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October 30, 2009: I needed to be in Odate City in Akita Prefecture on November 1st for an appointment at 9:00 AM. Odate is the birthplace of Hachiko, the faithful dog that would come to meet his master at Shibuya Station in Tokyo when he arrived returning from work. Hachiko continued to do this every evening — even after his master died — for a period of 10 years!

Rather than stay in a hotel in Odate, I opted to stay in Aomori city with friends. Taking the 7:10 train from Aomori would get me in time for my appointment.

Driver who took me to Murakami City

Driver who took me to Murakami City

The first ride was a truck driver carrying a power shovel. I think this is the very first time I rode in a truck with such a heavy load. In the photo just in front of the truck you can see the two pieces of language I was carrying.

Hosaka Takayuki

Hosaka Takayuki

I made it as far as Akita City that day in 4 vehicles.

Sachiyo who took me to Akita City

Sachiyo who took me to Akita City

The next morning Hosaka Takayuki took me to just outside of Akita City from where I caught a ride with Sachiyo, (22) whose car was loaded with lugguge. She said that she was moving from Akita back to her home town in Aomori. She saw the Akita sign that I was holding, past me once, and then turned around and offered me a ride. This kind lady even went 60 kilometers out of her way to take me to my specific destination in Akita!

Sachiyo was my audience for the next three hours while I shared stories from the Bible with her. Most Japanese know about Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and they know about the great worldwide flood and Noah’s ark, but they don’t understand the significance of these historical events. It’s always a joy for me to share God’s good Word with the dear Japanese people. In Sachiyo’s case she was already inclined to believe in the existence of the Great Creator and so she readily prayed with me to accept Jesus Christ as her Savior after we reached our destination.

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  1. James
    I am always convicted how faithful you are to share God’s love with everyone you meet and how you trust the Lord. I should not be “amazed”, but am at how the Lord always provides what & who you need to get around Japan. がんばって!
    PS: Thanks always for your PC advise. It is always appreciated!