and under the supervision of Germany could have taken place.

Everything they have done was in accordance with pre­-designed plans directed by Pavelich from Zagreb. Their first step was to confiscate from the Serbs, radios, auto­mobiles, telephones and typewriters, then the arrest of Serbs followed.

As early as April 12, 1941, the newspapers of Zagreb carried announcements to all Serbian residents of Zagreb that they must vacate the city within 12 hours and anyone found harbouring a Serb would be executed. Therefore, the Serbs and the Jews were compelled to have their families leave their homes and move to the outskirts of the city. Later they were rounded up and taken to concentration camps or executed. Only a few of them however, escaped to Serbia. One of the first victims subjected to inhuman treatment by the Ustashi was the Serbian Metropolitan of Zagreb, Bishop Dositey.

Wholesale arrests were conducted in all”the larger cities.


The panic stricken Serbs of Sarajevo began to escape in large numbers to Serbia. The German occupation authorities were issuing travel permits without any attempts to prevent their escape. The German authorities neither pro­tected nor persecuted the Serbs in Croatia, but passively viewed the terror spread by the Ustashi.

The first mass executions were conducted by the Ustashi during the night between May 31st and June 1st, 1941.

On that fateful night Ustashi groups, sent for the speci­fic purpose from Zagreb headquarters under the leadership of local Ustashi and chiefs of police, invaded the homes of the most prominent people in Dubrovnik, Trefinje, Mostar, Livno, Glina, Gospic, Banja Luka, Metkovic and other places and from each place they arrested from 8 to 10 of the most prominent Serbs, and took them to the outskirts of the towns and cities and without any procedure whatever, executed them and threw their bodies into nearby rivers and creeks or into the natural deep pits. Not a single body was buried in the ground.

It is only natural that the Serbs never expected to be murdered without accusation or court trial and in each in­stance they were absolutely innocent. The people became panic stricken and it seemed this was what the Ustashi were waiting for. It is now positively known that the orders for these massacres were emanating from the chief Ustashi headquarters in Zagreb, that they were being issued per­sonally by Quisling Pavelich and sometimes at the special instance and request of the Croatian leaders Artukovich, Budak, and others.

These first mass murders were intended to liquidate at one stroke the Serbian populace in those places and dis­tricts where they were in majority or too numerous. At the beginning the populace of the villages and the countryside was not molested. It is to be regretted that the Serbs failed to grasp the full importance of the danger with which they were so suddenly confronted, and hoping that the Ustashi would be satiated with the first mass murders, did not make any comprehensive efforts to escape.

However, only 24 days after the first pogrom on June 24, 1941, murder enmasse was begun. It was just a few days before the traditional Serbian holiday Vidov-Dan and the Ustashi made open remarks that the Serbs would long remember the forthcoming Vidov-Dan.

We are now approaching the full perfidy of the Ustashi: a decree by Chief of State, Quisling Pavelich, was published in the Official Gazette, June 22, 1941, and the same was announced over the radio as well as from the pulpits of the Catholic churches, that anyone found guilty of committing any crime against any person who might be a citizen of the Croatian state would be most severely punished.

Simultaneously the Ustashi organization all over Croatia were receiving, from the Pavelich headquarters, coded instructions to proceed relentlessly with mass executions and extermination of the Serbs during the next few days including Vidov-Dan, June 28th. This will explain why some of the parts suffered more than others.

During this crucial, fateful period between June 24th to June 28th there were murdered in Bosnia, Hercegovina, Dalmatia, Lika, Croatia and Srem, more than 100,000 wholly innocent Serbs. At this time the crimes were not perpetu­ated during the night time only, but also in broad daylight.

Like wild animals the Serbs were being rounded up everywhere, on the streets, in their homes and offices and from the fields and countryside. They were taken in trucks to the outskirts of the towns and cities and executed en­ masse. A great many of these unfortunate victims passed through most terrifying tortures and met death with a sigh of relief.

At Livno, a prominent physician, Dr. Dushan Mitrovich, Director of the State Hospital, who was known as a lifelong promoter of Serbo-Croatian friendship; and a civic leader for more than 20 years in this community, was taken with his wife and two children to the outskirts of the city where in the presence of the parents, the children were slain first, followed by the mother who fell from the blow of an axe and finally the doctor himself was murdered.

Of the 2,000 Serbian inhabitants of Livno more than 1,900 were executed, only a few old men and women, and some children remain alive.

At Ljubuski, not a single Serb was spared, all having been executed. Among the victims of this town was a prom­inent civic leader, Dr. Alexander Lukac, the municipal physician.

After the Vidov-Dan massacre relative quietness pre­vailed for about a month. Old Serbian organizations having been destroyed, churches, institutions and libraries burned, and the intellectual class of people massacred and disposed of, the Serbian peasantry was left without any leadership. The church records were destroyed so that there are no legal documents in the hands of the churches in existence. Children cannot be baptized, or marriages performed and burials must be made without religious ceremonies as there are no clergy left alive.

The Roman Catholic clergy intensified their efforts to convert the remaining Serbian populace to Catholicism promising the people that by such conversion they could save their lives…Thus, they succeeded in converting about 30% of the remaining populace to Catholicism, but to many even this conversion was of no avail, for later on in the next wave of Ustashi terror they were killed off nevertheless.

About July 20, 1941, pogroms and mass executions were resumed. The Ustashi resolved to exterminate the remain­ing Serbian populace, not only men but also women and children in all parts of the Independent Croatian State. It was then that they commenced the removal of the remain­ing Serbian people into concentration camps.

In the spring of 1942 the action against the Serbs was again intensified especially along the River Sava, the blood­iest onslaught of all occurring in the city of Brcko, where they executed all remaining Serbs including those converted to Catholicism.

One of the most blood-thirsty executioners of Serbs was one, Sudar of Lika, who years ago had attempted to organ­ize a revolt against Yugoslavia. He set out to avenge his prior venture that had failed and publicly declared in Nevesinje, that of all Ustashi he had killed personally the greatest number of Serbs by his own hand.

• Eyewitnesses have submitted sworn testimony that they had seen him grab babies from their mothers’ arms and holding the babies by their feet swing them forcibly against a wall smashing their heads in the presence of their mothers.

• He also led the group of murderers who were cut­ting off the breasts of women as well as gouging eyes from living men.

• With pride he bragged that he had shipped gouged Serbian eyes to the Ustashi headquarters in Zagreb, to prove his bloody activity, because compensation rewards and leaves depended upon the number of murders committed.

One Zorko, also known as Dan, of Siroki Breg near Mostar, killed with his own hand SO most prominent Serbs. Later the Italian authorities pLaced him under arrest and convicted him for unlawful possession of firearms. In his possession 8 gold watches were found, apparently stolen from his victims.

He was sentenced to death and the entire Roman Cath­olic clergy, together with Bishop Misic, intervened in his behalf and pleaded with the Italian commander to spare the life of this common criminal.

How great in some instances was the number of victims may be evidenced by the following fact: Since there was no time to dig graves for the executed victims, the common procedure of throwing the bodies into pits and rivers was adopted.

During the month of July 1941, there was such a vast number of corpses in the River Neretva, about 15,000 or more, that the boats had difficulty going through the en­ massed bodies. Because of the frightful scenes thus en­ countered the boat captains refused to ply their boats on this river. The corpses later were carried to the sea as far as the islands of Hvar and Korchula.

An example of the unprecedented brutality in the history of civilization is recorded by the sworn testimony of several witnesses regarding the following happening: At Nevesinje the Ustashi arrested one whole Serbian family consisting of father, mother and four children. The mother and children were separated from the father.

Fully seven days they were tortured by starvation and thirst, then they brought the mother and children a good sired roast and plenty ‘Of water to drink. These unfortunates were so hungry they ate the entire roast and then the Ustashi told them that they had eaten the flesh ‘Of father and husband.

FURTHER REPORT OF ATROCITIES Testimony of a Trustworthy Eyewitness

In January, 1942, the massacres were resumed again in the district of Dvor, which was spared from the first mas­sacre, also ,around Nova Gradiska, which until then had remained almost intact.

• The Serbs in the entire Independent Croatia were unmercifully dealt with and persecuted.

• Lazo Durman was lanced by a spear and unborn babies were torn from the wombs of pregnant mothers, which happened to Mileva Nozevich from Sabandza.

• The chests of innocent people were burned and boiling water spilled over them.

• Small boys were put on a hot fire, their eyes gouged out; ears cut off; nails hammered into their heads; and arms and legs amputated.

• Beards of clergy were pulled off together with the skin; men were dragged along the road tied to trucks; arms and legs were broken.

• People were slaughtered like animals; machine guns were fired on them; some were buried alive; while others were cast into deep pits and bombs thrown on them.

• In houses and churches innocent people were burned.

• Children’s limbs were torn from them; their heads were pounded against walls; they were thrown into fire, into boiling vats and into lime; their ears were boxed, and their heads smashed.

• Hundreds of persons were killed on the church altar and thousands slain in the church of Glina.

• Women, girls and minors were brutally attacked, being taken to the camps of the Ustashi to serve as prosti­tutes after which they were killed; mothers were raped in the presence of their daughters; daughters in the presence of their mothers, and rape took place even in the churches.

• A son was forced to rape his own mother (in the case of Olga Kepliya from Glinyitog Kuta).

• About 100,000 Serbs in Bachka were killed by the Hungarians but without being subjected to prolonged tortures. Now again on January 21, 1942, thousands were killed in Novi Sad, Churug, Zabalj, Gospodjinci, Titel, Stari Bechey.

• Some Italians took photographs of certain Ustashi who were wearing around their waists garlands of human tongues and eyes gouged from the unfortunate Serbs.

• The Italians also took photographs of the Pavelich Ustashi holding a large dish containing several pounds of human eyes gouged from the tortured and murdered Serbian people.

Never before in history or during this war has such brutality and cruelty been inflicted upon the Serbs or any people anywhere.

During this incredible massacre in homes and public buildings, a great many Serbs and Jews were taken for ex­ecution at the city cemetery, or on the beach of the Danube.

In groups of four, the victims were stripped naked and murdered. Some of them were pushed alive into the icy water, through especially dug holes on the frozen Danube.

The scenes were horrifying.

It was bitter cold weather and the children five to fif­teen years of age hesitated to disrobe but the Hungarians tore off their clothes and jabbed their bodies with bayonets.

Thereupon they would grab the innocent victims by one hand and with the butts of their revolvers would smash in their heads.

There were instances where mothers, though naked and with hands tied, would throw themselves upon their children in a last effort to protect them with their own bodies.


From the first part of May (1941) a bloody terror was intensified with fearful speed over the entire jurisdiction of the Independent State of Croatia.

The first to receive the blow was Banija, the most solid Serbian district of Croatia. Its people were nationally con­scious, for they had withstood throughout the centuries all the pressure of the Austrian methods of assimilation, and had affirmed their Serbian political consciousness by furnish­ ing during the war thousands upon thousands of volunteers. They were the first to be led to the slaughter-house.

GLINA. Of the endless number of Serbian settlements in Croatia, Glina was the first to suffer the fearful bestiality of the Ustashi. One night towards the first part of May (1941) the Ustashi besieged Glina.

The Ustashi from Karlovci, Sisak and Petrinja gathered all males over 15 years of age, drove them in trucks outside the town and killed them all with guns, knives and sledge hammers. Over 600 fell there.

The days which followed held death for the Serbs of the entire district. The centre of the massacre was in the village of Bosanski Grabovac.

The Ustashi would enter the Serbian villages commanding the Serbian peasants to assemble, under some harmless pretence, that some decrees would be made known to them or something similar. The people frightened and unarmed, not suspecting any evil, would flock from all sides to the execution place. The bloody tragedy would continue for several days.

According to authentic statistics it is computed that about 120,000 Serbs were thus killed there. In a few days Glina was again the centre of the massacres, where by force or some pretext the Ustashi gathered together several thous­and Serbs. The gaols and school buildings were overflowing. Every night some 500 – 600 Serbs were led off to the Serbian Church. In the choir loft were the official representatives of the civil Ustashi authorities.

In the Church auditorium the Ustashi executioners would wing into action. Some ten or twenty of them would work with flash lights in one hand and knives in the other. Sev­eral nights the butchery lasted with unabated fury accord­ing to the horrible testimony of one of the executioners, Hilmija Berberovich, who was found later in Belgrade and who gave sworn testimony. That bloody orgy lasted for months. Not a village was left unscathed.

After the massacres looting and burning of entire vil­lages would follow. Not a Serbian Church has been left. No One was given any mercy, not even the women and children. The incident which took place in the village of Susnjari is without precedent in history.

After the Ustashi had killed nearly all that lived in the village, they led out some twenty children of about ten years of age and tied them to the threshold of a big barn facing outward. They set the barn on fire. The flames licked their prey voraciously and the wretched children were enveloped in fire.

In the morning those unfortunate innocents lay in the ruins, their bodies horribly burned and thus half dead, still they were tortured for hours by the Ustashi who jabbed them with knives until death rescued them from their in­describable tortures. On hearing of these atrocities the re­mainder of the Serbs fled to Petrova Gora (Peter’s Mountain) to save their naked lives.

VRGIN MOST. At the same time or somewhat later there began a bloody baiting of all Serbs in this district in accordance to the samp. system. In Vrgin Most some 3,()()0 Serbs were massacred on August 3,1941. They had gathered there from all the villages about in order to be converted to Roman Catholicism. The authorities had called them to­gether under a pretense.

That same day the Ustashi rounded up all the Serbs from Topusko and vicinity, several thousand of them, and during several nights butchered all of them in the Church, just as in Guna. And thus it continued, the butchering of Serbs, both men and women, in the villages, in the fields, on the roadsides, wherever they could be found and captured. A small part of them succeeded in saving themselves by flee­ing to Petrova Gora. The villages were looted and then razed.

VOJNIC. On July 29, 1911, there arrived in this district, Bozidar Gerovski, chief of the Ustashi police in Zagreb, who with a strong unit of Ustashi police rounded up some 3,000 Serbs from Krnjak, Krstinje, Siroka Reka, Slunj, Rakovica and other villages which were within reach.

All were killed in Pavkovich, near a village mill, but by a strange twist of fate there was one survivor who gave a horrible testimony to the atrocities which preceded the butchery. Thereafter the massacre of the inhabitants in all villages followed.

DVOR NA UN!. From July 30, 1941, the units of the Ustashi traversed this district from village to village and systematically killed off all the Serbs on whom they could lay their hands, looting the homes and burning everything in sight. Those who were not killed escaped into the forests.

KOSTAJNICA. The bloody orgy had already begun on the 20th of April, 1941, in the village of Svinjica. The Ustashi arrested a minister, Babic, tortured him and buried him in an upright position to his waist in the ground. A martyr’s death saved him from unheard of tortures, but not until several hours later.

By the same methods the orgy of madness of the Ustashi laid waste the entire village, slaughtering all those living who were Serbs. Some food which had been saved by the peasants was confiscated from the houses and carried away to Stara Gradiska.

There the women and children were left, but the men were taken to Zemun where those able to work were shipped off to Germany, while the rest were simply executed. Child­ren were separated from their mothers and sent to a con­centration place near Zagreb, obviously to be made over into a new sort of Jannicharies. (Editor: I have no idea what Jannicharies is.)

PETRINJA. In the district of Petrinja the massacre of the Serbs was executed by the local Ustashi without any outside assistance. By the same usual methods the people were gathered, from nearby villages and executed, thus form­ing graveyard after graveyard.

Those who did not save themselves by fleeing into the forests were liquidated or shipped off to concentration camps on the pattern of the district of Kostajnica.

KORDUN, SLUNJ, OGULIN, VRBOVSKO. The martyr’s death of the minister Branko Dobrosavjevich from Veljun began a long list of bloody sacrifices. The Ustashi, who had come from Bosnia, Ogulin and the local men from Centinj Grad first killed the son of the minister, Dobrosavljevich, in his presence.

The wretched father then had to read the obituary for his own son, after which the Ustashi tortured him horribly and finally killed him also. Thereafter mass executions of the Serbs in several places were begun, in the Serbian churches in Kladusa, in Veljun, Slusnica, Primislje and other places. Looting, burning and violent destruction fol­lowed.

SISAK. Here in the most bestial manner was killed the manufacturer Milos Teslich, who was literally cut to pieces. The Ustashi gloated over his body even photograph­ing themselves with their dead victim.

GRACAC. Documentary evidence of one of the most cruel of all crimes was found in this town. Besides the mass executions of the Serbs, there, as in other parts, the Ustashi committed unheard of crimes. Thus a physician, Dr. Torbica, was cut to pieces while still alive. The Ustashi poured salt into his wounds pretending that they were performing an “operation.”

In their Ustashi headquarters they held hundreds of Serbs, women and children in prison, torturing them fear­fully. They gave the women some food which made them suspicious. At first they were given cooked entrails. but later they were offered cooked meat and by the bones they could tell that they were eating the flesh of their own children.

After being tortured, both the living and the dead were thrown into a pit known as “Tucica.” After a few days some Italian soldiers rescued one of the victims still living from this pit. He was lying there tied to a heap of corpses. Because of his great pain, he had chewed up his sleeves while both his arms and legs were broken. It is a singular wonder how he kept alive and was saved.

BOSANSKA KRAJINA. A long series of fearful crimes forms a prelude to the cruel murder of Bishop Platon and Prota (Arch-priest) Subitich. After bestial tortures such as the pulling of beards and the building of fires on their chests, they were murdered and thrown into the Vrbas river which later on washed up their mutilated corpses.

In Banja Luka the “Stozernik” (Ustashi official) Dr. Victor Gutic, harassed the townfolks fearfully. He has cer­ tainly distinguished himself as being one of the most blood· thirsty of all Ustashi, second to none but Eugen Kvaternik. Publicly at gatherings he would order the butchering of Serbs and would post rewards for all Serbian decapitated heads brought in.

Mass murders, deportations to camps, plunder, arson, extortion, rape and all possible crimes and atrocities mark the activities of Gutic in Banja Luka and in all Bosanka Krajina.

There is one example of extraordinary savagery in Kladanj. There, over a hundred Serbs were interned by the Ustashi in a small gaol. Because of the heat, men drop­ped unconscious. They were there several days without food or water. What followed in the way of human misery, cruelty and bestiality cannot be described in this report publicly.

In Tuzla the Ustashi drove nails into a huge barrel, threw certain Serbian prisoners into it and rolled it around while blood gushed out in streams.


On the nights of July 4 – 5, 1941, Ustashi patrols made the rounds of the Serbian homes in Zagreb. It was decreed that all families had to prepare to leave within a period of ten minutes. It was especially emphasized that they take along their money and precious articles of value. Those families were transported by trucks to Zagreb Town Hall. There all of their precious artic1es and money were taken away from them with the exception of 500 dinars per person.

In the course of the first night there were about 200 families thus rounded up. Their houses were padlocked but only after being looted by the Ustashi. Only the bare wood­en walls remained. All of the loot was later sold at auction and the proceeds pocketed by the Ustashi. The first party to be deported had the fortune of being taken directly by train across Bosnia and transported to Serbia. The follow­ing night a new party was rounded up from the houses and so it went until all of Zagreb was purged of Serbs. Only now it went much harder with the deportees. Instead of being sent directly to Serbia, some of the parties were sent to a concentration camp in Caprag. There they usually waited two or three weeks for trucks to carry them to Serbia.

Their treatment was exceedingly cruel-aimless forced labor, bad food, and bad sleeping quarters, though fortunately there were no killings. In that camp which operated until late in 1942, Serbs, especially clergy, were brought from many parts of the Independent Croatian State. From the remaining parts of the Independent State of Croatia the deportees were gathered together in the concentration camp of Slav. Pozega. There were abandoned army sheds there which served their purpose to good advantage. Their treat­ment was much more brutal-forced labor, worse food, and maltreatment every day.

In one night all of the deportees, 490 of them, from Doboj, were executed in the nearby woods. That action represents the acme of sadism and resulted in fearful loot­ing. It should be known that before April 6, 1941, there were in Zagreb about 15,000 Serbs. Of these, 1,000 were independ­ent merchants and the remainder public and private em­ployees, and professional men, representing the middle class. These forced deportations caused property, both real and personal, vast estates and valuables to fall into the hands of the Ustashi. In these were included stores valued at more than ten million dollars.

In all could be computed the grand total value would be fabulous, counting the City of Zagreb only. But there were many other cities, towns and villages similarly looted, robbed and pillaged. As far as cash money is concerned not much was gained. For the greater part, Serbian property was kept by the plunderers, but much of it was sold for a trifle, and the rest presented as gifts to certain Ustashi who had distinguished themselves. A great portion of the loot was swallowed up by specially appointed Receivers (Com­missioners) who took charge for liquidation purposes, of enterprises belonging to the Serbs.


JASENOVAC. This was one of the most horrible places of tortures and executions. In Jasenovac arrived the remainder from the camps of Gospic and Koprivnica, while daily newer and newer groups arrived from all parts of the country. At first the camps were established in three differ­ent places. One of them was in Jasenovac itself, in the brick factory of Ozren Bacich, the second was to the left of the highway leading to Novska, and the third was in the village of Krapje, five kilometers away.

The commander of all of these camps was an Ustashi officer, Lubaric, and the commander of the camp at Jasenovac was one Ljubo Milos, an Ustashi lieutenant, a native of Hercegovina. The Ustashi, Croats and Moslems, were from Hercegovina, though some came from the vicinity of Osijek.

That which was seen and endured there by those rare fortunates who succeeded in saving themselves goes beyond any fantasy or imagination.

The prisoners worked at horribly strenuous tasks at the hydro-electric plants, working at top speed beyond their strength from early dawn to late in the night. The food consisted of a boiled potato from time to time or water gruel. Beatings, clubbings and tortures continued while death haunted every step.

• The Ustashi killed off the Serbs both in groups and individually day and night, using all possible means of murder and torture.

• Machine guns, rifles, revolvers, knives, axes, hammers, all were used to destroy Serbian lives.

• In order to save on ammunition the Ustashi would drag certain groups of Serbs to the fiery furnaces of the brick factory.

• There they would stun each man, one by one, with a hammer, and throw him alive into the roaring furnace. The first of the group would be shoved into the furnace from behind by his fellow sufferers, so that they could be thrown in instantly, and thus quickly meet their end. Others again were butchered along the beaches of the Sava river and thrown into the water. The most cruel and the most bloodthirsty of them was one Ljubo Muos. He himself has killed at least three thousand Serbs. He slaughtered his victims with a knife and later licked their blood, jesting and crying out: “How sweet is the Serbian blood.”

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So far I copied up to page 40 of this 64 page book which is also page 20 of 32 pages of the PDF file. I’m not sure it is necessary to copy more. It revolts me to think that a human being could be so cruel to another human being! The Ustashi appears to be more barbaric and crueler than the ISIS!

The purpose of this document is to try to convince people that the center of the Antichrist Conspiracy is the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church, and NOT the Jews as many believe. When have you heard of great numbers of Roman Catholics ever being slaughered in history? I haven’t. Have you ever heard of great numbers of Jews, Orthodox, Protestants, Buddhists, Muslims, Native Americans, Gypsies, Slavic peoples — all NON-CATHOLICS — being slaughered by Roman Catholics? You have if you know real history.

Does this article say enough already? Or should I finish copying the rest of the text from the PDF file? If someone writes a comment below asking me to finish it, I will. Or you can download the PDF file and read the rest.

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  2. Recall my mother reading Ravening Wolves in the 1960s She was a staunch Protestant At that era I was about 10 and didn’t understand Having now read it I am horrified that such brutality happened literally 10 years before I was born I imagined nothing could be worse than the genocide of the Jews in World War 2
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