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Singing Sam’s famous, “You gotta be a baby”

"Singing Sam" Halbert

“Singing Sam” Halbert

Jeremy Spencer – “Flee”
A friend asked me if I had one of his favorite songs by Jeremy Spencer, a former member of the rock band Fleetwood Mac who joined the Children of God, a forerunner of the present day Family International. Enjoy!

Family International Album “Oasis of Love”
Based on the “Loving Jesus” series of Family International music. Enjoy!

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About James Japan

Born in Hammond Indiana and raised in Chicago Illinois, USA.
Served in the USAF from 1970 in San Antonio, Texas, Biloxi Mississippi, Sacramento California and Asaka, Japan and honorably discharged in 1974.
Became a full time missionary for Christ and served in Russia, China and Japan for 44 years and counting.
Lives by faith in God's supply with no fixed job or income.

My beliefs in a nutshell:

  • The Bible is the written Word of God and the KJV is the most accurate English translation of it.
  • Evolution and Big Bang are pseudoscience and Dark Matter and Dark Energy are fudge factors to support the pseudoscience.
  • Jesus Christ is the Creator, the Word that became flesh, and Who died on a cross made of wood and resurrected 3 days later to become the Savior of all who believe on Him.
  • The Papacy is the Antichrist.
  • The Beast of Revelation 13 is the world's political, military and commercial system.
  • The Great Whore of Revelation 17 who rides on the Beast is the Roman Catholic Church.
The reason you may not have known or may not agree with the last three points is because the Jesuit Order of the Roman Catholic Church and its counter-reformation derailed the Protestant Reformation some time in the 19th century with a false interpretation of Daniel 9:27. It was Jesus who confirmed the covenant (God's covenant of grace with Abraham) with many (Jews) for one week (7 years, 3.5 years of His preaching and 3.5 years of the Apostles preaching up to the stoning of Stephen the Martyr), not a future Antichrist. All the early Protestant leaders and Bible teachers held that view. I do not stand alone. For more information, please check out the articles on this website.


Family International Music — 2 Comments

  1. so i have learned html but am forgetting how to use it properly it did just occur to me to go to view source to jog my memory but it has been awhile and i’m gonna need quite a bit of jogging anywayssssss It was so wonderfully inspiring to hear and sing along with You gottta be a bvaby it brings back alot of great memories of camp fires bible studies witnessing and fellowship would you happen to have a group version with clapping and maybe some foreign verses I know japaneese and spanish and remember some of the french version thanks for the memories! Deb

  2. I remember seeing old footage of members singing this song while happily dancing! I was a little disappointed when I heard this studio-version because of the memories I had to it. But it’s a good song, by all means! ;)

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