Move from Fedora 17 to Linux Mint Debian

Desktop screen using LXDE with Linux Mint Debian

My desktop screen using LXDE with Linux Mint Debian

I may be leaving Fedora Linux for good this time. Fedora 17’s added “features” were not a plus for me. Moreover, things that worked fine before became quirky. For example, switching to Japanese input using Ibus required me to press Ctrl + Space 3 or 4 times to make it work. Linux Mint Debian works instantly and gives me the added feature of merely pressing the Hankaku key (on Japanese keyboards).

All the apps I used in Fedora work fine. Wine takes a bit longer to load and the display font was incorrect immediately after installation, but after running from Terminal:

sudo apt-get install ttf-liberation

Wine works great! The Windows text to voice application, Text Aloud works fine, and it recognizes AT&T Natural Voices!

The default Mate Desktop Environment loaded unusually slow so I installed LXDE and am using it instead. Though LXDE as a few less features than Mate, it’s more responsive. And it has one feature Mate doesn’t have: LXDE aligns desktop icons automatically next to each other after deleting an icon.

Though I could install Dansguardian in Fedora 17, I couldn’t figure out how to get it to filter. The tutorial I wrote on
didn’t work for Fedora 17. Using a tutorial on works on Linux Mint Debian! There was only one command that I had to modify on that tutorial. It was:

sudo update-rc.d tproxy enable 5

rather than just

sudo update-rc.d tproxy


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Move from Fedora 17 to Linux Mint Debian — 3 Comments

  1. Hi James,
    Glad you like “the Word” Bible program – there’s quite a lot of addons at the official site, but you will also find some links to other sites with addons. I got all the works of Torrey, Bunyan, A.B. Simpson (Missionary Alliance) for example.

    I had another program that’s a good one for windows – “e-sword” – but that ran really sluggish in wine. Xiphos Bible Guide is a nice simple one in Linux.

    I haven’t tried Theophilos – I might take a look at that.

    I am so glad I made the change to Linux I’m really enjoying it – and the BEST things in life are free aren’t they!

    I’ll take a look proper look at your new articles when I get a chance – thanks James.

  2. Hi James, You certainly know your way around in Linux… A few weeks ago I took the plunge and installed Ubuntu 12.04 removing Windows in the process. It was the last straw when tuning off updates in the control panel was not enough to have control (essential for my data usage), I had to actually completeley stop disable updates (services.msc – I think I recall correctly) as well! That was Windows 7.
    The few programs from Windows that I use run well under Wine.

    I was a little apprehensive as to whether I would have problems with my usb modem, but no it was recognised and it was really easy setting up for my service provider – I was thrilled! Wireless for when I go to internet cafe (no data constraints when I need that) hasn’t proven to be much of a difficulty either. So that’s been great!

    I’m using the Gnome desktop which i like – found the info online for how to install. I’m slowly finding my way around, there’s such a lot of help online – that’s a huge plus. All of this is a learning curve at age 59 tomorrow.

    A really good Bible program with lots of addons – runs really well for me with Wine is “The Word,” in case you or anyone else wants to check it out:

    • Thank you Sam for introducing me to The Word Bible program! Wow, it certainly has a lot of features. I just installed it. Till now I’ve been using a simple Bible program in Wine called Theophilos It’s also free. The coolest thing about Theophilos is it’s so easy to do searches of either a word, a combination of words, or a phrase. And it gives the number of hits and verses for the search. Using it I was able to confirm what one preacher named Michael Hoggard said about the number of times “Jesus Christ”, “son of man”, and “book” in both its singular and plural form appear in the KJV, exactly 196 times for each or 7 X 7 X 4. Significant, don’t you think?

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