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The red line shows route 7

The red line shows route 7

The good Lord blessed my efforts and a man driving a truck, Mr. Kawamoto, picked me up after only a few minutes and took me all the way to the door of my destination! At first Mr. Kawamoto said he would take me to Hirosaki, about 3/4 of the way to Aomori City, but then he said if I wasn’t in a hurry, he would take me to Aomori city after a brief stop over for some business in Hirosaki. I agreed to that.

Mr. Kawamoto is a very talkative man. He asked me many questions about America, where I traveled in Japan, and how I learned to speak Japanese. I gave him an Activated Magazine.

Mr. Kawamoto who took me 200 kilometers from Akita City to Aomori City.

Mr. Kawamoto who took me 200 kilometers from Akita City to Aomori City.

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