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Businessmen who took me to Miyoshi Service Area from Kawagoe

Businessmen who took me to Miyoshi Service Area from Kawagoe Interchange

The third driver who picked me up today is one of the few Japanese believe that at least part of Japanese ancestry is from Israel. He told me that some of the people of Aomori in the Tsugaru area have blue eyes and that there are Hebrew words in their folk songs.

The 5th driver, Mr. Nakabayashi is an electrical engineer who owns a small company. He referred to himself as a “double poor company president. ” Mr. Nakabayashi offered to take me to a parking area where he would ask other drivers to take me the rest of the way. I consented to that with reluctance. I know from experience that when I approach a driver asking for a ride, they may give me one but not very happily. This was true in this case as well. The man who obliged Mr. Nakabayashi wasn’t very friendly or talkative. Next time I will try to be firmer in rejecting such offers of help.

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