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I upgraded to Fedora 13 beta from the middle of April. Except for a couple of issues that I considered to be yet bugs in the beta version, I consider Fedora 13 to be the best Fedora Linux yet. Nevertheless, I thought to give Ubuntu 10.4 another chance before Fedora 13 goes gold on May 18. I realized later that Ubuntu 10.4 was still in beta testing when I wrote about it on March 18.

The first thing I noticed was the default background color of the latest Ubuntu had changed from that ugly brown to a pretty purple. The installation instructions were clear and straightforward.

I would have reformatted the root and boot partitions to do a clean install with Ubuntu 10.4, but the partitioner only listed my first hard drive and not the second where I keep my /home partition! There didn’t seem to be any way to list it in order to tell Ubuntu I want to assign the second physical drive as /home. Fedora always gives a list of available drives during the installation process. Why wouldn’t Ubuntu also do the same? Am I missing something? I googled for an answer but found none.

Conclusion: Cutting edge Fedora remains the best Linux distribution for me. I don’t want my user data on the same physical hard drive as the operating system. Using two drives speeds up the system. The first drive is also used as a backup for the /home partition on the second drive.

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  1. The layout for your web site is a bit off in Epiphany. Still I like your website. I may have to install a “normal” browser just to enjoy it. :)