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85 year old man who picked me up.

85 year old man who picked me up.

Sept. 4, 2009: After waiting about 15 minutes for a ride to get to a friend’s house on the other side of town, an elderly gentleman offered me a ride. I didn’t want to ask him his age for he looked quite up in years. Instead, I asked what he does. The man said he has been retired for 30 years from working as a railroad engine repairman from age 55. This makes him 85 years old! I think to date this is the most elderly person to offer me a ride. The man seemed very healthy, drove his small car very well, and had a sharp mind. He wasn’t going to any particular destination and so offered to take me to the very door of my friend’s house. I asked him what the secret of his good health is and he replied, “Don’t sit at home! Get out and get into some active work involved in helping others!” This was such an encouragement to me because now that I’m 59, I’ve often wondered how long I can continue my adventures throughout Japan by hitchhiking. Could it be that through the exercise I get by hitchhiking I will prolong my years on earth? :-)

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