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Here are some excerpts from an article posted on “The Vatican Insider“, “The Anglican “escape” towards Rome

Rowan Williams with Benedict XVI

Rowan Williams with Benedict XVI

Dozens of pastors and hundreds of believers are returning to the Catholic Church because of its acceptance of female bishops and gay clergymen


vatican city

It is now more like erosion than an exodus. Dozens of pastors and hundreds of believers are leaving the Anglican Church every month and with the introduction of the female episcopate in July, it seems likely that more and more will escape. The phenomenon of Anglican clergymen and believers returning to Rome is noting a continuous increase as a result of an agreement reached with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith which allows the clergy to be re-ordained as Catholic priests. This unstoppable trend is one of the reasons that induced Archbishop Rowan Williams to resign.

And later in the article, it also mentions some Lutherans are also leaving their church to become Roman Catholics. And why? According to the article it’s because of “acceptance of female bishops and gay clergymen” in the Anglican and Lutheran churches!

I do not know all the details how Anglican and Lutheran leadership introduced female bishops and gay clergymen into their churches, but I do believe the Jesuits have something to do with it. The purpose of the Jesuit Order from its very beginning was to undermine the Protestant Reformation. The Jesuits are the leaders of the Counter Reformation. They led the Council of Trent which was a reaction to the Protestant Reformation. Entire countries in Europe renounced the authority of the Pope. This resulted in much less money coming to the Vatican’s treasury! The Pope and his Cardinals had to do something to win back those who left the Catholic church. Military force didn’t work anymore. They had to use propaganda and misinterpretation of Bible prophecy (especially Daniel 9:27 and the 70th Week of Daniel) in order to lead Protestants back to the Roman Catholic Church and to acknowledge the Pope are their supreme leader, both spiritual and temporal. The Jesuit Order was created as a result. What better way for the Jesuits to do that than to undermine Protestant denominations with doctrines and policies their congregation does not like and which the Roman Catholic church does not have! You can call this “speculation” and “conspiracy theory” if you want, but knowing the history of the Protestant Reformation and the Jesuits’ Counter Reformation, it makes a whole lot of sense to me. And according to testimonial of a former Jesuit priest, Alberto Rivera, Jesuits infiltrate Protestant churches in order to corrupt their doctrines.. Are there Protestant ministers who are actually Jesuit priests in disguise? According to Alberto Rivera, there are!

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