Hitchhike stats

Here are some statistics since August 2, 2003 of my hitchhiking adventures in Japan. I’m sorry I didn’t do this from when I started hitchhiking regularly since 1998. Based on the last 11 years, the previous years added to it would probably double the figures.

Stats from August 2, 2003, page updated on Aug. 27, 2014
Item Total Percentage of total vehicles
# of days traveled 826
Total distance traveled 182,232 kilometers
Longest distance in a single vehicle: 600 kilometers
Shortest distance in a single vehicle: 0.2 kilometers
Average distance per vehicle 57 kilometers
Average distance per day hitchhiked. 221 kilometers
Longest trip to date: 1457 kilometers (trip to Kyushu 2009)
# of vehicles: 3198
# of trucks: 183 6%
# of married couples or whole families 448 14%
# of vehicles with small children 184 6%
# of vehicles with small children with only mother present 64 2%
# of ladies unaccompanied by an adult male 533 16%
# of single male/female couples 84 3%
# Company presidents 75 3%
# of cars with non-Japanese foreigners: 58 2%

Everybody else not included in the list of percentages is either a businessman or a company employee.

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