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On February 20th for some reason or another after using a utility to clean up this website from junk code, each and every page and post was deleted! Whether it was a bug in the utility, or perhaps a malicious attack by a hacker, I cannot say. I was able to restore most of the pages and posts from a backup file, but I lost several days work, 4 posts including 3 whole books, many editions on other pages and posts, and recent comments. This left me discouraged. But I can only blame myself for not making a more recent backup of the database after so much work.

I may switch to Drupal which I hear has much better security against malicious attacks. At this time, I am experimenting with a Drupal installation on http://gakudo-jpn.net/ One really cool thing that Drupal has is built in ability to publish books into chapters in separate pages! WordPress cannot do that so easily. It needs a third party plugin called Multipage, what this site is using. Third party plugins are subject to bugs that the WordPress developer have no control over.

I believe a bug in a plugin called WP-Optimize was the culprit. I uninstalled it.

Another WordPress plugin I uninstalled is WordFence. I find this plugin next to useless. It never really protected this site from malicious hacker code, it only told me about being hacked after the fact! And usually by then the site was infected so bad I could not even view it. Moreover, WordFence filled the database with junk! After removing WordFence, the database sql file was reduced from 60 megabytes to only 12!

I also got rid of WordPress Online Backup. I think it’s better to export the database directly from MyPHPAdmin in Cpanel. WordPress Online Backup took a lot of resources and slowed down the site.

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Born in 1950 and raised in Chicago Illinois, USA.
Served in the USAF from 1970 in San Antonio, Texas, Biloxi Mississippi, Sacramento California and Asaka, Japan and honorably discharged in 1974.
Became a full time missionary for Christ and served in Russia, China and Japan for 44 years and counting.
Lives by faith in God's supply with no fixed job or income.
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I need your help to keep this website going! I would like to upgrade to better and faster web-hosting at WpEngine https://wpengine.com. Better and faster hosting means better Google rankings and more visitors. At $348.00 a year at WpEngine, I cannot afford to upgrade at this time. I currently pay 70 bucks a year for el cheapo hosting. In the past, this website often crashed on the server.

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WordPress webmaster woes — 2 Comments

  1. I would like to get a more professional site going, perhaps wordpress isn’t the answer? I am so thankful for you, Brother James, you are so saavy on these types of things and you’re also humble enough to share your experiences with hosting a big website like this one and DeepTruths.com . . . I have enjoyed the free blog setup they have though, and found a lot of good uses with it. Your site just has so much more character to it, though. Hopefully someday we’ll have more disciples like you witnessing like this online! I think that day is coming soon!

    • Thank you, M, for your encouragement! I am experimenting now with Drupal CMS. It has a function that makes it easier to publish books in chapters. WordPress cannot easily do that by default. However with the aid of a plugin it can. But Drupal is not nearly as easy to work with as WordPress. I still haven’t figured out some essential things. I also tried Joomla but consider it overly complicated. So far WordPress has been the best for me. I’m still sticking to it for now.