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A dear lady friend in the USA urged me to listen to hours 2 and 3 of the March 27, 2012 Power Hour radio show broadcast hosted by Joyce Riley. She was afraid that I and my family were in extreme and imminent danger due to nuclear radiation contamination. She knows I live in an area that is neighbor to Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. After listening to what Joyce Riley and her callers were saying, I understood my friend’s concern! Click on the audio arrow to hear 1 minute and 45 seconds of the Power Hour, hour 3 of March 27th.


If Joyce Riley were saying those things last year March 2011 immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake, I might think she was giving accurate information. But I think for her to make such claims now is nothing but pure lies and fear-mongering!

I knew I could disprove at least one of her statements immediately. I called a friend who lives near Misawa AFB in Aomori Prefecture. He has close contacts with military personnel on the base. He reports no recent increase of military personnel sending their dependants back to the USA! I visited Misawa city last year and months after the nuclear disaster in Fukushima. I saw little American kids with their parents at the Misawa city MacDonalds. Those children were of course dependants of US Air Force personnel stationed at the near by Misawa Air Base.

May 7 update:

Hirosaki Park May 5th, 2012. Misawa USAF personnel with dependents

Hirosaki Park May 5th, 2012. Misawa USAF personnel with dependents

The photo shows a man and his wife, their 3 children, and their 2 friends standing to the right and the left. The location of the photo is Hirosaki Park, Hirosaki City in Aomori Prefecture. The 3 men are USAF personnel from Misawa Air Force base in Aomori Prefecture. The lady and the 3 children are the dependents of one of the men, obviously the man holding the baby. This is positive visual proof for you that Joyce Riley was lying!!

When walking through Hirosaki Park last Saturday I saw many USAF people. I knew they were USAF because I was one of them at one time, and they were all young with short hair. The people in the photo confirmed to me that they are indeed from Misawa AFB and confirmed that there is no recent sudden repatriation of US military dependents in Japan.

Misawa is far more likely to get hit by radiation than my area of Niigata is because it is located northeast of Fukushima while I live west of Fukushima with a mountain range between me and the nuclear reactors. Also, wind blows from the west to the east in this part of Japan. There are no mountains to block radiation coming to Misawa from Fukushima. No repatriation of dependents means the USAF doesn’t consider radiation a threat at this time.

The claim about chaos and overly congested Japanese airports is also false. A young man I know flew from Tokyo International Airport (Narita) just a few days ago. He had no difficulty in getting and boarding a flight.

Moreover, if you are reading this 45 days from March 27, sometime past the middle of May 2012, and you haven’t been hearing of nuclear radioactive contamination to the point of massive evacuations from Japan and people dying by the scores, you can be absolutely certain that Joyce Riley’s program has no credibility whatsoever!

I smelled a rat as soon as I learned that the Power Hour is hosted on the Genesis Communications Network (GCN), so called “alternative media” that also hosts Alex Jones. GCN is affiliated with mainstream media ABC and ABC is owned by the Walt Disney Company! Whenever I think of ABC and especially Disney, I think of mind control, MK-ULTRA and disinformation. If you have a steady diet of either mainstream media or the compromised big name alternative media, and think you think for yourself and form your own opinions, think again. Those opinions were in all probability given to you.

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Joyce Riley of the Power Hour radio show: Hype, fear-mongering, disinformation and plain lies — 4 Comments

  1. Bravo James! I see the trolls are out trying to influence innocent readers. There is a site hanoijoyceriley.com and one on her husband also. It proves she was never sick, never served in the Gulf War at all, that she and her husband have stolen over 80 identities and many social security numbers and birthdates and with a couple of crooked attorneys and fake doctor reports file class action suits under all these names and are collecting millions. If you look at that site, and also just look under a simple name search at any of her addresses in Texas and Missouri, you will find so many variations of her name it is funny. She claims that someone stole her identity, but if that were true, other names would not be appearing at her address. She and her hubby (dead or alive) are such big government scammers and they are leading many astray. I wonder if she ever even has cancer she lies so much. Is she going to come up with the miracle cure for everyone to buy pretty soon?

    • Thank you Brenda for your input! I have seen hanoijoyceriley.com around the time I posted this article. Everything Joyce Riley said about Japan was false. Tokyo is still full of people and lots of tourists. And there was never a mass evacuation of US military dependents from Japan. All foreign embassy personnel and still in Tokyo.

  2. Interesting website, but maybe one’s content life in Japan–especially in the proximity of Fukushima–can skew one’s perspective on the Fukushima situation. Not surprising, not wanting to move away, to be inconvenienced…

    Here is an informative youTube clip regarding Fukushima:

    • I have no idea who James Corbett is or why I should listen to him more that my own senses and reasoning. The bottom line about Fukushima for me is this: If it were anywhere as bad as some of these prophets of doom are saying, why are the wealthy elite, the Imperial Family, and the members of the Japanese Diet still living in Tokyo? Sophia University, the top Jesuit run school is there and it’s still business for them as usual. I’m I wrong? Prove me wrong on that and my hat will be off to you. If I learn that the top people in this country who live in Tokyo have indeed fled to another part of the country or another part of the world, you will indeed have made a good point.