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Just take a very close look at the figure below and describe what you see! Click it to see an enlargement. Clicking the enlargement will make it yet larger to see more detail.

Continents of the world form the islands of Japan

The figure is courtesy of Dr. Nakasato from Nagoya.

As you can see, major features of Japan are relatively close in position to those features of other countries. For example, the largest lake in Japan, Lake Biwa, is close in position with the largest lake in the world, the Caspian Sea! Is this a coincidence? Or was it purposely designed by the Creator to show the importance of Japan in the final days of man’s rule on earth? All comments are welcome.

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Continents of the world form the islands of Japan — 3 Comments

  1. Hi! The map is great. I’m going to show it to my students. I like that I’m living in India- You’re in Russia- right? What happened to South America?