The Fourth Reich – A Continuation of the Roman Empire

The 4th Reich

The 4th Reich

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It is about time we got our heads out the sand and opened our eyes to what the United Nations Organization and NATO truly represents. It is the UNO (Italian: One) World government and Waffen SS army of the Vatican (Holy See, Santa Sede, SS) Fourth Reich.

The Reich has always meant the Holy Roman Empires. The Vatican is the Reich. Every major war since the First Council of Nicaea was convened in Nicaea by the Roman Emperor Constantine I and the bishops of Rome in AD 325 to create the anti-Christian Catholic Church were all ordained by the Pope. The objective of these major wars was to establish the Reich – Holy “Roman” Empire.

The first ecumenical council resulted in the first, uniform Catholic (means universal) doctrine, called the Creed of Nicaea. Roman Emperor Constantine I became the first Pope of the sun worshiping (sun god Sol Invictus, a.k.a. Horus, Ra, Amen, Amen-Ra, Jesus, Ram of god, god the sun) Catholic Church.

The same allied forces that fought and defeated Rome’s Second (WWI) and Third Reich (WWII) are now fighting and killing to establish the Catholic Church’s Fourth Reich. The children and grandchildren of the fallen Allied forces are now dishonoring their fathers and grandfathers. They are conspiring with the enemy to enslave the World under a Vatican UNO World Order regime. (Read rest of article)


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