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Former Roman Catholic Priest Richard Bennett shares his knowledge of Vatican control of the world through legal agreements. You can read Richard Bennett’s testimony here.

You can see his entire talk on Vatican control through civil law on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQCqamsAgUQ but for convience sake I am posting a shorter version of that talk on this page.

Just as before she got many kings and princes to sign on to her legal agreements, so particularly in the 20th century and in her own century, the 21th, she is again very strong in her bringing in her power through the civil law of nations. She does this primarily in what is known as a concordant. A concordant is a civil agreement made between the Vatican and any particular nation.

Anytime the Pope talks about “Christian roots” or the “Christian Church,” know he is talking about the Roman Catholic Church. Looking for “Christian roots” is looking for Roman Catholic power in the European Union.

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