Japanese script compared with Hebrew

The Japanese written language is considered one of the most complex in the world because it uses two different syllabaries of 48 characters each called hiragana and katakana and 2000 some ideographs borrowed from China. The chart below shows the similarity of Hebrew characters to that of Japanese script.

Hebrew characters compared to Japanese

Hebrew characters compared to Japanese

I am of course very familiar with both katakana and hiragana. Katagana is used to write the sounds of most non-Chinese loan words in Japanese, and hiragana is used for verb endings and for Japanese words that would need a Chinese ideograph that is hardly ever used. The Japanese script shown in the chart is mostly katakana but also shows 4 hiragana characters that are even more similar to a Hebrew character than its katakana counter-part character is.

I’ve never studied Hebrew and don’t know Hebrew characters. However from the chart, it seems pretty convincing to me that Japanese syllabary scripts are based on Hebrew script, and therefore would mean the ancient children of Israel did in fact come to Japan in the early part of the first millennium!



Japanese script compared with Hebrew — 5 Comments

  1. This can`t be true,Hiragana and Katakana is based on Chinese characters,are derived from components of Kanji,for example ke ケ is only a part of one character kanji much complex.How can you explain that? (another thing is that japanese writing is older than hebrew vowel marks).

    • According to the chart, my eyes tell me that Katakana and Hebrew characters look similar with similar sounds. Logic tells me that because Hebrew is a much older written language therefore Katakata was influenced by it. And different authors tell me the Japanese have Hebrew roots. http://israelbooks.com/bookdetails.asp?book=406 Besides that, How much first hand knowledge do you have of Japan? I’ve lived in Japan 41 years. Many Japanese have told me what I am telling you now.

  2. the Hebrew language used in comparison to the Japanese language is not much of a Hebrew-the letters presented as Hebrew may be a little similar to the mentioned above but just by a little bit-the Hebrew letters used above are edited and changed to look like Japanese letters but in fact they do share much resemblance-here is a site of the Hebrew alphabet and by the way I know Hebrew: http://www.jewfaq.org/alephbet.htm

  3. I have just finished reading a book: ‘The Biblical Hebrew Origin of the Japanese People’ – Joseph Eidelberg (available from Amazon.com).
    In it, the author offers a convincing argument for a strong connection between the people of Ya-mato (signifying ‘God’s people’ in Hebrew) and the ancient Hebrews; including the scripts (hiragana/katakana and ancient Hebrew).
    Having read it, I am surprised the book does not seem to have had much impact. Even in Japan.

  4. Interesting about the script! Amazing! GB..,praying for you and your financial situation. We are experiencing the same here, about a 40% drop in wedding, which transpires in a drop of income.
    Have a great day and GB, Micah

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