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These two well made and relatively short 15 minute YouTube videos are packed with information! The narrator is super articulate. If you don’t know anything about the Jesuits and their involvement in engineering major historic events, please watch these videos for an education most people on earth have yet to learn. And when I say “most” I’m thinking of the order of 9999 people out 10,000. Or perhaps it’s even closer to 999,999 people out of a million.

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Born in 1950 and raised in Chicago Illinois, USA.
Served in the USAF from 1970 in San Antonio, Texas, Biloxi Mississippi, Sacramento California and Asaka, Japan and honorably discharged in 1974.
Became a full time missionary for Christ and served in Russia, China and Japan for 44 years and counting.
Lives by faith in God's supply with no fixed job or income.
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The Jesuit Wars — 6 Comments

  1. Very nice that this page still can be found on a correct position in Yandex search results.

    I’ll have a look over here, on whether Japan will wake up to their glorious hidden history
    Americans did not wake up from this Avro Manhattan’s exposure, maybe that will motivate any Japanese.
    Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Fukushima… these where rather initiated by Italians, than by Americans.

    • The Japanese today still do not know the difference between Roman Catholicism and true Christianity, but some do know the reasons why the Shogun kicked out the foreign missionaries.

      • It is indeed a difficult problem.

        Christianity was preached in the Bible only by Paul, who will have learned the word from the inquisition by the Roman Empire. That was almost 2000 years ago, from the time before Paul’s conversion, when he persecuted Christians when named Saul, or followers of the way. Paul himself, Saul. [Acts 7:58 etc.]

        The word Christian is only found in his letters off Paul, but no where in the teachings by Jesus.
        And if one observes the Sunday worship by especially European supposedly Christian Protestants, while the word “Sunday” is not even found in the bible, and supposes sun worship, I can understand the confusion from intelligent people like the Japanese. Many Jews also can not understand the difference.

  2. Hi James,
    I want to thank you for all the work you do to bring the truth about Jesuitism and Papal crimes to the the public. If you would ever have the opportunity to use any of my graphics as complimentary to your work or for ideas, I would happily encourage you to do so.

    You can view some of these that are Vatican related at: http://uncontrolledopposition.com/2014/09/29/noise-voices-photo-album-on-uncontrolled-opposition-facebook-page/.

    I also discuss organized stalking and other end-time events on my two main blogs at http://uncontrolledopposition.com and http://elijah1757.wordpress.com.

    Regards and appreciation,


    • Keith, thank you so much for your, envouragment and for sharing your site and giving me permission to use your graphics. You have a treasure chest full of them!