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I was truly amazed and impressed by this talk by Dr. Bruce Lipton! He explains why modern medical practices are still based on old outdated 19th century science because it does not include the principles of quantum mechanics. The medical world, especially in the USA, is stuck in a rut because of the influence of pharmaceutical companies and their monetary motivations. If you have a chronic illness of either a physical, mental, or spiritual nature, please do yourself a favor by taking 30 minutes to sit down and listen to this talk.

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Bruce Lipton explains the placebo effect and why most modern medical practices are not based on true science — 4 Comments

  1. Awesome concept! We hear of this “placebo effect” here and there but it never gets the kind of attention it deserves. Quantum physics is definitely the future and something that I believe we all need to be more educated in. Tx for the video.

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