Fushishima Nuclear Power Plant Disaster and the Media: Distortions, hype and pure lies!


I still hear a lot of fear mongering about the Fukushima nuclear accident. Some call it “worse than Chernobyl”. I find no logic in that statement at all. Two and a half years later and yet not a single Fukushima power plant worker has died or is even sick! Examples of scare mongering media manipulation … Continue reading

November 2012 Adventure to Aomori

Lady who took me to Atsumi Onsen

Today was cloudy when I started out on my journey to Aomori city, 470 kilometers from home. I wore for the first time this season a warm overcoat. I heard it had been snowing in Aomori, the northernmost prefecture of Honshu. At 8:05 a.m. after walking 25 minutes on Route 345 from Majime station, the … Continue reading