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Jeremiah J Crowley

Jeremiah J Crowley

The following statements are from a book, The Pope – Chief of White Slavers, High Priest of Intrigue – By Jeremiah J. Crowley, (Ireland, Nov. 20, 1861 — Chicago, Aug. 10, 1927) an American Roman Catholic priest of 21 years. The Wikipedia article about him says he was excommunicated from the church, but Crowley himself denies he was ever excommunicated. He left the Catholic Church of his own volition. Crowley is famous for his first book, “Romanism, A Menace to the Nation.”

1. That no professing Roman Catholic, believing in the doctrines of papal supremacy and infallibility, can be loyal to any form of government but the papal only.

2. That the pope is the arch-enemy of humanity, the foe of free conscience, free speech, free printing-presses, free school, free Church in a free State.

3. That the inquisition is not dead anywhere; sleeping in some places it is, like the Jesuits, dead as an order from 1773 till 1814, ready at papal call to get busy again all over the world.

4. That the papacy is foe inexorable of Christian marriage and of pure home living.

5. That bishops swear solemnly, to this very day, that they will extirpate “heretics,” etc. ; that is, uproot and obliterate all non-Romanists.

6. That the doctrine of the “Immaculate Conception,* deifying the “Virgin Mary,” is an act of idolatry.

7. That the doctrine of papal infallibility, transforming a poor, frail, corrupt old mortal into a very God is blasphemy most dreadful.

8. That Romanism with its Confessional, its nunneries and kindred agencies, stands for White Slavery in the latter’s most vile and repugnant forms.

9. That the priests of Rome are deliberately and systematically trained to become perverters and demoralizers of Christian boys and girls the world over. They are sworn enemies of Protestant womanhood’s virtue, boasting of their lecherous triumphs over Protestant mothers, wives, and daughters.

10. That where Romanism prevails, licentiousness and illegitimacy are given encouragement and obtain prevalence.

11. That the Roman Catholic schools are so conducted as to endanger the morality of all pupils, but especially Protestants.

12. That Romanism rejoices with exceeding great joy on finding Protestants ready to fight her battles, and profits enormously from such assistance.

13. That popes are elected, not by the Holy Ghost, but by Jesuitical funds and frauds, especially so for the last four centuries.

14. That papal conclaves are scenes and centers of a political and partisan activity, before which the worst of secular political endeavors pale into insignificance.

15. That the Jesuitized Roman Church of to-day is ready to re-paganize that portion of the Christian world subject to its control.

16. That the pontiff of to-day, Pius X, is the mere figurehead of Jesuit domination and absolutism.

17. That the Roman Church is the deadly, inveterate enemy not only of the free press, but of writers independent enough to defy its authority; that it has crushed into poverty and early graves able men daring to expose its malignant and inhuman endeavors.

18. That the so-called Catholic press is an abject slave of the Romish System, covering up the crimes of hierarchs, the monstrosities of convents and monasteries, and assailing the Masonic as well as other orders devoted to the betterment of humanity by the teaching and practicing of brotherhood.

19. That the whole tenor and policy of the Romish System is, in the words of Archbishop Quigley, of Chicago, “to intimidate the so-called Protestant religious press and to muzzle the secular press”.

20. That the pope is now just as busily engaged in the sale of “indulgences” as his predecessors were in the days of Martin Luther, and that this bartering is as disgraceful, un-Scriptural, and un-Christian as that which shocked and convulsed all Europe four centuries ago.

21. That the ” jubilees’ ‘ so frequently proclaimed by popes are simply means to an end—the getting of moneys to glut the coffers of Roman shop-keepers; to fill the purses of priests, bishops, and cardinals ; and to gorge the papal treasure-box with gold from the four corners of the earth.

22. That pilgrimages to the so-called sacred shrines of Romanism, where cures are promised lavishly to the credulous willing to pay therefor, are criminal devices of a crafty, lucre-seeking priesthood, devotees of rum and red-light-ism.

23. That the white prison population of the United States is, in overwhelming majority, of Romanist blood, birth, and training, the product of diabolical parochial or convent school.

24. That papal schools supply a heavy percentage of recruits to houses of ill-repute, and also to America ‘s prison population.

25. That Protestants—as for instance in St. Paul, Minn., and Washington, D. C.—are bled freely to build up Roman bulwarks of superstition and false learning.

26. That Jesuits and other papal agents draw enormous contributions from bed-ridden, benighted Catholic men and women.

27. That disease, decimation, and death are certain concomitants of Romish rule wherever it prevails.

28. That the Knights of Columbus are in politics everywhere in America, busy striving to pass legislation in favor of Romanism’s growth and perpetuity.

29. That one of the purposes closest to papal heart is to spread over all America such agencies as the Quebec school system, synonymous for moral darkness and mental dwarfdom.

30. That the coffers of nunneries are plenteously filled from sale of goods made by unpaid white slave labor, which competes directly with, and reduces to a minimum the wages of, free toilers striving to support aged and youthful dependents.

31. That Ireland can never enjoy Home Rule till Rome Rule disappears from that country, and that Home Rule means the ruin of Rome Rule.

32. That Rome is so opposed to liberty of thought and speech in America as to incite henchmen to murder outspoken opponent.

33. That the Knights of Columbus, are, as proven by the Oelwein incident, thoroughly devoted to the suppression of free speech, even to the shedding of blood.

34. That the neglect and refusal of the Postoffice authorities to keep Rome out of the American postoffice is giving such encouragement to papal agents that they still openly seize on and rifle my mail: and that when privileged postal and telegraphic matter is subjected to seizure by Roman banditti, the persons, property, and lives of American citizens are all placed in jeopardy.

35. That the whole System of Jesuitry and Romanism is diabolical and destructive.

36. That the Papacy is the Antichrist of the Book of Revelations.

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