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Mother and daughter who went out of the way to take me to my destination.

Mother and daughter who went out of the way to take me to my destination.

Oct. 3, 2009: It rained hard during the evening and early morning, but by 9AM the rain subsided. I needed to go to Kanazawa city in Ishikawa Prefecture for business the next day and opted to hitchhike rather than take the bus in spite of the possibility of more rain later. I’m sure glad I did because the weather cleared up completely by noon and I met 6 interesting people whom I would not have met otherwise.

Perhaps the most interesting person to talk to was a nuclear physicist who said he worked in a laboratory in New York for two years. He was traveling with his wife to Nagano which meant I rode with them for a good 30 minutes as far as the Yoneyama service area on the Hokuriku expressway. Our conversation for the first few minutes was all in Japanese, but he started speaking English when I pointed out how Darwinian teaching has influenced at least two main branches of science, namely Geology and Biology which claims Evolution as its cornerstone.

I pointed out to the scientist how Geology is based on false assumptions of the age of the earth and uses circular reasoning. The geologist says his rock is so many millions of years old because the paleontologist says the fossil found in the rock is so many millions of years old, and the paleontologist says his fossil is so many millions of years old because the geologist says the rock the fossil was taken from is so many millions of years old! This is not science! If an honest thinking person ponders the matter, he or she will see the evolution is based on certain assumptions, such as the old of the earth forming millions of years ago. The scientist only laughed when I told him according to the Bible the earth was created a mere 6000 years ago. I told him I’m not surprised he would laugh because he was raised under the false paradigm of Darwinism. Darwin himself didn’t dream up all his teachings but borrowed much of them from others such as Jean-Baptiste Lamarck (1744-1829), Charles Lyell (1797-1875), and Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913).

Two young ladies on the way to a live concert. They took me to Toyama city from Kanazawa.

Two young ladies on the way to a live concert. They took me to Toyama city from Kanazawa.

I’ve been reading an excellent book by Ian T. Taylor entitled, “In the minds of men — Darwin and the New World Order.” I gained so much valuable knowledge from this book that exposes Darwinism, and I highly encourage everybody to read it.

From Yoneyama a man going to Obama City took me all the way to a bus stop near Kanazawa, a good two hours further up the road. I asked him if the economy of his city is better since Barack Obama became President. He said, “Not much.” The man’s accent was so thick I could only understand about half of what he said. Later I learned the language of Obama city is heavily influenced by Kyoto which is near proximity. The man was friendly and bought me lunch.

The last people to pick me up where two ladies, Mrs. Tokuda and her daughter. They saw me hitchhiking in front of Nonoichi train station and offered to take me to the exact destination I needed to go (about 6 more kilometers) if only I would come with them to the doctor’s office and wait while they had a check up. I agreed because I wasn’t in a hurry and I knew this would give me an opportunity to share the Message of Jesus Christ with them. The mother said her parents sent her to a Christian kindergarten and so has some knowledge of the Bible.

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