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I think that most Protestant Christians today have been deceived as to who the Pope of Rome really is. This post may offend some people, but perhaps it may help wake up the sleepers. It was taken from “The Pope – Chief of White Slavers, High Priest of Intrigue” – By Jeremiah J. Crowley, a Roman Catholic priest for 21 years. He wrote it in 1913. Think the Roman Catholic hierarchy is any different today? I’ve met young Irishmen who told me they are ashamed of the fact they were raised Catholic because of the scandals of pedophile priests.

The following is taken from LETTER TO ALL CIVILIZED PEOPLES. Subject: THE POPE—FOE OF MANKIND. Part I
Yes, it expresses extreme sarcasm. But I think a man such as Jeremiah J. Crowley could well afford to be sarcastic considering the way the agents of the Vatican dealt with him.

The Ten Commandments of God translated into papal language are thus rendered:

  1. One Lord and one God shalt thou adore, in the “Supreme Pontiff” at Rome, “Vicar of Christ,” and like unto Christ, sinless and infallible.
  2. Bless every day of thy life the holy name of pope and pontiff, proving thy sincerity by daily offerings to “Peter’s Pence.”
  3. Keep holy the feast days of “Holy Church,” especially those of the Blessed Booze and the cherished St. Boodle.
  4. Honor the “Holy Fathers” of thy Church and reverence the “Holy Mothers” of White Slavery, toiling so steadily for “Holy Fathers” comfort.
  5. Kill thou shalt not, save “Heretics”, “Schismatics” and other enemies of the blessed White Slavery of the Vatican.
  6. Commit not adultery, unless thou faithfully pay the price set by “Holy Church” for many masses for “souls in Purgatory.”
  7. Steal not, unless to hand over proceeds to “Holy Fathers” for saloon, red light, and other agents of needed priestly refreshment and recuperation.
  8. Do not lie, save and except when duty to “Holy Church” and the interests of its White Slave and Wine Room activities demand.
  9. Covet not thy neighbor’s wife, unless thou art prelate, priest, or monk.
  10. Covet not any of thy neighbor’s goods that thou couldst not turn readily into coin of the realm, for the benefit of White Slave Institutions and Temples of Sodom, under control of “Holy Fathers” for the spiritual upliftment of men and women.

In the beginning of this chapter, Jeremiah J. Crowley writes:

David, King and Prophet, filled with a genuine and grateful exaltation of spirit, at all the benefits received from his God, exclaimed:

O praise the Lord, all ye nations: praise him, all ye people. For his merciful kindness is great toward us: and the truth of the Lord endureth for ever. Praise ye the Lord.

For this sublime invocation of the Royal Prophet papal eulogists of to-day may invite us to sing:

O praise the pope, all ye humankind: praise him, all ye nations. For his goodness is ever at command of highest bidder, and his favor endureth as long as suppliant’s gold holds out.

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