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Dear friends and followers of this website,

On April 6th I left my home in Niigata City and traveled to Noda city in Chiba prefecture which is just to the northeast of Tokyo. It was the first day of an extended trip which will last till the end of April. But only a few days later on May 2th, I’m off again on the road!

The red line starting at the top of the map and going southeast toward Tokyo was the first leg of my journey. The rest continues on to Osaka, and then back to Niigata via the expressway along the Sea of Japan. The blue arrow shows where I am at the time of this post, Shizuoka City.


Some folks have asked to have Skype sessions with me. While on the road it is difficult to arrange such direct sessions. I am not always in a quiet place with time and a good Internet connection. I need all 3 simultaneously! When at home I always have a quite place with Internet, and I can usually arrange making the time, but while on the road, it is very seldom I have all three factors at the same time. And this morning when I did, the person seeking to Skype with me was off line!

For the time being I may not be able to continue much on my project of adding more chapters to “The Two Babylons” article on this site. Maybe I will complete it next month.

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