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The author of the book “The Pope Chief of White Slavers High Priest of Intrigue,” Jeremiah J. Crowley, was a Roman Catholic priest for 21 years. Some people call him the Martin Luther of America! I think Charles Chiniquy who preceded him was another type of Martin Luther in the USA. Chiniquy was also a Roman Catholic priest who at first tried to reform injustices of the Roman clergy but who later left the Roman Catholic church when he realized it would never change. God used these men to wake up and inform the Protestants of their day of the evil intents of Rome toward America and the world. Both of them have been largely forgotten. Most Christians in America have never heard of either Charles Chiniquy or Jeremiah J. Crowley! And why? The books they wrote have been suppressed. The Devil doesn’t want you to learn the insights these men had, for if you do, you will learn the truth of political reality and who and what is at the top of the pile of evils of this world!

Jeremiah J. Crowley also wrote “Romanism A Menace to the Nation” which is also posted on this site.

Some good quotes from this book:

There never was a period in our history when the American public more needed to be instructed in regard to the machinations of Romanism than now. Many generous-minded, kind-hearted people believe that in Roman Catholicism we have simply to do with one of the Christian denominations, but history demonstrates that Romanism is first and last political. Many also believe that the Romish Church in America is totally different from what it is in Italy, Spain, or South America, and that the evils so evident there can never come to our own dear land. Rome, however, boasts that she is ever and everywhere the same.

The great whore of Babylon, by all sane interpreters of Holy Writ held to be the Papacy, is ever active in securing new fields for the exploitation of victims and the garnering of harvests of infamy-won gold, characteristic of whorishness, never to be satisfied!

The Catholic Church is a thoroughly organized and well-managed business and political institution, probably the greatest on earth. It wields its influence to promote and advance the interests of its members in business and political affairs. Its members recognize this powerful influence, and, being ever ready to safeguard their selfish interests, they are obedient and servile. This obedience and servility increase the power of the Church and, through the united efforts of all of its members, the material benefits derived are manifold.

Political machines many has this world seen from the days of Nebuchadnezzar to Nero; from Nero to Pope Borgia (Alexander VI); and from Pope Borgia to Pope Sarto (Pius X); but no political machine ever devised by the wicked ingenuity of man has equaled, in the deadliness of its execution, the extortionate exactions of its rapacity, the mercilessness of its unceasing demands, the papal machine doing business at Rome.

The head of the papal machine is the pope of Rome but its controlling, dominant power is the Curia, or College of Cardinals. Principal agents and beneficiaries of the System, in outside countries, are archbishops and bishops. They may, like Turkish tax collectors, gather in all they can from the superstitious hopes and fears of the servile or ignorant multitude, keeping for themselves a most abundant share, provided they yield to Italian grafter at the Vatican his stipulated “pound of flesh.”

(Jeremiah Crowley in his letter to Pope Pius X:) I feel free to address myself directly to you, not indeed because I acknowledge subjection in smallest measure to your authority, either in spirituals or temporals, but because I charge you — CHIEF OF WHITE SLAVERS, HIGH PRIEST OF INTRIGUE—with being the fountain-head of evils world-wide, the arch-disturber of humanity’s peace, religious and social; the relentless foe of the three basic principles of American National life and liberty—freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, freedom of the press.

To be plain, Judge, there is no morality among them, not a particle. They gamble in their convents; they send for members of their congregation to gamble with them. There is no morality. — Senate Document No. 190, 56th Congress, 2d Session, p. 177.


Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits—Matt, vii, 15-16.

All history tells us that wherever the Romish priesthood has gained a predominance, there the utmost amount of intolerance is invariably the practice. In countries where they are in the minority they instantly demand, not only toleration, but equality; but in countries where they predominate they allow neither toleration nor equality.— Lord Palmerston.

Make peace if you will with popery; receive it into your senate; shrine it in your churches; plant it in your hearts; but be ye certain, as certain as that there is a heaven above you, and a God over you, that the popery thus honored and embraced is the very popery that was loathed and degraded by the holiest of your fathers; the same in haughtiness, the same in intolerance which lorded it over kings, assumed the prerogative of Deity, crushed human liberty, and slew the saints of God. —Canon Melvill.

Cherishing freedom of conscience; loving freedom of speech;
resolved to maintain a press free from popish repression; and
to guard Christian homes, with wives, mothers, sisters, and
daughters, against priestly lechery and destructiveness.
Pope the Antichrsti

Pope Pius X, the Pope who reigned from 4 August 1903 to 20 August 1914, the time Jeremiah J. Crowley tried to reform the Roman Catholic clergy.


The “Vicar of Christ,” “Our Lord God the Pope,” “King of Heaven, Earth, and Hell,” etc., claiming to represent the lowly and humble Nazarene, wears a triple crown of priceless value, and robes resplendent with jewels! Christ had not whereon to lay His head: The pope dwells in a Palace of four thousand rooms! What a mockery! What a delusion! What a snare is Popery! (See “Romanism—a Menace to the Nation,” p. 205.)


Jamaica, N. Y.,
August 22, 1911.
It has been my privilege to know J. J. Crowley for a number of years. I knew him when he was a priest in the Catholic Church and was known as Father Crowley. I have heard him speak with great passion concerning his desire to help the Church of which he was for years a member. I have in a number of instances proved his statements to be true. I have therefore the strongest reasons for accepting all the statements he makes concerning the condition of the Church and those who ought to influence her for better and higher things.

Some one ought to speak; no one is better qualified than my friend; some message telling the true state of affairs should be given to the world, and J. J. Crowley is fitted by temperament and by education to send this message forth.

I commend it to the people and hope that it may have a wide circulation in order that thereby wrongs may be righted, and the sad condition of affairs so plainly stated in the book be overcome by those who would like to see the Church stand for righteousness and for God in all things. J# Wilbur Chapman, D. D.,

The Evangelistic Leader of the Presbyterian Church.

New York City,
November 25, 1910.
There never was a period in our history when the American public more needed to be instructed in regard to the machinations of Romanism than now. Many generous-minded, kind-hearted people believe that in Roman Catholicism we have simply to do with one of the Christian denominations, but history demonstrates that Romanism is first and last political. Many also believe that the Romish Church in America is totally different from what it is in Italy, Spain, or South America, and that the evils so evident there can never come to our own dear land. Rome, however, boasts that she is ever and everywhere the same.

The man with the message for the hour is the Rev. J. J. Crowley, author of the book, “The Parochial School, A Curse to the Church, A Menace to the Nation. ” I trust that Christian people of every name will rally to his moral and material support in order that he may get his message before all the people East, West, North, and South. He has knowledge, experience, and courage, and all he wants is our loyal support. Let us all give it generously ! William Burt,
One of the Bishops of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Philadelphia, Pa.,
November 15, 1910.
Dear Brother Crowley: Much thinking on the facts you gave me has deepened my conviction that you should get them before the American public. When the people awake their wrath against the Romish hierarchy will shake this land. You are called to be the defender of our institutions against mercenary and ungodly foes of this Republic. You have the exact inside knowledge and none can gainsay you. Strike and spare not. The time needs another Luther, a later Savonarola. Uncover the plotters. Unmask the enemies of our nation. May God speed you!
Robert McInttee> One of the Bishops of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Funchal, Maderia Islands,
December 8, 1906.
If ever the well-known immoralities and administrative corruptions, which now prevail among a very large proportion of the Roman Catholic clergy, from Pope in Rome to country parish priest the world over, are exposed fully and eradicated, it will be under the leadership of good and brave,,Roman Catholic priests and laymen.

Incidentally the work of such leaders will open the eyes of the Protestant world to the Jesuitical, political intrigues going on in every capital of the world, especially just now in London and Washington. It will also convince Protestant leaders that religious and civil liberty is stifled or threatened, and the sanctity of the home endangered, in proportion as the Church of Rome, as at present organized and administered, has sway.

One of the ablest and bravest, and thus far most successful, of such leaders in our day, is the Rev. Jeremiah J. Crowley, of Chicago. He speaks from personal knowledge, gives names and dates and circumstances, and demands investigation, in book and pamphlet, and by word of mouth, from platform and in private conversation. He is an accredited priest and not a few fellowpriests endorse him and his crusade. His method is world-wide publicity. He has the confidence and unqualified endorsement of many leaders among Protestant clergymen and laymen.

I gladly add my word of cheer and commendation to this modern crusader against sin and corruption, in the heart of the great church to which he belongs and seeks to help purify. J. C. Hartzell,
Bishop, Methodist Episcopal Church for Africa.


Presenting to civilized men all over the world the work entitled, “The Pope—Chief of White Slavers, High Priest of Intrigue,” I do so with a deep sense of duty done to country and to humanity. The institution which, claiming to be Christian and to have for head the very “Vicar of Christ” Himself, resting on a record so darksome and forbidding as does Roman Catholicism, is certainly foeman (the foe or enemy) tireless of the personal liberty of men and women, and of free institutions everywhere.

That the papacy is making gigantic effort to throttle America, the subjoined excerpt from its organ, The Catholic Telegraph, Cincinnati, March 27, 1913, clearly establishes:


There are Twenty-three and One-third Millions of Catholics Under Stars and Stripes.

According to the 1913 edition of “The Official Catholic Directory,” published by P. J. Kennedy & Sons, of Barclay Street, New York, there are 15,154,158 Catholics in the United States. This figure includes only the Catholics of the United States proper, and does not embrace the people of our faith in the foreign possessions of this country.

Adding the 7,131,989 Catholics in the Philippines, the million or more in Porto Eico, the 11,510 in Alaska, the 42,108 in the Hawaiian Islands, and the 900 on the Canal Zone, it will be found that there are 23,329,047 Catholics under the Stars and Stripes.

The Directory is now in the hands of the binders, and Messrs. Kennedy expect to commence delivery in a few days.

The Directory is full of interesting figures, and according to the 1913 issue a new Catholic church is built every day in the year. There were 373 new churches established during 1912, some of them, of course, being only mission churches. To be exact, there are 244 new churches with resident pastors, and 129 new mission churches, that is, served by a neighboring pastor. All told, there are 14,312 churches in the United States, 9,501 having resident pastors.

There are 17,945 Catholic clergymen in the dioceses of the United States, 13,273 being secular clergy and 4,672 being members of religious orders. In addition to the 17,945 priests there are also hundreds of Fathers in distant lands, in fact there is hardly a civilized or uncivilized land where United States clergy are not to be found. Only a few days ago a United States priest sailed from New York for the Island of Timor, an island away out in the Indian ocean, inhabited by semibarbarous Malays and Papuas.

In addition to the 17,945 clergymen engaged in the United States there are 6,169 men and youths studying in 85 seminaries, located in various parts of the country.

There are 230 colleges and academies for boys and 684 academies for girls, where the higher education of our Catholic youth is given serious attention. The number of academies for girls is, of course, larger than the number of colleges for men and boys, but the number of men and boy students is much larger than girl students.

One of the features of the Directory which will give food for thought is the table giving the statistics of the parochial schools. According to the figures which have been supplied by the diocesan chancery officials there are 5,256 parishes which have parochial schools connected with the churches. In these 5,256 schools 1,360,761 boys and girls are receiving their elementary education. Furthermore, it must be borne in mind that in many rural districts where parochial schools can not be organized due provision is made for the religious instruction of youth. With this in mind, the fact that 1,360,761 children are attending the parochial schools will stand out more sharply.

It must also be remembered that there are 47,415 orphans in our orphan asylums, and adding together the number of pupils in parochial schools, in orphan asylums, detention schools, institutes, academies, high schools, and colleges, it will be found that there are 1,593,316 young people under Catholic care in the United States.

The most important item in connection with the table of statistics is, of course, the population item, and Joseph H. Meier, the editor of Kennedy’s ” Official Catholic Directory’ ‘ has prepared for the Catholic press the following table showing the twenty-five States having the largest number of Catholics. During the year 1912 Michigan has forged ahead of Wisconsin, and Kansas has advanced over New Hampshire, Maine, and Nebraska. The table follows:

1. New York 2,790,629
2. Pennsylvania 1,633,353
3. Illinois 1,460,987
4. Massachusetts 1,383,435
5. Ohio 743,065
6. Louisiana 584,000
7. Michigan 568,505
8. Wisconsin 558,476
9. New Jersey 506,000
10. Missouri 470,000
11. Minnesota 454,797
12. Connecticut 423,000
13. California 403,500
14. Texas 306,400
15. Iowa 266,735
16. Maryland 260,000
17. Ehode Island 260,000
18. Indiana 232,764
19. Kentucky 163,228
20. New Mexico 140,573
21. Kansas 131,000
22. New Hampshire 126,034
23. Maine 123,600
24. Nebraska 118,270
25. Colorado 105,000

Not only in America, but in other civilized non-Catholic countries, is Romanism active and expansive, particularly so in the British Isles and the great overseas British Dominions—Canada, Australia, and South Africa.

The progress of mankind has no other bases — all thoughtful, honest men admit—than freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press. Of all three the Roman Catholic organization is, as is clearly shown in the following pages, the inveterate foe.

What popery calls for is not a free but a servile press. Witness the reigning ” Vicar of Christ,’ ‘ Pope Pius X, of whom The Catholic Telegraph, Cincinnati, March 27, 1913, says:


Why Catholic Papers are Necessary.

Speaking on the power of the Press recently to a French ecclesiastic, the pope remarked that

“Neither the clergy nor the laity make as great an effort as they ought in this matter. The old people say that it is a new work and souls were saved in the past without the aid of newspapers. Those admirers of the past do not bear in mind that the poison of an evil press was not so common then as in our days, and that, consequently, the antidote of our journals was not so necessary. Today there is question, not of the past, but of the present, and every day the people are deceived, poisoned, ruined, by evil publications.”

“Evil publications” include the Bible and all other works, periodicals, newspapers, etc., not enjoying the personal and official approval of pope or bishop!

The following pages further show Romanism to be the demoralizer of youth of both sexes, the wrecker of homes, the destroyer of pure womanhood— in a word, a gigantic system of intrigue and White Slavery, the most widespread, stupendous, and appalling mankind has ever known.

History—Ancient, Modern, and Contemporaneous— is Romanism’s Accuser; High Heaven her Judge ; Humanity shall be her Executioner.
Jeremiah J. Crowley.
Cincinnati, Ohio, August, 1913.


Justice to myself and justice in manner more emphatic to American citizenship, always concerned when the rights, even of the humblest, are by any one menaced or assailed, justifies publication in full of the following correspondence. Not only Americans, but all citizens and subjects of free governments are concerned in the outrage upon me inflicted while in the exercise of individual rights and privileges everywhere recognized and protected.

I appeal, therefore, not only to Americans, but to free men everywhere, against wrong done me because of attitude taken, inspired by conscience, commanded by duty, against papal greed, intrigue, aggressiveness, despotism, and debauchery.

To the judgment of freemen, untrammeled by Romanistic superstition and repressiveness, confidently appealing, I submit this correspondence.
Jebemiah J. Cbowley.

Challenge to Rome

I retired voluntarily, gladly, from the priesthood of Rome, after a vain attempt, in combination with other priests, to secure a reform of Romanistic abuses from within (see “Romanism—A Menace to the Nation”). This failing, no other course was open but to quit the accursed System forever.

I will give Ten Thousand Dollars to any person who can prove that I was Excommunicated and that the Statements and Charges against priests, prelates, and popes, in my books, “THE POPE-CHIEF OF WHITE SLAVERS, HIGH PRIEST OF INTRIGUE;’ and “ROMANISM—A MENACE TO THE NATION,” are untrue; and, furthermore, I will agree to hand over the plates of these books and stop their publication forever.

Will Rome accept this Challenge?
If not, Why not?


The obstinate refusal of Rome, for several years, to accept my challenge, is proof, positive and irrefutable, that its cowardly, wine-soaked, Venus-worshipping, and grafting prelates, priests and editors have no other reply for adversary, but vituperation and assassination.

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